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"At the beginning what want to think so? What will we merge together? "
"What is rebirth?"
Wide bridge Lin pompoms and colored mud look at the stars together.
Now the colored mud is caught in the dilemma of thinking.
The main reason is that they can’t remember what the two thoughts converge and what it is to exterminate all species and what it is to exterminate species to achieve.
But as far as they are concerned, they still accomplish this.
But it seems more difficult to finish.
Yinlin has studied almost all the’ mechanical tribes’ and made the aforementioned species according to their characters.
But even after these simulated species are extinct, the colored mud has restored some memories.
It still has a lot of memories that have not been recovered.
Even so … they still want to do one last thing.
That is to let the world … hit the dying comet.
That is, the … colorful comet.
They said that they had encountered too few times when comets went out, but those comets all went out in solidification.
Didn’t come outside
And color comets … just like them, they arrive at normal virtual comets. If they collide, something will happen, that is,’ rebirth’.
Rebirth may refer to the resurrection of a comet by the ball god and the pillar god, or it may be something else.
However, Lin feels that the possibility of resurrection is relatively high.
But they can’t continue to change the position of the world, perhaps because the consciousness of the pillar god is separated from the pillar.
So what should we do?
Lynn felt that she could try to send the world to the colorful comet route flying around and let it hit the comet.
Or … wait here.
Waiting here is also a … feasible plan.
Because the colored mud indicates how much you can feel the colored comet trajectory.
Although it seems to fly everywhere regularly, it will actually arrive at a certain place at a certain time.
They think it is possible for color comets to fly back here.
In that case, let’s wait and see here
At the same time, Lin also asked them a question about the color change of comets.
They said that this situation should be a short time to the comet into a huge amount of … thinking formation.
Although comets can accept species thinking, this process is very slow, and they can’t accept a lot of thinking at once.
A large number of thought shells hit the comet, which led to the extinction before the comet.
If nothing happens, this colorful comet will eventually become a sphere with a diameter of thousands of kilometers.
However, it will be colored, or species will find it more complicated than the moment they see it.
At the same time, there will be more weird situations.
But what happens when a colorful comet collides with this world?
This is the next thing to confirm.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and twenty-two Control the body
They have been watching the stars at the top of the bridge and waiting for the comet to arrive.
Although I don’t know how long I have to wait
After all, that colorful comet … its trajectory is too erratic.
But the colored mud has stopped doing anything, just waiting at the top.
While it was waiting, the people did a lot of things. They’ saved’ many button creatures and set up a base to collect them on the surface.

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