Hao Anyi was surprised that Sun Hao was in a difficult situation and ran to the front of Wei Xinbing.

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The reason for this situation is precisely because Wei recruits are like domestic pigs.
Wei recruits soared and were met by Wan Hezong.
Both Wan Hezong and Hao Anyi told Wei Xinbing that Brother Fei Sheng needs to adapt to the new environment and learn to walk slowly, just like human babies. He will continue to sleep for the first few months, and then try to walk and learn gradually after half a year. It takes about months to a year to walk normally …
Wei Xinbing took these things for granted, so he felt at ease and recovered according to Wan Hezong and Hao Anyi’s suggestion. Moreover, because of the relatively stable surrounding environment, he personally had no pressure to eat and slept soundly.
I’ve been fattened in vain, and my family has become a pig.
But Sun Hao is completely different.
Soaring up to Bianhuang, I felt great environmental pressure.
No one helped him, no one told him about the boundary. Sun Hao had to get up on his own, and he had to be cruel. Sun Hao didn’t know how long he needed to sleep and knew that he had to get up as soon as possible.
Sun Hao is strange to his surroundings and needs to learn to speak as soon as possible.
Sun Hao’s spirit is highly moderate and nervous, just like a wild boar needs to find shelter from the wind and rain. Sun Hao must be strong and adapt himself as soon as possible.
Great pressure, perseverance, tenacious personality, and the arrangement of a glimmer of life that Hao Anyi said, made Sun Hao finally overcome his own problems and shortcomings, catch up with Wei recruits, adapt to his own environment, and integrate into Jijiabao to become a Jijiabao soldier and work hard.
If Wei Xinbing and Hao Anyi see Sun Haoxian in this state, there is no doubt that they will shout that they have seen ghosts, and Hao Anyi will lament that their education has failed.
Of course, now they are proud to feel that they have been ahead of Sun Hao by a large margin.
Also, of course, once Wei recruits have recovered and cultivated, maybe he will use the advantages of clan and go to Sun Hao again with his own advantages without much loss, but whether the actual situation will be so true can only be verified sometimes.
At the very least, it’s Sun Hao who threw Wei Xinbing a lot.
Thirty-six hammers of cold forging gave Sun Hao powerful assistance. With thirty-six hammers of cold forging and some experience of my grandson’s family in striking the iron, Sun Hao’s strength improved by leaps and bounds.
After three weeks, Sun Hao has been able to make a normal blacksmith’s big hammer.
Four weeks later, Sun Hao picked up the last big hammer beyond the normal blacksmith and took some forging from Jijiabao.
Without the real body, Sun Hao’s refining technology has been controlled, and the strange law has also made some refining techniques of Sun Hao useless.
However, Sun Haojie, the great master of refining, still has vision and experience, and it’s really no problem to take some low-level products from Jijiabao.
And in less than a month, he forged a sword and made a good name for Jijiabao. Many monks came here to let Sun Hao cast a sword.
The reason is very simple, that is, Ji family soldiers often accidentally cut off each other’s swords when holding Sun Hao’s forged sword with the words "hill casting" in practice, and the incident happened a lot. Soldiers naturally know that hill casting is quite reliable.
A lot of contribution from her family will naturally come.
In the end, Sun Hao’s casting of the sword was very shocking to the most waiting crowd in her family. Xiaoqing was close to the advantage and asked Sun Hao to cast a flying sword for herself.
The theory of flying sword in this world is equivalent to the fact that monks are hard to cast without real elements.
However, Sun Hao still forged for three days and three nights with his own forging technology, forcing himself to forge his first multiplier flying sword with the help of the 36-way cold forging hammer.
Xiaoqing also wants to see how capable Corleone can be.
It never occurred to me that mortal body could forge a flying sword. When Sun Hao handed her the flying sword, her face was full of surprise.
I bumped into Sun Hao’s weapon flying sword with my own multiplier in high spirits, and actually had a close fight.
Xiaoqing to Corleone sit up and take notice immediately.
There are swordsmen in her family, but there are no swordsmen who can cast flying swords even if they are not soldiers.
Rare pole
Sun Hao immediately became a beacon. Sun Hao was once again equipped with a maid and a whole compound and a sword casting room.
And the soldiers, who dare not ask the monks to cast swords, have to make all the sword soldiers suddenly find themselves flying swords.
