Dapeng Golden Winged Birds suddenly flashed a little admiration in their eyes. "You are so small that you are stronger than me. Let’s see who can laugh at the end. Look down on recruiting you to stop me from refining. Come and talk to me again …"

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In the sky, the flame of Dapeng Golden-winged bird suddenly converges, and the giant mouth sprays two powerful airflow like two long dragons to Sun Haochong.
The agarwood sword swings Sun Hao’s body slightly, and the wind sets the sword’s meaning floating and flying for thousands of miles.
However, after flying out, Sun Hao suddenly had an illusion that he suddenly became smaller before the two air currents, and his agarwood seemed to be a thousand miles away, which may not be very far away …
The Dapeng Golden-winged Bird is terrible. Sun Hao’s magical power came here in an instant. This trick is similar to the trick when Dapeng Golden-winged Bird devours border grazing, and it is also similar to the principle when Tie Kunpeng grabbed Kunpeng and Caipeng. It is a powerful and direct magical power.
I’m afraid I can’t run away.
I don’t want to think much about Sun Hao’s discovery that the two air currents have completely entangled himself, and the wind localization effect will firmly hold himself still.
The powerful airflow-ridden raging fire instantly submerged Sun Hao, and the iron claw of the golden-winged bird in Dapeng stretched out like kneading dough and rubbed the wind. In front of it, a huge bottle burning like white jade suddenly appeared.
Looking from the outside, the bottle Sun Hao sat cross-legged around his body, but it was really burning. His paws grabbed the white jade fire bottle, Dapeng Golden Winged Bird’s eyes flashed purple and gold, and the flames rushed out, holding the bottom of the bottle and baking it.
Wind, gas, yin and yang refining
I don’t know how long this small body can support, but the anti-burning ability of the white jade war body should be good, but it may not be so easy for the small spirit to refine the yin and yang of the small spirit. Even if the goal is achieved, you can drive Kunpeng to find a new shell and digest Kunpeng.
In the eyes of Dapeng Golden Winged Bird, it is thought that "the little flesh is good, and it may be another chance to digest it by yourself. It should also be a big supplement after calcination …"
Since Sun Hao chose to play against Dapeng Goldfinch, he had already been psychologically prepared, and he also arranged some reserve players. However, Sun Hao still didn’t expect Dapeng Goldfinch to be so powerful after resurrection.
Except for the hook, which should not have recovered, the powerful avatar came with his mouth open.
Moreover, he trapped his powerful avatar, which made him feel very uncomfortable.
Sun Hao, sitting cross-legged, once again learned something. The wind can be divided into yin and yang. Dapeng Golden Winged Birds not only divided the localization into yin and yang, but also generated powerful yin and yang to calcine themselves.
Sun Hao has a feeling that his body and soul are suffering at the same time, and there is a fire in the sea, baking himself, hanging a few souls and baking himself, as if to steam himself dry
The flesh is also not well affected by the physical operation of white jade, the wild Xingtian strength and the cold jade strength of Yin rabbit are driven together to resist the calcination of Yin and Yang fire.
Do you want a horse-driven successor to fight Dapeng Golden Winged Bird?
Sun Hao felt the double torment of mind and body, and his heart could not help but move suddenly during World War I.
Feeling the burning force oppressing the ghost’s spirit in my heart, I automatically opened my eyes. The tombstone in my hand bloomed with faint light, and the five elements of yin fire seemed to be drawn into the tombstone.
Ghosts and spirits hit the tombstone and the Yin-Yang combination solution began to operate. The beautiful and charming spirit of the tombstone reappeared and began to cooperate with the ghosts to absorb the burnt soul and transform the Yin-Yang spirit. The pressure suddenly lightened.
And the physical inflammation also moved slightly and quietly absorbed a little whirring flame and began to digest.
Sun Hao couldn’t help but move in his heart.
Dapeng Goldfinch reached its peak in the wind transport method, especially the appearance of Yin and Yang, which made Sun Hao sigh. Since his mind and body can stabilize his position, he is not in a hurry to fight to the death, but he can take the opportunity to realize one thing or two.
In my heart, Sun Hao must feel fierce and constantly burning his yin and yang. In my mind, I can’t help but see a picture of a golden winged bird in Dapeng.
