"They will understand what is full? Or is it better to just kill them all? " "Stop nagging!"

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….. Ershi people issued a notice to this area, which is that they often exchange signals.
It doesn’t seem like anything to say. Neither the swarm nor the gem creatures have moved to their original position to stay.
But at least through this, I know that … Ershimin will take some actions next.
At the same time, something new happened on the other side.
The former phoenix photographed the main body, so the main body of the coal worm noticed the surrounding walls, and then the coal worm … lay still.
But other parts have changed. Lin found that the main body of coal worms is recovering rapidly.
Contrary to the pre-suicide state, it quickly repaired the structure of the body, and it should be able to regain control when it moves again.
But maybe it’s not a good thing that it controls this
"It will witness the destruction here," Phoenix said, looking out at the main factory. "It will be destroyed … it will wake up, but it will be discovered. We must get there before that! We have no time. "
It seems that what will happen here if the coal worm regains control.
Although Phoenix said so, Lin didn’t do anything to observe the recovery process of coal worms.
In this way … In the past a few Walsh day and night.
Phoenix … has returned to the ground and continues to experience heroic stories, but there are only a few stories left for the people of Irshmi to play, but there are still a few stories to experience.
"Kill it … it went there!"
"No, you are not white? I did this for you! "
Now the phoenix is flying around in the sky, and a group of people are chasing it. The phoenix flies to a position where it can be hit by their boxes, so these people want to call it.
Phoenix is very happy that Ershimin did this, which is in line with the plot of a remark by a warm-blooded soldier-the protagonist was misunderstood by several villagers, so he was chased by the villagers, and finally the protagonist killed the villagers as a last resort.
"Damn … it will escape!"
A miner’s hoe hurled at Phoenix, but it was easily hidden by Phoenix.
"Don’t you believe me?" Phoenix said, "I can’t wait here any longer. I’m sorry!" "
With that, Phoenix’s sharp wings flew across a body of Ershi people.
This Ershimin bust and bust … separated and fell to the ground.
It also has a frightened expression in its eyes
However, this did not cause the people of Biershi fear, but caused their anger.
"Kill it!" They rushed at the phoenix with their hoes and their last weapons, and the phoenix flew at them with its wings spread.
The ending is that the phoenix screams.
However, this was not done by Ershimin, but suddenly appeared in high school. An object suddenly fell on it and crushed the Phoenix … into the ground.
When the phoenix was stepped on, its body made a scream.
Lin is paying attention to this sudden object. It looks like Ershimin is more than two meters tall and has no hands.
There are only legs, feet and body. Lin also noticed that its face has no five senses, and there is a hole.
Maybe this is also some kind of supervision machine? But it didn’t come from a factory, it just popped up.
For this eccentric Ershi people to appear here, the original Ershi people are also very afraid. They dare not continue to fight the phoenix, but turn around and flee.

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