By the time it was daylight, these stuffed white skeleton dragons all got together and said some strange words in front of their bodies, most of which were’ ga’

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White skeleton dragon has no very detailed language sample …
When they finished speaking, they left all the bodies there, and they all went back to their own huts as if they were living a normal life.
After two days and nights, these white skeleton dragons broke all the other circles, and after that, they didn’t show anything special, just like ordinary white skeleton dragons
They mainly live in shacks and hunt, and some wild creatures regularly go to the river to get water.
Lin is a little strange. There are many houses on the cliff by the river. It seems that it was not made by the white skeleton dragon. Maybe there are other creatures living nearby.
Qian Lin also saw a skeleton dragon body in the river, and maybe a skeleton dragon lived near here and was similarly affected?
Why do they pile up that kind of circle? It doesn’t make sense, maybe it’s because the white skeleton dragons imagined it themselves. Sometimes they imagined some strange patterns to explain things around them.
Lin continued to observe these white skeleton dragons. After a while, they have been living in shacks and jungles. The life style of white skeleton dragons is very similar to that of their communities, and there are no cubs in them. It is estimated that they keep the habit of throwing their cubs out. The difference between them and the jungle white skeleton dragons is that they live in large groups, but it may be that they get together after being affected.
After confirming that there is nothing wrong with this group of white skeleton dragons, the fluffy balls float back to the river and continue to fly to the river.
There should be more schizencephaly and creatures affected by schizencephaly flying over the canyon. This river has been flowing southwest. The water here is faster than before, and some large fish can be seen swimming around in the water.
Unlike the colorful creatures in the sea, the creatures in the river are usually gray and black, although they are also colorful but rare. This is an interesting phenomenon, because the color of the sediment in the river is similar to that in the sea, but their colors are greatly different …
Found that. that’s …
Riverside Lin saw some shacks located there. Although they are all shacks, they are somewhat different from the white skeleton dragon shack. This must be the skeleton dragon shack.
Since Tucker absorbed a lot of skeleton dragons, there are no other skeleton dragons in the jungle, but obviously there are more skeleton dragons further away …
Both skeleton dragons and white skeleton dragons have the habit of spreading populations. Jade dragons don’t know that everything goes together, but it seems that each group of Jade Dragons lives in a dome, which should be different communities. Different communities can exchange spouses to avoid inbreeding.
Some species have nothing to do with inbreeding, while others have great problems, which is also interesting.
The pompoms flew to this group of skeleton dragon huts, and there were 49 huts. According to the general skeleton dragon group, this is close to the largest group, and 50 of them will be grouped.
"Quack!" Lin heard a noise nearby, and the fluffy ball flew in the direction of the sound. Behind a big stone, she found this group of dragons living in this skeleton.
It seems a little strange to see a large group of skeleton dragons all around a skeleton dragon, and this skeleton dragon holds hands tightly as if holding something.
"Ga!" Holding something, the skeleton dragon shouted that it protected what it was holding and threatened other skeletons not to come over.
Lynn already knows what it’s holding, because there are brain waves and feelings there.
Unfortunately, there were no other skeleton dragons to support it. Two skeleton dragons rushed to press it to the ground, and one came to step on its hand and let it fall out.
Sure enough, it was a red crystal.
"Ga!" Several skeleton dragons picked up the fallen crystal, and all the skeleton dragons turned away, leaving the skeleton dragon lying on the floor with the crystal just now …
I haven’t seen this kind of disagreement among skeleton dragons, but it was that kind of crystallization that caused the effect, right?
Lin followed the skeleton dragons for hundreds of meters and then arrived at a strange place. There was a hill with some red crystals on the top of it.
A skeleton dragon climbed the hill and put that crystal on the top of the mountain. Are there five of them? They actually collected so many split brains.
After the arrangement, the skeleton dragons rattled around the hill, chanting some words that they didn’t know, and they danced and jumped up.
