After that, we were blessed by Konoha and lived a fairly peaceful life until one day we received a letter from princess royal asking the family to send another person to Konoha to become the second generation of pillar force.

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The little princess went to konoha. To be precise, konoha sent a four-person group to come to our family to pick up the little princess to konoha. It was this four-person group that left a disaster for our whirlpool family. "
"Who is the quartet?"
"Once the second generation of adults had three hands with him!"
"So it’s the three of them. So your so-called disaster really means hiding?" Shu Mao said with great certainty
"That’s right. He was interested in our seal-printing, so we asked him to copy some seal-printing when he picked up the little princess. Who knows that he, the baiwenhang, came directly to tell us that the little princess was dead one day and that it was no longer necessary for the whirlpool clan. If we want to live, we must hand over all seal-printing."
"Of course we didn’t agree. I even sent my son to Konoha, but he never came back after he went!" Three elders left tears as if thinking of something.
"Later, we learned that the third son was killed by the group and the fork in the road was killed by the root people not far from here! Even his body was eaten by the eagle! We completely hate Konoha! "
"At this time, three generations of konoha boarded the hokage position again, and we didn’t know that the original group was really dead! At this time, Tuanzang was caught up in something. Although we don’t know what it is, we can perceive that this is our opportunity.
Finally, we finally got in touch with the three generations. We learned the truth from the three generations, and it turned out that Konoha didn’t give up on us. Those were hiding themselves and even the three generations wrote an apology letter.
Tuan Zang dared not appear on our side since then, but he still didn’t give up looking for those seals, so he found many ninjas from outside and asked them to harass us. He even said that our clan had a big secret treasure with countless possessions in it, so more and more wandering ninjas joined in, and our clan suffered great damage. Finally, Konoha sent a few people to bear it, cleaned up all those people and even killed many people!
It was at this time that we learned that Tuanzang had died for five generations and then specially greeted us to re-establish diplomatic relations, but now we can’t become a village!
However, the news that the Tibetan group said that there was a big secret treasure here was still distributed. From time to time, ninja warriors came here to look for treasure and even killed our people!
Some time ago, a man named Kakashi came to help us solve the problem once, but those people came again these days! Many people have been killed in our village before your arrival! I’m sorry for what I did to you! "
"Ah, well, it’s nothing. Don’t worry. Brother Shu Mao and I won’t rest assured." Naruto comforted the old man directly
"Well, Naruto, come out with me for a walk and we’ll help you deal with this problem, but do you want to go to Konoha, the elder? If you decide to move to Konoha, then I will immediately inform Konoha people to pick you up! "
"I asked the three of them to come here to discuss this matter with them. I mean, everything is up to the temple!" to be continued
Chapter 139 Vortex travel (3)
"So you know what happened to Watergate?"
"Yes, we know."
"Then why would anyone ask about Sister Jiu Xinnai?"
"big sister?" Old four is a little puzzled, but old two directly grabbed the woman.
"We didn’t tell those people that they didn’t know these things. These things are clear to us. This can also reassure everyone. After all, the village is now in jeopardy! If people don’t work together with Qi Xin, then … "Two elders were full of sorrow.
"So you have kept this secret for more than ten years?"
"It’s about ten years ago that we knew about it. After all, my son …" The three elders couldn’t say anything.
At this time, the door was pushed open, and people seemed to be in such a hurry that they didn’t even have time to leave.
"Dad, you’re quick to find out that you’re missing. You were eating here just now. I went back to my house and got the equipment to go hunting. You’re missing."
At this time, a powerful force radiated outward from the body of the elder. Naruto looked at Shu Mao and Shu Mao disappeared directly, while Naruto left a seat.
"Temple, what are you?"
"Don’t worry, give it to my brother. That little thief can’t escape. My brother is the minister of the dark side!"
"Well, as the temple said, little brother, he did chase it and the direction was still right."
Just then someone broke in again.
"Elder, those people outside have attacked again!"
"It seems that they planned ahead. This is accurate. We will rescue Cue and then take the opportunity to attack us. So there must be a response among us!" The elders’ words made the householders feel a chill vortex. At this time, there are traitors.
"Boss, I’ll go first!" Old four, please fight
"Elder Four, let me go with you. I also want to see who wants to attack here."
"This …"
"Don’t worry, brother, let me stay here to prevent this from happening."
"All right!"
Four elders walked out of the house with Naruto, and the insiders discussed it again.
"Do you think Xiao Dian can really defeat those people?"
"There should be no problem. Tell you what, Lao San, why don’t you come with me and look at the situation behind them?"
"Well, you two go to protect the safety of the little temple and don’t put it in danger." The elder immediately agreed.
The two elders looked at the big elders, and then they nodded very tacitly, wondering what kind of agreement they had made.
Naruto went out of the house and saw a big block in front of him, biting his finger directly and starting to print.
Has been a place where giant toads appear
"Yo, naruto, you can directly channel out the old? It seems that you have learned a lot by traveling with adult Shu Mao! "
"Boss Toad asked you out this time to help me fight, right?"
"This is a vortex country. Well, I know that I had a fight with these people here at Watergate! It seems that those treasure hunters have not given up these years! "
"Ah, well, how about we destroy that treasure hunt alliance?"
The three elders were stunned when they came out. It turned out that Naruto is so powerful now. Even Mrs. Wen can shout out to help.
"This is Mrs Wen?" The third elder asked the second elder uncertainly
"It should be right. I remember Wen Tairen’s eye scar. This is Wen Tairen! Look at that scar! "

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