It is also the most important thing for the bodhi old zu to escape from a certain place, which touches the Xuan, but he understands the disintegration of monty, so he can give up his dharma and become a monty.

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After listening for a long time, Kang Mo was puzzled and asked, "Is it possible to understand this heavenly disintegration solution because it was chased by the devil instead of somewhere in the heavenly cave?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
The bodhi old zu said, "I know this statement sounds untrue, but it’s true. I never told a lie. Later, I also had many doubts about this matter. I checked it many times before I came to guess that I didn’t know what the devil was suppressed in that banned place. I must be very good at teaching the formula of monty’s disintegration solution. However, if I get close to the banned place, I can understand it. It’s strange to say that I can’t teach this spell to others, and my understanding is very limited. Fortunately, I haven’t lost my mind for a long time, so I often wander around the
Once the dharma body is sacrificed, although most of the mana is still in the way, it will go straight to the realm of Yuan God, which is not a pity for practitioners.
Although the bodhi old zu seems ordinary now, Kang Mo’s words are not shocking, and he has some sympathy for the bodhi old zu’s experience. He can’t help but say, "But now the bodhi old zu has lost his dharma body and practiced magic for a long time, and it is hard to return. Even the Yuan God is no longer coming out now." Although it is bustling outside, it is not the devil. Once you encounter a generation with high mana, you will be in danger of being killed. "
The bodhi old zu sighed, "The most painful thing for our practitioners is that the mana failed in a hundred years, and the last time passed. If you don’t want to achieve dharma, is there a test of life and death along the way?" Gains and losses are just common things. What about giving up a dharma body as opposed to dying? Besides, there is another beauty in the disintegration of monty. If I can break through, I can practice outside faster than in the cave of monty, and I will have a chance to cultivate flesh and blood in the future. "
The bodhi old zu said something generous, but there was a lot of disappointment in Kang Mo’s tone. The little white face knew in his heart that he would choose this way when he came to the bodhi old zu, but things didn’t come to him, but he really realized the other side’s struggle.
"Is it common to get distorted as the devil says?"
Como thought for a moment and suddenly touched his mind. He couldn’t help but go deep into the sea for a moment, knowing that there are several thoughts in the sea, and counting thoughts is that several choices are gaining and losing. He doesn’t know that he has entered this state at once. It seems that he is talking with the bodhi old zu and inspiring him to understand the rules of heaven and earth, but he can’t. These thoughts are like exhaustion, such as suppression, and he is always enthusiastic.
"To mana diligence can step into pick Jin Xian and what can’t give up? Step by step is the other side of the world, and what yuan god and dharma body are just floating clouds, so what can we do? What can I lose if I can make a fortune? It’s a good deal to be willing to give up. Isn’t it my ultimate goal to make a fortune? "
Kang Mo-yan suddenly burst into a roar in his silence. There were a lot of colorful lights, and a white phosgene suddenly flew out from the law of body and heaven, breaking through the sky and rushing to the clouds, and put all the black fog in gear.
Every time an idea flashes in the sea, it takes a big step, and the idea makes a decision in an instant. Kang Mo said that he can feel that the realm is advancing by leaps and bounds, as if he could step over the threshold and enter the realm of Luo, but in a trance, he has seen a white door slowly hitting.
Thousands of thoughts have died out, and the truth is all integrated into the law of body, heaven and earth. White light is more prosperous and reaches the sky, and black fog is avoided.
At this time, just as Kang Moyan was getting closer and closer to the door, suddenly a blue figure showed signs in the sea of knowledge, and a sound sounded leisurely in the ear. "The little brother in the East China Sea is not traveling …"
Brittle and delicate, but limited and affectionate …
Erjiu demons
Erjiu demons
"Aoqing? I can’t give up. "
I suddenly recognized this figure. Kang Moyan was suddenly hit, knowing all kinds of feelings in the sea. All kinds of truths immediately receded like the tide, blinking and knowing that there was a beautiful blue figure in the sea, sometimes soft words and sometimes low bitterness.
Just at this moment, a sword light suddenly flashed in the sea of Kangmo’s words and knowledge, as bright as the first sight of Heishui River, and as seen in the East China Sea. In the future, Ai Ai was like black wind mountain flying over, so hesitant to help clear the horse but lonely.
There has never been a vow of eternal love, nor has it been vigorous, but Como said that his mind is rock-solid and calm at this time
Aoqing is the only woman I like, and she is not willing to give up in front of her.
Kang Moyan’s mind was sure that the number of colorful lights in vitro crashed and collapsed, and a soaring white light was slowly broken into several light spots and dissipated in the black fog. I don’t know when I was flying over Kang Moyan’s head, five colorful lights and three white lotus flowers were gradually blurred and faded.
The bodhi old zu saw the whole process, from Kangmo’s thoughtful words to his upset mind, to his great progress in the realm, and finally collapsed at the key moment, and all kinds of signs of dharma failed, and this dharma demon was horrified in his heart. How could he not know what had happened after practicing for a long time? How can the most important thing for the dharma body not be white?
"You … you did it before you realized the rules of heaven and earth?" I can’t believe I saw everything.
"It’s true that the truth of heaven and earth is that all kinds of spells in the heart are in line with the Tao. Just now, the words of the bodhi old zu made me feel something."
Como’s tone of voice is faint, and his look is calm, so he can’t see any change, as if nothing had happened just now, but at this moment, his body is emitting a hazy and mysterious smell, which is the smell that all dharma practitioners dream of. Como said that at this time, the bottom of his eyes is unpredictable, and it looks purer than the clearest spring, but at first glance it will sink into it and never touch it.
Obviously, his realm has entered the country greatly
But it is also entering the country.
"What are you thinking about pick Jin Xian isn’t what you want? If I look good, I should have touched the door just now. The miraculous light points are signs of the birth of Luo Jinxian, but you are not now. Is it more important for you than achieving Luo Jinxian? "
After waking up from the shock, the bodhi old zu was so excited that he once practiced dharma, but now he has never had a chance to achieve a great practitioner. Although Kang Mo said that he shared his feelings, the bodhi old zu could not help but feel sorry.
It is gratifying to be able to greatly increase the realm, but it is even more regrettable that we have not stepped out at the end of the door.
"Don’t you have demons?" The bodhi old zu has been a little angry. A practitioner, especially a practitioner who practices dharma and Taoism, naturally regrets to see a man who can achieve something but suddenly fails. I can’t help but feel annoyed.
"If there is such an opportunity to fall on my body, the bodhi old zu will definitely not have a problem at the key moment, even if there is a demon intrusion, he will certainly settle down and cut it off without hesitation."
Silence for a long time.
"Don’t hesitate to cut it off?"

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