Neither the white skeleton dragon nor the skeleton dragon has a very complete language. Generally, they all speak this "lingua franca", but in fact, this one is quite versatile and can contain many meanings.
Bang!’ When the skeleton dragons did this strange ceremony, the crystal of the hill was broken in an instant.
"Ga?" The skeleton dragons looked at the hill as if awakened, and when they saw the scattered debris flying all over the sky, they suddenly went crazy and rushed away! But it stopped in the middle …
Why do you want to do this? They must think so now.
These skeleton dragons should return to normal life soon, and now the fluffy ball has not been observed. The fluffy ball will continue to move forward to see if more skeleton dragons or white skeleton dragons are affected.
Later, the pompoms continued to move with the current day and night. As Lin thought, many affected ethnic groups were found, most of which were white skeleton dragons. In fact, there were very few skeleton dragons. After they were affected, they all built a strange building and worshipped this split brain. In addition, they would definitely throw the bodies of their dead companions into the river …
This phenomenon has always appeared on both sides of the river. Lin reckons that there are crystals flowing from the river and then picked up by the white skeleton dragons on the river bank. After investigating some communities far from the river, this phenomenon has not been found …
Along the way, Lin’ rescued’ dozens of white skeleton dragon communities. Except for that community, most of them were small communities, with more than a dozen in each group, and each group was different in size and community size.
That is to say, the source of the problem is the river. There must be something there. Can we find another Atlantean brain? However, they should be a single-brain division species.
After walking along the river for nearly 100 kilometers, the pompoms finally saw the end of the river.
Chapter one hundred and forty-four Strange things
In front of the pompon stands a mountain with a height of 1,000 meters, and the river keeps flowing out of the huge cave of the mountain.
So this river flows out of this mountain? It is also possible that the river just passes through this mountain, but Lin prefers to split the brain and keep the secret in this mountain so that she doesn’t have to run too far.
I looked at the huge cave where the river gushed out at the foot of the mountain, and the pompoms drifted in slowly.
The cave is quite spacious here, otherwise it will be shrouded in darkness. The top of the cave is covered with the brilliance of the Milky Way. A number of small worms are woven on the top of the cave to catch other insects that fly into the cave, and some small pterosaurs can be caught.
This kind of Lin has been seen in the land world of Peking University. I didn’t expect that there are such similar kinds of pompoms floating slowly and moving forward while observing.
The river in the cave is very urgent, and occasionally you can see some big shadows swimming across the two sides of the cave wall. There are some spacious and flat rock banks, and there are many crocodiles of different sizes lying here. It seems to be a crocodile nest.
So far, no fluff balls have been found to flow backwards, and the surrounding environment is getting darker and darker. There are many small holes in the cave walls on both sides, which seem to lead to other places.
This is … brainwave signal.
Sure enough, the fluffy balls were also found here, drifting to the wet rock bank on the right side of the cave wall, and Lin saw a red thing.
The fluffy ball stretched out its tentacles and pinched it into pieces. With Lin, it looked at a cave with a diameter of more than two meters in front of the wall.
Is it in here?
The fluffy ball floated into the cave, and there was no light here. The fluffy ball stretched out two luminous eyeball tentacles to observe the surrounding environment. There were many tiny reptiles in this wet cave, and Lin also found a new Mao Yu here.
It’s called black hairy jade. It looks like a mass of black. Now Lin has a new understanding of Mao Yu. Although this creature is relatively small, it should be spread all over the continent. Because it is omnivorous and has a fast reproduction speed, they are not at a disadvantage in life.
The cave didn’t fly long before Lin found another crystal, which was also broken into pieces by Lin.
These crystals and splitting brains have decided to destroy them completely, leaving none of them. They have no special value and will cause trouble. Moreover, they are more like some shellfish than brains. The crystals are their shells, and then they will stretch out some tentacles to find food. There is also a complete set of living organs that will release brain wave signals, which is actually not large.

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