Lin momo nodded his head and praised "smelly little this time, even if you don’t brag about going deep into the dragon cave, the experience is commendable. Put what you find in the clinic, and then the peacock will scan it. If there is any danger, I will directly kick you out of the Phantom of the Opera."

15 minutes, 36 seconds Read

"ah! Boss, you’re too dark. "Connor immediately cut off his heart with an open mouth. He decided to behave and found out that he couldn’t afford it if anything happened.
After a few minutes, the clinic piled up like a mountain. Momo Lin simply looked at it and immediately ordered the incarnate son to seal the light curtain and add several layers of magnetic field to avoid being doped with toxic substances.
"How am I very capable?" Connor went to the captain’s side to claim credit and said, "You should give me some benefits for being the boss, right?"
"To be honest, it’s not so good. Take these egg-white liquids for example, and you will know that it’s dragon dung after a little induction. You brought back so many real waves!" Lin momo smiled and shook his head, and then pointed to the golden worm and said, "You probably saw that these worms are beautiful in color and remarkable in achievement. This is to grow a kind of carnivorous zerg. This food is estimated to have been accidentally obtained by the ground fluorine dragon and then stocked in the deep ground to be refrigerated and sold to low-level entomologists. Maybe they can exchange a few blue gold entomologists. Generally, they have channels to get carnivores, saying that they should read carefully and understand the habits of zerg so that the galaxy can eat it out of bounds."
"What? Feces and meat worms? " Connor looked at the two things he collected the most, and they were still priceless. As a result, he robbed the public toilets and canteens of Fluoron.
"Ha ha, it’s not too bad. The excrement of super-order war animals still has a lot to do with pharmacists. Payne hatches dragon eggs and just cooks food. The real highlight is to sweep the zerg nest. You go to Sasha to get 200 units of refined crystal, just say it’s me." Lin Sisuo smiled and was very happy to see Connor grow up rapidly.
"Wow, 200 units are great, boss. Don’t forget to enjoy some decent equipment after exploring the wormhole. Usually, I save those junk goods." Connor danced ballet again and floated out to find Sasha to refine crystals. 200 units is by no means a small sum.
Lin momo shrugged his shoulders after the fat left and said, "impatient guy, I haven’t finished bringing back the dragon cave. There are still a few good things."
Phantom of the Opera is ready to sweep the satellite Linxi one by one, asking to see what the zerg has received in the nearby star domain for many years.
Volume 4 Rise! Breaking the Quartet Chapter 225 Puzzle
Phantom of the Opera entered the second satellite. This time, it encountered very little obstacles and sneaked into the core wormhole smoothly. However, it did not find the female worm as Lin momo hoped. The resources here were scarce except for getting a few pink striped Jin Lei worms.
Lin momo stood staring at the screen with his arms around his shoulders and said strangely, "How is that possible?" A satellite of this size doesn’t have so many zerg as female worms. Is it just a guard who moved over? "
Incarnate son thought for a moment, smiled and explained, "It is also normal that the Zerg is afraid of the virtual barracks among several satellites adjacent to the power source explosion. Just like humans, it will isolate the dangerous ammunition depot. It is the key point to sweep more satellites when we hurry."
Lin momo nodded and felt very reasonable. He slowly preached, "Well, it can be this reason. The zerg in the two wormholes and the other planet are heavily armed. This place is only a second-class important site. In a very critical situation, the power source can be turned on to drive the satellite to bomb the planet. It is believed that the fluorine dragon will be killed no matter how severe it is. There must be a large number of zerg to form an encirclement so that the fluorine dragon will not have the opportunity to escape, and the zerg will not dare to move. This means that the Phantom of the Opera coincides with helping the fluorine dragon to pull out the great hidden danger."
"Uncle hee hee captain oh don’t there complacent! Let’s hurry up and mop up a satellite and wait for us to have stronger strength before challenging another wormhole. "The charm son is a little excited, which means that the incoming satellite is not so tough and the guardian force can be overwhelming. Search it again in the shortest time.
At that time, Pei Lin sent a message, "Siso, these unique Jin Lei worms have been loaded and can sail."
"Well done, Mr Lin! Heading for a satellite "Lin momo combative control phantom of the opera, continue to explore.
There is no peace inside and outside the wormhole. Some Zerg can’t react. Planetary battles are rising, satellite nests are looted, and there is a tendency to collapse.
The leader in charge of the command of the Zerg immediately struggled with some Zerg trying to turn back to the satellite to kill the intruders, but the dragon launched a larger counterattack.
The material resources of the dragon trapped in the wormhole are extremely scarce, and the annual egg production is not high. After Connor stole six dragon eggs, zerg went to the abyss to fight. Those young dragons could resist, but the dragon eggs were destroyed.
The largest Zun Fu Long immediately protected the entrance of the nest. This tragedy has never happened in years. The Zun Fu Long was so angry that he issued a summoning order to all the hidden Fu Long.