The Journey to the West, the ancient fairy tale, was called the old uncle of Buddha, and Dapeng Golden Winged Bird had a magic weapon "two cylinders of Yin and Yang" in its hands.
There is a saying in ancient books that two cylinders of Yin and Yang have seven treasures and eight diagrams, and twenty-four gases require thirty-six people to lift them according to the number of days. This treasure can hold everyone. If you don’t say anything, the bottle is extremely cool. Once you talk, it will catch fire and turn into pus and blood for a moment.
At that time, the description of this treasure in Sun Hao’s ancient books was completely regarded as a record and a myth, but now that I think about it, I’m afraid there are some inevitable connections.
Dapeng goldfinch is weathered by two qi, yin and yang.
If the repair is a little weak or there is no special counter-measure, I’m afraid it won’t turn into purulent blood for a moment.
Of course, Sun Hao’s encounter with this Dapeng golden-winged bird should be the kind of colorful Peng golden-winged cultivation and evolution, and its strength is far less powerful than that of the swire beast. It is still in the stage of suffering from the scourge of ignorance, and its Yin and Yang are still small and small, and there is no magic weapon. It is estimated that if it is really the Dacheng Yin and Yang two cylinders, Sun Hao would have died at this moment.
In the distant underground palace, Mino Hayou was awakened by deep closure again and exclaimed, "Oh, my little friend, there you go again. How long will you harass me this time? I swear that one day I will crush you to combine Yin and Yang for a hundred times …"
Before the words were finished, the sinister fire poured into the tombstone. Mino Hayou felt a cold war and involuntarily sent a message of help to Sun Haogui. "You damn fool, I’m freezing my aunt."
Yin and yang are divided into two airway methods from heaven and earth.
Where yin and yang are dense and solid, the two are incompatible. If spring and autumn are winter and summer, harmony is holiness …
The formula of yin-yang combination solution comes to my mind one after another
Sun Hao was fascinated by ghosts holding tombstones and practicing with the spirit, and Sun Hao’s subjective consciousness also drove the wild Xingtian strength and Yin rabbit cold jade strength to rotate the five elements of the spirit tactic to turn the two methods and turn the combination of Yin and Yang to resist the refining of Yin and Yang.
Chapter DiYiLiu ErQi calcination
Even if it is fit and powerful, this Dapeng golden-winged bird feels that Yin and Yang can definitely divide the world into Yin and Yang, and everything will be destroyed by Yin and Yang when it is dying.
Generally, a fit can never stop you.
Terran small should also can’t stop for long.
Of course, if you are in a good state, you are afraid that Terran Xiao has been turned into an idiot.
Yin-yang and Qi are the gifted magical powers of Dapeng Golden-winged Birds, and the magical solution is generated by gathering the essence of collecting wind and smelting the occult techniques of Yin-yang spiritual heaven and earth furnace.
Friars fall into yin and yang, just like ordinary people fall into a frying pan and fry and suffer.
The strength of Yin and Yang is that both firepower of Yin and Yang are very strong. Things don’t burn, and monks don’t burn. If the resistance of Yin and Yang is slightly insufficient, the balance will be broken in an instant.
Once the balance is broken, it will be like a big river bursting its banks out of control.
Brother Zhong-xu has the real ability to stand on the peak of Zhong-xu and fit in later period, or he can resist Brother Yi-erh. Only if he is gifted or has cultivated special magical powers, can Yin-Yang and Qi be calcined and stabilized.
Dapeng goldfinch is confident and driven by Yin and Yang to get rid of Sun Hao.
However, I accidentally found that Sun Hao had stabilized his condition and did not instantly destroy the defense. He cursed a damn little man for practicing special avatar occultism.
Dare not neglect, increase firepower, increase the input of yin and yang, and it is necessary to take Sun Hao.
Sun Hao-ti has two great secrets, the Five-element Wheel Spirit Tactics and the Five-element Wheel Spirit Tactics of Yin-Yang Combination Dafa, which has been advanced into the Five-element Rotation Decision of Yin-Yang, and the Yin-Yang Combination Dafa is assisted by Mino Hayou.
These two kinds are really powerful, and they balance yin and yang.
The wild flesh, Xingtian strength and Yin rabbit cold jade strength are also complementary yin and yang, and the cold and heat blend hand in hand without fear

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