It’s like the blue bar in the game

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The terror of the diamond-class strong lies in their ability to mobilize all spiritual forces in their surroundings.
Achieve the effect of limiting the blue bar in similar games.
It is this special state of blessing.
Leading the diamond-level strong to display a lot of powerful skills.
But when the advantage of the blue bar is erased,
Although the diamond-level strong still has a very terrible means.
But it also means that they can’t do all these things.
Thinking of this, Liu Yuan turned to Maureen and said, "Your Majesty, why don’t we wait for others?"
"We, we can go back first and then come in together when President Adolf comes."
She looked at Liu Yuan and said coldly, "Will you wait until Adolf comes? Things can be solved here! "
Maureen seems unhappy.
It is obvious that she thinks Liu Yuan has underestimated herself.
This made Lu Yuan want to cry.
Your Majesty, this is not the time to be brave!
When Liu Yuan was thinking about persuading Maureen.
The ground of their feet suddenly shook violently.
A huge crack appeared in their land …
Chapter 463 Special creatures, virtual ant king
The sudden change attracted the attention of Lu Yuan and Maureen.
They looked at the huge crack in the square.
See a humanoid creature jumped out from the huge crack.
This humanoid creature is fast.
It even caused the gas around it to produce a large number of cyclones and explosions.
Maureen looked at Fang’s sudden appearance.
Eyes flashed a cold mountain.
In a second, Maureen raised the sea staff in her hand.
Water skills, water kill array!
A large number of water properties and spiritual powers suddenly appeared around Maureen.
And for a huge waterspout.
A hundred-meter-high waterspout appeared in front of Liu Yuan.
The creature that suddenly rushed out was immediately stopped by this waterspout and wrapped in it.
Liu Yuan looked at the creature trapped by the waterspout.
Look at its panel with strong curiosity.
[Virtual Ant King]
[attribute deficiency]
"Grade Platinum One Star"
Virtual ant king, what is this?
Maureen looked at the virtual ant king wrapped in her waterspout.
Disdain to say, "Does a little platinum creature dare to sneak into the palace?"
Said Maureen’s sea staff and waved it again.
The spin waterspout exploded instantly.
This also caused great damage to the virtual ant king in the waterspout.
See the powerful virtual ant king body instantaneous burst into all over the sky blood fog.
Liu Yuan looked at a powerful platinum creature and died in Maureen’s hands.
My heart is very shocking.
Is this the strength of the diamond-level strong?
Actually, you can easily kill a platinum pet beast with a single blow!
If that opponent of virtual ant k is changed from Maureen to him.
Liu Yuan feels that he may not even hurt this guy.
Will be this weird virtual ant king to seconds kill.
Maureen showed strength.
Let Liu Yuanyuan for this strange land uneasy instantly diluted a lot.
What’s he afraid of when a big brother takes himself to play in a league?
But a weird scene appeared.
See that was Maureen instantaneous detonation broken virtual ant king actually began to condense his body.
In a short time, the ant king, who became a virtual blood queen, recovered as before.
Seeing this scene is not only Liu Yuan dumbfounded.
Even Maureen around Liu Yuan seems to be shocked.

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