There is another breath rushing into the valley of the burial day and swaying into the sky to open the magic atmosphere.

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"A family like Yu Qiuyu is rich and wants to kill Su Ying. You’d better not mess with me or a family won’t mind killing you first!"
In the blink of an eye, dozens of deities rushed into the valley where they were buried. They were sent by the kings of the gods to kill Su Ying, a superior deity!
Buried in the depths of the valley, the evil wind is bleak, and the devil is rushing back and forth to kill a python in the evil wind. It swims around in the dark wind and looks ferocious. It opens its mouth and swallows a big monty. At the same time, there are three doors towering and two magic weapons floating in front of it, and the road pattern is filled with constantly killing the devil.
Wind tunnel, cloud pole, divine gate, witch babe, holy witch gate, both doors have been opened, and the rhyme has poured out from the doors, raising the power of two magic weapons to the maximum!
Su Ying’s reincarnation of Tianmen is the most horrible. Tianmen stands twisted for several hours. When the devil is not close, he is crushed and the road marks are constantly integrated into Tianmen!
These demons evolved from the fate of the ten layers of hell core into Tao Wen, Tao Xun, Tao Yun and Shen Wen, which naturally bred birth spirits. Although they could not cultivate or cultivate the realm, their strength was comparable to that of the gods, who knew how to kill and devour.
However, Su Ying can reincarnate these demons in front of Tianmen, and after the nutrients in Tianmen are ground, they are reduced to ten layers of hell marks and blended into the door.
"This place is really a treasure-house for cultivation. If I can hone here and slaughter demons for decades, my ten levels of hell will surely reach the realm of dzogchen and exceed 33 celestial realms!"
Su Ying’s heart was greatly moved and she wanted to stop practicing in this valley of burial days immediately, but she dismissed this idea when she thought that there were ten layers of hell in the deepest part of the valley of burial days.
"These demons are made up of Taoist lines and scars. They can cultivate ten levels of hell to the peak of the emperor, but there is no Taoist rhyme. It is the real baby to have ten levels of hell!"
Bang, bang, bang!
The devil in the valley with his head buried suddenly exploded and rolled the road marks, and then he swallowed all these road marks with a big mouth and a suction.
"Tao rhyme derived from the devil? Brother Feng and Brother Wu come behind me at once! "
Su Ying’s heart was startled and he quickly recalled Xiaoqiang’s wind tunnel and Wu Beibei also quickly took back the door. Su Ying looked forward behind him and saw a white and miserable skeleton hand suddenly waving and slapping them hard!
This white bone hand is impressively a deity, and the bones of the flesh are wrapped around several lines, and there are thick lines of rhyme. It turns out that a fallen deity was buried in the valley of heaven, and the devil invaded the body and manipulated his bones!
Although its strength is not as good as that of God, it is not far away and extremely dangerous!
"Datong tuyin!"
Su Ying reincarnation Tianmen clap a hand to meet this deity’s big hand. Ten floors of hell, the central part of the road is printed and spread out. See two fiends in hell, each with a knife and saw one end before. Saw this big bone hand!
The demon roared in the hidden magic gas, and the big hand retracted suddenly, and the darkness was brighter than the deep valley. The red sun Ran Ran rose and shone in all directions to dispel the magic atmosphere.
"What big eyes …"
Xiaoqiang exclaimed, his body shrank, and he jumped into the air duct, and his head roared at these two huge eyeballs.
The wind tunnel cloud and Wu Beibei were also scared to death. "The body was occupied by the devil. This god is definitely a celestial grave demon. The eyes are so scared that people are scared to death!"
A bone hand grabbed a thigh bone as a big bone hammer and smashed it to them, shattering all the demons in Wan Li!
This big bone hammer is actually a deity’s bone surface, and it is covered with golden wires. It was turned into a treasure by the devil generated in this rhyme!
"Yuan tire is immortal!"
Su Ying, with a solemn face, immediately produced the breath of Yuan Fetal Immortal Seal, like a heart hidden in the charm of Xuan Fetal, and drummed to give him more vigorous qi and blood.
I saw a golden gas column rising from the top of his head, and then the top of the gas column exploded and exploded for 33 days, 3,000 days, and the ten layers of hell in the world were spectacular!
"Afraid of opening the seal!"
Su Ying is another printing method to spread the breath of terror, like an epoch-making giant’s arm turning into an axe to meet this god’s bone!
Both of them were hit by two huge forces by the big bone hammer method, and suddenly they broke. Su Ying stood up and held Pangu’s banners. A shock made HarmonyOS’s purple gas heavier than those two suns!
Listen to bam bam, those two giant eyes went out one after another, and he broke both eyes in one fell swoop!
The devil in the hidden buried valley roared with pain, threw away the sledgehammer, covered his eyes with his hands and turned and ran away.
Su Ying didn’t kill the devil in the past. It’s very powerful. After the demon generated in Daoyun occupies the bones of the God, it’s easy to kill it and it’s dangerous to bury it in the valley of heaven. If the devil is besieged like this, he won’t get any benefits!
Su Ying took back Pangu Zan and immediately grabbed the big bone hammer. Seeing that the leg bone of the God statue was wrapped with many gold wires, he was shocked that the blow did not break. "It’s so tough!"
Chapter 127 Not even a hair is left
Xiaoqiang drooled and stared at Su Ying’s big bone hammer.