Flying sword, even the lowest flying sword, is not comparable to ordinary sword.
Rush for it
Of course, it is not easy for Sun Hao to forge flying swords. His sword casting room reminds all soldiers of forging day and night and tells them that you have to wait in line to get a flying sword.
There are too many queues, and Sun Hao simply came to the auction to qualify.
In this way, a lot of contributions poured into Sun Hao’s identity nameplate
Sun Hao is full of confidence in himself. After two years, he should be able to meet the requirements of Cheng Ji’s soldiers.
Thirty-six hammers of cold forging have gradually revived Sun Hao’s strength, and at the same time, Sun Hao’s reaction speed has also been greatly enhanced.
With the recovery of strength, the time when Sun Hao needs to sleep is gradually shortened.
If Sun Hao enters the agarwood sword in less than a year, it is enough to sleep for more than an hour every day, even if he does not enter the agarwood sword, it will take about three hours to sleep.
This is also a great progress.
When Sun Hao gradually increased his strength and forged a heavier hammer by himself, Sun Hao also made an inexplicable discovery that surprised him.
One day, Sun Hao got up very early because of forging a sword. When the morning sun rose, Sun Hao saw the sight of the sun shining through the horizon, and suddenly remembered the rising sun in the Law of Watching the Sea.
Over the years, Sun Hao has seriously understood all kinds of scenery in the sea view method, and he has the deepest understanding of the first method, the rising sun. However, after the boundary, Sun Hao once drove the sea view method to practice boxing, but it didn’t work, and he always put the boxing aside.
But after observing the scene of the rising sun, Sun Hao suddenly had a burst of enlightenment. Perhaps the boxing method of "Watching the Sea" is not that you can’t practice, but that your level of cultivation is not enough or the way of cultivation is wrong
Sun, a blessed soul, boldly put the hammer in his hand and went to his hospital. The newborn rising sun slowly pulled the first method, "Rising Sun".
Just like cold forging thirty-six hammers, it is necessary to meet some specific conditions for virtual cultivation.
Or those special cultivation methods in Tianling mainland can reach the requirement of virtual foundation cultivation and produce cultivation effect after reaching the apex.
After the sunrise, Sun Hao’s masculine and vigorous breath flourished, and his strength flowed in the flesh for less than a while. When the sun really shone on the earth, Sun Hao fell from the sunrise state and slowly collected his work, he found that his body was already sweating and full of thick dirt like when he just introduced air into his body.
Heart is full of joy, Sun Hao can’t help but pinch his fist, and finally he can’t become a soldier of Ji family and practice martial arts himself.
It is true that the world of "Watching the Sea" may be a very high-level body-building method, but when it comes to emptiness, it may only be a martial art.
However, the practice of rising sun has opened a brand-new door for Sun Hao.
After thirty-six hammers of cold forging, Sun Hao really found a way to practice martial arts.
After all, cold forging thirty-six hammers can improve Sun Hao’s physical body and strength, but after all, it is not martial arts to improve Sun Hao’s physical recovery, but it can’t catch up with the professional sea view method.
Sun Hao smiled.
On this day, Xiaoqing accidentally came to Sun Hao’s yard. When she saw Sun Hao, she suddenly felt that her eyes were shining, as if she had a particularly attractive temperament in front of her.
Heart perception is that two words can form sunshine.
Full of vigor and sunshine. Good boy.
Sun Hao was in a good mood to see Xiaoqing call a "green sister" and show a bright smile.
Man Qing body a shock mouth big exclaimed "hill you practice what evil method? Actually want to charm Qing Er? "
Sun Hao laughed again.
The courtyard was suddenly filled with sunshine ~ ~
Chapter 1394 Meet the virtual world
Xiaoqing talked and laughed for a while, but she didn’t find Sun Hao’s body and took the custom flying sword ∟∟.
Corleone is busy again.
I found the rising sun and the rising sun, and I tasted the sweetness. On that night, Sun Hao made persistent efforts to cultivate the sunset and Cangshan Mountain. Unfortunately, Sun Hao never realized the illusion of the sunset. He was stunned for half a ring and punched his fist, but his strength did not produce the cultivation effect.
A little analysis of Sun Hao’s white appearance is not a problem of watching the sea, but just a lack of self-cultivation level.

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