He stepped back slightly and gently cleaned up the debris and then went out to put it away.

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When she went back, he was already sitting on the sofa and gently asked him for water at the door?
"if you want some wat, I’ll heat it for you. Do you want it?"
When he doesn’t talk softly, he gets angry when he has a fire.
"I’m afraid you won’t make a fire," he said lightly, and he almost vomited blood.
Section 264
"If I can’t make a fire, will it be hot for you to drink milk yesterday?"
She questioned his judgment and turned around and went upstairs to boil water.
He followed the stairs. He walked slowly because of his leg injury, but he didn’t want to limp.
Pay attention to the image to the point where people and gods are angry.
Gentle went to the kitchen to boil water, then found himself hungry again, hit the refrigerator and looked at the ingredients immediately, but it was hard to frown.
She is really not good at cooking.
But what should we do?
Starving to death or begging for someone to deliver takeout?
If I see that student again, I think she must …
Kill him with your eyes
That should not be a crime.
Then I took out some vegetables from the refrigerator. What to do in the morning?
And tomatoes and eggs and noodles?
Gentle sure it was dried noodles and then took it out. The refrigerator turned around and frowned.
How did she take out so many things?
Need so much?
I can’t help but wring my eyebrows.
Then take it out like a green vegetable, and finally leave coriander, tomatoes and eggs
Suddenly, my mind reflected the scene when my mother cooked noodles. Fortunately, she loved to walk around her mother since she was a child. Even though she didn’t reach out and learn to cook, she still watched her mother cook tomato and egg noodles many times.
Immediately took out the pot, added water and salt, and then …
Yeah, with tomatoes
Anyway, after adding everything, she turned the fire on.
TengYun beside watching eyebrows have twisted into a clear Sichuan word I wonder if she can cook the rice or can she really eat it after cooking?
Gentle found a bowl to beat eggs. In fact, she also learned how to beat eggs in cooking class.
Just meeting.
When she beat the egg skin into the bowl, she couldn’t help but look at the door. He sighed and left. I heard that the egg skin is more nutritious than eggs, but are you sure you want to eat this?
"I’m not very good at cooking when I come, and you’re not ignorant." She said one and then lowered her head and was not happy to continue asking for a second one.
Although people can do it by hand now, when he picked up the egg from her hand, when she was still nervous and hot because her palm was scratched by his fingertip, he gently touched the egg on the table and then squeezed it with his finger and fell into the bowl without any egg skin.
And then tenderness just …
Stare at him and give up your seat automatically. Why don’t you come?
"I can do this. How many more do you need?" He can’t look at her and ask questions.
Gentle …
"Two is enough. How many do you eat?" Then he went to see him again

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