Sue should smile and put away the other half and throw it to it.
This big bone hammer was broken by his Pangu Zan, and the fracture was a smaller piece.
Xiaoqiang was so happy that he quickly caught his heavy teeth and suddenly broke two tears in pain. He was reluctant to lick two and muttered, "Let’s grind your teeth first …"
Su Shi waved the big leg bone of the deity and heard a loud bang, and he collapsed a large piece!
"Good things! It’s a pity that this big bone hammer came to feed you, but I didn’t realize it. After all, it’s not as powerful as my Pangu Zan. "
He took the gold wire and threw the big bone hammer to the wind cloud and laughed. "Brother Feng, this god’s leg bone is very hard, but it’s a demon’s leg bone. With this big bone hammer, Brother Feng’s strength will be greatly improved. Brother Wu, I don’t know what god made this gold wire, but it’s very tough and suitable for you to ban. If it’s banned, your power will be several times more terrible than ten times!"
The two men were so happy that they hurried to collect Wu Beibei. "Su Xiong, we didn’t contribute to collect your treasure, but it’s a shame that you didn’t benefit."
"Everyone is in the same boat?"
Su Ying said with a smile, "Besides, these two treasures are still in my eyes, but if they fall into your hands, they will enhance your strength. Let’s go!"
"The valley surface of the burial day is the core of the ancient ten-story hell, and the nuclear fate automatically condenses to form the Taoist trace, the Taoist rhyme and the divine tattoo is in the charm! When these Taoist rhymes are distributed in the valley of burial days, it is easy to form the devil! "
Su Ying’s reincarnation heaven hangs high behind him, so I need to start work to mince an unknown number of devil heads and restore them to Taoist marks. In the introduction, I understand the ten-tier hell more and more deeply. He said, "When I was in the polar region, I once got three thousand world fortunes to lay the foundation for the deity. The composition of three thousand world fortunes is also inferior to that of Taoist marks, Tao and reason. I don’t know how many if I can get the ten-tier hell fortunes, it will not be upgraded to the level of the deity, but it will lay the foundation for the ten-tier hell to break through to the deity!"
The deeper the valley is buried, the more demons appear. Even the demons generated in Daoyun are often more dangerous than appearing.
Su Ying, the devil of the earth, was forced to push the other side back. His strength can indeed be used to kill this devil. However, when he fights, the movement will inevitably disturb him, and it is difficult for him to please him. Therefore, he pushed the other side back and did not pursue him.
In this case, the burial of Tiangu and his party also benefited him a lot. Although the realm of cultivation has not increased much, the door is more stable and indestructible
"Even the deity can’t break my door easily!" Sue should be confident heart andao.
Suddenly, there was an abnormal breath of the earth in front of him. He quickly condensed his vision and swept away his eyes. He saw a statue of Taoist rhyme and the devil swam around. In addition, there was a god tattoo and the devil was born!
These devils are almost all over the valley of burial days. From time to time, they will be disturbed if they are forced to pass through here!
If Su Ying’s strength falls into these devil’s siege, he will be beaten to a pulp when he is afraid that he can’t support much!
"Brother Feng and Brother Wu, let’s force our way!"
Su Ying suddenly waved his sleeve and rolled up all the wind clouds and Wu Beibei Xiaoqiang, and then a streamer printed and unfolded to see the reincarnation of Tianmen. A streamer roared and rushed to the depths of the buried valley.
When those demons came and saw a flash of time, they had to move in the future and lost sight of Su Ying and others!
A demon king suddenly opened his one-eyed head and leaned out his big hand trembling to grasp the virtual distortion of his palm cover at this streamer, but he failed to catch that streamer.
The valley where the sky is buried is immeasurable. Even Su Ying spent less than half an hour to get to the ground at the speed of streamer printing.
All of a sudden, all the magic gas and atmosphere in front of them swept away and the bottom of the valley. One after another, Strange Forest stands lush and dark, and the trees are covered with road marks and traces, and the flow of road rhymes is almost natural, which is the treasure of Zubing!
Even some different trees are covered with strange patterns of gods, and their power is even more terrible than that of gods!
I don’t know how long these trees have lived, but it will take at least 100 thousand years to calculate. Some trees may live longer than the Emperor of Heaven!
Sue should look up and see that there is no devil at the bottom of the valley. The devil in these evil winds seems to be afraid of it and can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
"These trees actually absorbed the magic spirit and the Taoist rhyme, and the magic tree was born to be a treasure refining material and a good material!" The wind tunnel cloud lost its way when its eyes lit up.
Wu Beibei sighed and said, "Whether these magic trees are good or not is a treasure. They are also extremely magical. If you don’t get rid of the middle magic, I’m afraid that the holders will be demonized for a long time to erase the devil."
Su Ying suddenly made a clear print and immediately dispelled the magic of this forest, so that every tree was crystal clear and attractive. It seems that some trees bear Long Lin. It seems that ancient trees may turn into real dragons at any time, and they may suddenly demonize into qingluan and fly away.
"A good avatar is really a good avatar!"
Wu Beibei was full of praise and laughed. "Brother Su, your magical powers have reached a miraculous level. It’s easy to resolve these demons. I’m afraid even if my father comes, you won’t do this!"
Wind Cloud and Wu Beibei hurriedly uprooted and put away one tree after another, but in a moment, the two of them uprooted hundreds of ancient trees, mostly absorbing Taoist rhymes!

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