Everything in the universe is spiritual, and the wisdom of the dragon is not inferior to that of the zerg who stayed here for thousands of years and left a successful party. How can the zerg solve the human ship behind his ass when he suddenly fell into hot water?
All the soldiers in the zerg’s stormy satellite are out, and the surface of the planet is full of worms. The two races want to do the most powerful fighting.
The snipe and the clam compete for the benefit of the fisherman. The Phantom of the Opera is a vested interest. The obstacles in the satellite are getting smaller and smaller. All the way to explore the past, the 22 nd satellite is finally different
"Look, there are so many crystals here." Charming son was very surprised to see things in the core wormhole before flapping his wings and swinging the screen.
There are many large crystals standing not far from the hull. These crystals have different shapes, some are like abstract star maps, some are like strange monsters, and what’s more, they appear in the shape of human skulls, and the crystal creations glow like torches, which is bizarre.
"Peacock, do you have any photos there?" Lin momo suddenly asked the sight unheard of to turn to "professionals"
The metal flew near and let out the projection, and said, "It did not disappoint the captain’s expectations. These are like torch light sources. Insect oil lamps rarely appear. It is said that insect oil lamps are made from zerg tentacles. When liquid enters the gas stone, they can glow and heat, and they will not be extinct for thousands of years. The appearance of some important places of the zerg is more valuable for human decoration and display, but we can infer the importance of this place to the zerg according to the number of insect oil lamps. According to my judgment, there are 13 torches with moderate importance. It is said that one hundred insect oil lamps have been found in some advanced insect towers
Lin momo quickly thought about the metal voice in his mind and asked, "Thirteen insect oil lamps, that is to say, there is a treasure hidden in the 22nd satellite?"
"No, the Zerg concept is different from human beings. These crystal sculptures are more like some kind of memory hall, which is equivalent to the museum of human history. They carve things that the ethnic groups have experienced and put them in one place. The intelligent Zerg like to move here and communicate with each other. If I don’t know the actual situation, the peacock will know everything one by one, giving the captain a general outline of this place.
Lin momo sighed slightly and thought, "It turns out that the Zerg History Museum or Library seems to have gained nothing except thirteen insect oil lamps. Humans don’t agree that there are so many crystal sculptures of the Zerg. Let’s destroy and explore a satellite before it’s too late!"
Lin momo decided to destroy the crystal sculpture and pop up a screen. Harley laughed wildly. "Captain, this is the Zerg safe."
"What did you say? Zerg safe? " Lin momo blinked. Harley said that peacocks have great differences.
Harley excitedly said, "Yes, the Zerg must have valuables here. I have just seen the layout of crystal sculptures. Zerg likes to divide historical events according to time. However, the crystal skulls are placed too far ahead. You should know that human beings set foot out of bounds three thousand years ago and opened up public areas only two thousand years ago. How could the Zerg have seen humans four or five thousand years ago? Even if this group invaded the first galaxy, there were many shortcomings in the location of the crystal sculptures."
"You mean these crystal sculptures are a huge combination lock? Returning them to the source will open the zerg treasure? " Lin momo entranced the momentum and looked at the past with intense eyes.
"I’m very good at this possible Zerg cache. I’ll immediately analyze it with the help of a magnetic CD-ROM drive. The captain can send more spherical robots out to detect satellites and avoid running the wrong way." Harley gave advice and immediately took action and disappeared into the battery area.
Lin momo immediately sent spherical robots to detect obstacles all the way to see that the Zerg will focus on Fluoron, where almost all the soldiers are transferred out, and nine satellites have not explored spherical robots, which should be able to win this work.
Harley entered the tense calculation link and lay on the CD-ROM drive with convulsive mouth. "The zerg’s research report on the concept of zerg in the history of zerg development is a real jerk. When it comes, it will be too little to see before deciding to split the personality."
When the time is not long, the charm and peacock also join the operation ranks, and they are respectively responsible for an area. Through the constantly changing images of human zerg intersection information, the rearrangement pattern of crystal sculptures is simulated. If the answers can overlap along the edge trajectory after the operation, it is the specific placement mode of the crystal puzzle in front of us.
Incarnate son constant wave tree people are also considered to be outstanding in qualifications, and they are keen on Lin momo’s effectiveness. Therefore, they exert all their efforts to run hundreds of millions of times every second, and get the fastest result. Peacock is the talisman of the wise. It has the most perfect data body thousands of years ago, and after following Lin momo’s adventure, it devours a lot of data. Harley points out the crystal puzzle, and artificial intelligence almost makes the owner miss the opportunity to find important treasures, so he tries to calculate and find face back.
Harley is a two-sided wise man. Even he himself doesn’t know how far the wise man has gone since his personality split. He is best at returning the original things to the outside world. He deduces according to the subtle differences left by crystal sculptures, and obtains the results after ten minutes.
"I answer this." Charming son happily unfolded the screen and proudly raised the bar to ask the captain for credit.
