Bengyue was not really impatient, but when her seal was further lifted, she felt a force similar to her body seal appeared in the distance. She felt danger, and she didn’t want to be sealed again. She didn’t want to live in the dark again.

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Won the month more think more annoying finally left the hall of cutting.
"Courtesy and farewell" sounded as the moon won, and then the civil and military officials gradually left
Civil and military officials are chatting with each other when they are away from the road, which seems like a deep feeling. In fact, the friendship between civil and military officials is not like this. The reason for this is that the system was introduced in the month of winning.
When Benyue just introduced the system, all the civil and military officials flattered that Benyue was British, but when they thought about it carefully, they found that Benyue was really cruel.
The most targeted system of Moon-winning is not those who wait for the people, but those civil and military officials who are at the top of the empire. The reason is that Moon-winning didn’t say what rank they were, and they wouldn’t be naive to think that they are the highest rank like the emperor. If so, they can die.
Even if the emperor gave them the first grade and the ninth grade, they would feel more at ease than not giving them the grade. All the civil servants and military commanders were United because of this sense of crisis.
Chapter ninety-nine Won the month’s true identity
And won the month heart from her away from the hall more and more panic, as time goes by, won the month more and more upset because she felt what this familiar smell is.
This breath is the dominant breath, and the moon is sealed. In that one, the moon is not alone, and the environment is not really dark. However, because of her arrogance, she has no friends and many people are stronger than her, which makes her feel that the place is like dark.
The Daqin Empire won eternal life, and France will never die. This kind of immortality has lasted for thousands of years. In this thousand years, Daqin has grown from just tens of millions of people to hundreds of billions of people until it was wiped out by the scourge, and it was also captured and taken into that world.
In that world, although the arrogant won the moon feels pressure and dark, although there are no friends, the won moon also gains a lot, just like beggars and stock gods are together, beggars will learn something no matter how lame they are.
What Win Moon does now is what she once learned. What she was condemned for was that the population of the Daqin Empire was too large, but it was not lucky, just like the ID card. If you dare to rampage without an ID card, one result will be arrested, and Won Moon will be arrested in the end, too.
What Benyue is doing now is to seize the fate. The more luck she has, the stronger she will be, and she can get back more friends from the long river of time. She can also rely on the fate to completely get rid of that world, which is what she said to her ministers.
The world knows from others that everything in the world belongs to a master, including her. They are always waiting for the master to summon the servant to master the highest pursuit.
Won-Moon thinks they are crazy, one by one. It’s silly. Won-Moon supported the world some time ago. I don’t know why there are cracks. At present, there are still some things connecting Won-Moon with the world. Won-Moon needs more air capacity to cut off this connection. Where can it be completely separated?
But I didn’t expect that the breath of the world has been hanging like a sword of Damocles, and his breath was actually felt by himself, which means that the master is not far away.
She’s afraid of being caught back. She’s not one of those stupid guys. She doesn’t want to be a slave to others for a generation.
Disturbed, Win Moon went to the Hall of Mountains and Rivers. People came and went, except for a few sergeants, who were all civilians. When they saw Win Moon, they knelt down and shouted, Long live, long live.
However, I don’t think that being called Long Live is a curse on eternal life, but I enjoy these mountains calling and worshipping like a tsunami. That’s how I was worshipped before I was born, and I haven’t changed it since I got used to it.
The Hall of Mountains and Rivers is the place where the mountain and river map is put. The mountain and river map is a circular sand table with a diameter of ten feet. There are thousands of dots in the sand table, and there are soldiers slowly holding things with a diameter of ten centimeters like landscape balls and putting them in.
The mountain and river map is such a sand table. Every point in the sand table is a city that has been trodden by the fighters of the Qin Empire. After these cities are expropriated, the generals will rely on the strength of the golden seal to reduce these cities into landscape balls, and then the special sergeant will transport them to the mountain and river map, but those civil servants who are not qualified to attend the meeting will enter the mountain and river map one by one. The better the governance of each city, the more luck they will get.
Mi Yue looked at the mountains and rivers, and she was a little reluctant. She looked at the present and gained so many territories in just one day. She was reluctant to leave this world, but this idea was only a moment later. Mi Yue made up her mind to leave here and away from the master who had never met before.
Just as Benji was about to return to the main hall to summon his ministers to order all the troops to withdraw, a shout of killing sounded.
