It doesn’t matter either.

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And seven nights seems to have to react scratching his head and looking at the surrounding environment.
"How did I get here?"
It’s already outside the school garden, and I didn’t notice it. It seems that walking behind can’t distract me.
Otherwise, what if you get hit by a car and cross it?
You know, car accidents, lightning strikes, and sudden jumping out of windows are easy to cause crossing.
Well, it doesn’t matter either
"I don’t even know where I’m going … what are you thinking?"
Misaka Mikoto couldn’t help but vomit a sentence.
However, she is still very interested in thinking for seven nights.
Anyway, being idle is also idle, but she doesn’t mind getting to know it.
"No, nothing."
Seven nights shook his head.
It’s not better to be able to say things clearly in a few words.
Lift your feet and walk on.
Misaka Mikoto did not intend to let him go and continue to follow.
"Hey, can I ask a question?"
"I don’t call’ shout’ I said you ah even if you don’t call uncle call brother? Even if you don’t call your brother a teacher, is it so difficult? Always’ shout’ … Why don’t I teach you one? "
Misaka Mikoto is a little confused.
Seven nights stopped again and turned to face Misaka Mikoto.
Misaka Mikoto also stopped to look at him.
So what the hell does this guy want?
"Come and see my mouth …"
Seven nights pointed at his mouth.
"la, gng, come and read after me …"
A stream flashed by.
Sudden failures of peripheral devices usually make people look askance.
And seven nights jumped back several steps.
Looking at the front position, there was a dark mark on the ground and I couldn’t help swallowing.
Then at the clenched fist bangs braved filar silk flow Misaka Mikoto.
Looks very unhappy.
But after seven nights, I feel a little painful.
"I said that it is very bad for my little niece to suddenly play. What should I do if she comes to people? Even if it comes to people, what if it inspires others’ M attribute? When the time comes … "
Talk is a flash.
Scared for seven nights, I took two steps back.
It seems that Misaka Mikoto’s face is a little red because of anger.
"You guy … you and I don’t understand Chinese language?"
Trying to trick her into calling him husband or something …
It’s so irritating
Really, is she a little girl who knows nothing?

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