"It’s really not a person’s work, and I’ve finished it here," Harley said, covering her head, because she was responsible for the main part of the spirit itself, which exceeded expectations
"You two perverts, I need to replace the arithmetic chip." Peacock said, projecting a picture, and he was not much slower.
"Good three-in-one jigsaw puzzle" Lin Sisuo gently drank a lot of light and shadow overlapping in his fingers and quickly combined the running track.
"It’s too powerful. Our Phantom Think Tank is the best!" The incarnate son clapped his hands and cheered. This Xiao Ni never forgets to put gold on her face all the time.
Everyone on the boat pays attention to this matter. Pei Lin laughs. "Charming son is of course the best crystal sculptor, so let me control it!" Ensure completion "
Lin momo motioned for Pei Lin to be careful that the arbiter robot flew out of the ship and gradually promoted the crystal sculpture according to the sketch mode of the think tank, but there was no change.
"Hey? What’s the matter? " Lin momo was frustrated with his enthusiasm, but he didn’t believe Harley’s guess was false.
"No, there must be something missing." Harley is not discouraged. He ponders over it in a magnetic CD-ROM drive.
Charming son and peacock are also nervous when calculating, and they exclaim at the same time, "Change the position of insect oil lamp in the form of three or two quickly, and change it later."
The wormhole shook and Pei Lin moved quickly, which made the arbitrator robot change the arrangement of wormlamps in an instant.
Fortunately, the worrying shaking came to an abrupt end, and a gap opened in the silence around.
Lin momo took a deep breath and said in surprise, "It’s amazing that the Zerg has the means to open up a fault of this scale. I’m going to lead a team to visit."
Volume 4 Rise! Breaking the Quartet Chapter 226 Temptation
Before several figures came to the fault, Lin momo was the first one, followed by Mr. Shang’s style and prisoners
Shang Lao scanned a circle with a teapot in his hand and laughed. "It’s good that you kids are so strange that you should dig up such a hidden place. It’s shine on you and better than blue."
The prisoner was wrapped in rags and cried like a mummy, "Don’t ramble, old businessman! Business matters. "
"Smelly mole makes less noise in my ear" Mr. Shang disdained to glance at it. He put his hands on his back and stepped on a half-meter-long twisted force field and slipped into the fault. "Hum, you will show your face when you are so old." The prisoner was unhappy and propped up a light shield and squeezed into the fault.
Style shook his head sneer at "momo! See the higher you don’t fix it, the bigger your temper will be. If you reach our level one day, you’d better guard against arrogance and rashness. The two of them are so promising in this life. "
The letter hand pops up a feather and drags the whole body with the flying. When the first two people enter the fault, they will have a half-second delay, but the wind will instantly disappear into the high judgment.
Lin momo smiled. A master is like a soaring eagle. How can he fight long if he is not domineering? However, to guard against arrogance and rashness is also to be proud when you are proud, and to be humble when you are modest. No matter how high Brother Wu reaches, you can’t leave this word "person". I don’t know that the 12-level peerless master is another state.
Lin momo flies into the fault, etc. See the scene clearly. It’s a little surprised. There are many objects or snail-like creatures floating in the middle of hundreds of meters square. The snail shell shines with colorful luster, and every one can be half a meter high.
A colorful snail with a height of one or two meters is quietly suspended in the center. It is poking around and looking at four "special creatures" who have broken into their homes.
"Do the three predecessors know what the Zerg are doing collecting these big snails?" Lin momo asked softly, hoping to get the exact answer from the three people. It’s really unexpected to find a nest of snails with such great efforts.
Mr. Shang replied with a light cough, "I don’t know where these snails are or what they were detained here by the Zerg, but you can ask Yu Tianxing and Yan Shuang to join hands with us. Maybe we can suppress the fault to an object. This fault is the best harvest."
Lin momo shine at the moment in the heart andao "yeah! It’s a mistake to think of anything good in the fault and just ignore the value of the fault body. "
"Well, I’ll invite Yu’s predecessors and Yan’s predecessors to help." Lin momo confessed to turn back the Phantom of the Opera excitedly.
At the entrance, the three men studied the genre and suddenly said, "Do you see it? These snails won’t be … "
"QuXiong cautious or to yu day line and momo! These colorful snails are good, but the power is not good, so they have caused great enemies. I didn’t expect the Zerg to be so rich here. I have some regrets about stepping on the Phantom of the Opera. It’s a pity that it’s hard to go back to the past. "Mr. Shang shook his head and flew out from the fault to wait for the arrival of Yu Tianxing and Yan Shuang.
Style heart cold hum "brain-dead now the same ship, the Phantom of the Opera, is in danger, don’t you come to the rescue? It’ s really unreliable, old guy. You don’ t know Yan Shuang’ s roots. She probably wants to support the spokesperson of power! "
The prisoner glared and cried, "Hey, what are you guys playing charades for? It seems that I don’t know what colorful snails are. "

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