After hearing this, Shi Datian was a little angry. "Why didn’t I have orthomorphism? It’s just that I didn’t care about you because I slept late. You bear a grudge and tell you that in Shifang Town, don’t be afraid to say that it’s something to provoke right and wrong, but it’s something!"

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Long hate sitting opposite with eyes wide open.
What is the situation?
Do these two people have feelings?
Blue ink yan silently holding the forehead face some gloomy.
Xuan Yu was in a hurry. "What the hell are you doing? You talk to me more cleanly!"
"Did you just accidentally sleep in your body? A gentleman will haggle with me." Shi Datian snorted.
Xuanyu was trembling with anger. If it weren’t for the face of Qing Mo, he really wanted to throw Shi Datian out.
Qing Moyan’s face is getting worse and worse, and she hates to realize that it is not good. She coughs twice. "Do you want to arrange things in Shifang Town?"
"Let Shi Datian let out the wind and say that Yue Princess will soon deal with the Hongqizhai people when she comes to the town, and then other forces in the town will come."
Long hate leng leng "are you trying to mix the water?"
The people of Hongqizhai will definitely do something when they hear this news, because the former two sides met and they were completely defeated by Xuanyu. Their hands will surely have scruples about this and will notice that they have lived in Caifu after entering Shifang Town.
"But in this way, Dagong Cai will be a little dangerous here." Long hate hesitated. "He has two sisters in the house."
Blue ink yan fundus flashed a tree "people don’t make me, I don’t make the prisoner is not only his sister moved crooked mind first, I naturally won’t mention it".
Long hate and sigh
It is impossible to reason with Shao Qing of Dali Temple. In his view, everything can be achieved, including himself.
"What about the puppet master? He must have caught him."
"Wait" green ink yan spit out a word.
"When will it wait?" Long hate to ask
"When the puppet master comes to me," said Qing Mo Yan faintly, "because I have what he wants."
His heart was once visited by the king of the method, and the heart is definitely the most attractive for the puppet master.
Get his heart, that puppet master can create more powerful puppet.
But he couldn’t understand. Didn’t the puppet master escape before? Did he know their whereabouts? Did someone tip him off?
Or is there a stronger background behind the puppet master …
The next day, Cai Yuner went to visit her second sister in a hurry.
Cai Sicheng was accompanying a doctor out the door to see her and frowned. "What are you doing here?"
"Look at the second sister," Cai Yuner said guiltily. "Is the second sister awake?"
"No," Cai Sicheng sighed. "Listen to the eldest brother and say that she probably won’t wake up. Even if she wakes up, she is a fool."
"Ah?" Cai Yuner was shocked. "How did this happen?"
Cai Sicheng looked at his little sister and looked a little dark. "It’s all because you stay in the back house honestly and stop running around."
"How is it because of me?" Cai Yuner cried, "Second sister must be possessed by a ghost. It’s the black cat monster that attracted you and your eldest brother not to get even with Qinggong. Why are you angry with me!"
"But those doctors came to see it and said that no one could see that Chenying was in a coma." Cai Sicheng was not sure what all this was about. The puppet teacher Qing Moyan told Cai Yiming that Cai Yiming had always been very tight-lipped and didn’t even tell his brother.
Cai Yuner followed Cai Sicheng into the second sister’s boudoir
There are two maids in the room, and the atmosphere is a bit dull.
Cai Yuner lifted the bill to see her second sister.
Abrupt stretched out a pair of hands from the account and just grabbed her throat.
Cai Yuner was scared to scream, but her hands were so powerful that she couldn’t even make a sound.
The owner of those hands is her second sister Cai Chenying. Her eyes are wide open and her eyes are bloodshot.
"Tell Shao Qing of Dali Temple to come to me if he wants his baby."
Cai Yuner can’t breathe, and she can’t help shivering with her hands on the account.
Because Cai Sicheng didn’t dare to get too close to the boudoir, the two maids also retreated to the door, and no one noticed what happened in the account.
Cai Chenying tightened his arms and pulled the cloud to his face, two people face tightly stick together.
"Tell him to come to me in the tomb, do you hear me?"
Cai Chenying suddenly put his hands on Cai Yuner and shouted and sat down on the ground.
"ghost! Ghost … "She screamed and ran to the door." Second sister is possessed by a ghost! "
Cai Sicheng saw that she looked crazy and ran out to hold her. "What’s the matter with Yuner?"
"Ghosts and ghosts!"
The room was in a mess, and the maids were trembling with fear. They carefully checked the situation of Miss Er, only to find that she was still motionless with her eyes closed.
"Miss Er hasn’t woken up yet," said the girl.
Cai Yuner grabbed Cai Sicheng’s arm as if she were crazy. "Second sister, she just pinched my neck. Look, look!"
Cai Sicheng looked down and saw that little sister’s neck did have pinched finger marks.
"Is this the morning English device?"
Cai Yuner nodded in tears. "She just woke up and almost strangled me. Let me tell you something … Dali Temple Shaoqing asked him to go to the ancient tomb …"
"What did you just say?"
A man suddenly sounded behind him.
Little sister Cai Sicheng looked at the door and saw their eldest brother Cai Yiming there.
"What did the cloud say just now?"
"Second sister is possessed by a ghost!" Cried the cloud
"You repeat what you just said" Cai Yiming looked cold.
The cloud dare not say anything else. I honestly said what happened just now again and cried, "Second sister, she really woke up just now. She was possessed by a ghost and wanted to strangle my eldest brother. I’m afraid …"
Cai Yiming, however, turned a blind eye to his little sister’s sad eyes and told the maid in the courtyard to take care of Cai Chenying, who was unconscious, and turned and hurried away.
"Eldest brother, how did he do this before? He was the most painful to me and my second sister." Before the cloud was full of disbelief, she even hurt a finger. Eldest brother would coax her for half a day. This time, she came to Shifang Town as if everything was wrong.
"Dali Temple Shaoqing?" Cai Sicheng looked down at his sister’s eyes and revealed a burning brilliance. "Are you sure you heard me right?"

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