Won the month hurriedly hurried back to the hall, and the ministers had already waited. When Won the month arrived, they threw themselves on the ground and called for long live!
Won the month casually waved and asked, "It’s not that the pseudo-Qin dynasty’s luck has not been suspended, so it’s noisy outside the palace to move troops to Xianyang."
The prime minister came out, and the prime minister was a woman, a woman with a mediocre appearance, the kind of appearance that you can only get an impression after looking at it again.
The Prime Minister made a standard with his hands and told the jewelry, "I report that our troops and others have attacked the noise outside Xianyang Palace without authorization, because a group of Uzbeks have emerged in front of the northern army, and the northern army has been dispatched, which will surely wipe out the enemy soon."
After winning the month, she felt the dominant breath, and the north immediately got a little excited. "I decided to recall Zhennan Town, Zhenbei Town, the West Third Army, and evacuate this world. Now we are drawing up an imperial decree to send three armies."
Afraid of being replaced by others, the sense of crisis unites to support each other, and the civil servants and military commanders smell each other. You look at me, and I see that you later said, "I would like to listen to the imperial edict."
Although the civil servants and military commanders were surprised by the sudden decision of Win Moon, they would not object to the fact that they were ignored in the grading of Win Moon after quarreling with the court. Now these courtiers have learned their lesson, and they are afraid that they will displease the emperor. Although it will upset the emperor, there is no time for bad consequences, but this is because the current emperor still needs to govern the country through them. Once there are talents who can replace them, they may be replaced and the consequence will be death.
"oh! It turns out that you are the famous many dissenting Confucian card, one person, one court. No wonder it makes waves here. "At this time, a man came from the side with some teasing sounds.
In a blink of an eye, Marshal Zhennan saw a man wearing a fake Qin ornament leaning against the front of the main hall and immediately shouted, "Dare you be a man?"
Marshal Zhendong, Marshal Zhennan, Marshal Zhenxi, Marshal Zhenbei is one of the four marshals of Daqin Empire, but he often talks about Marshal Zhennan, not because Marshal Zhennan has made great contributions, but because he is one of his three marshals’ elders.
Others have also spoken and criticized, but no one has seen that their emperor is looking scared.
Chapter one hundred Take that girl (for subscription)
There were a few drops of sweat on the tip of Benyue’s forehead. She wiped it gently and stammered, "Are you the master?"
Wu day dominated the force to push the courtiers step by step before winning the moon.
"This, this, this!" One by one, the courtiers lamented but could endure.
Wu day smiled and looked at Win Moon’s face, and slowly gathered together in front of Win Moon, Win Moon got a fright and then hurriedly retreated.
Won-moon forgot that there were ninety-nine steps behind him, so he fell backwards. Won-moon closed his eyes and called out "Ah".
After a while, I found that I didn’t fall down. I opened my eyes and saw that a face was about to stick to my face. I also felt that I had a hand around my waist.
"Bold fanatics, how dare you molest me, Emperor Daqin?" Most people were silent when the Prime Minister came out and shouted at him.
"It’s interesting. Do you know that I’ve been my person for the past month? Since I’m my person, how can I call her indecent assault?" Wu day is very interested when it comes to words. It is very natural to win the month as one of our own.
The Prime Minister’s eyes were bulging when he heard it, and he said angrily, "Bold, I am the strongest emperor in the heavens and the earth, and you are just a mortal and a disheveled man who dares to salute the emperor."
"The guards are in charge of Xue Mi, and the Prime Minister has ordered". A woman ran in from outside the temple and asked the Prime Minister fuels.
"Take this traitor to rescue him", the Prime Minister pointed to Wu Tian, pointing to the woman who is also her favorite daughter.
"Traitors take life to" women will drink a light towards Wu Tianchong in the past.
Wu looked at this female general with a good face and didn’t want to beat her too badly, so she let her win the month and forced her to retreat from this heroic female general.
However, when the female general went forward and stabbed the winning moon, Wu Tian was dumbfounded and quickly pulled the winning moon back. Then a dominant force wrapped around the female general, and then the dominant force turned into a ball of cotton and hung the female general.
After controlling the female general, Wu Tian bowed his head in his arms and asked, "Aren’t they afraid that I will kill you?"
The weak moon replied, "It’s too slow to kill me. I will never die, even if the scourge kills me, it can seal me."
After winning the month’s answer, the horse was depressed and wanted to scold Wu Tian, but he could silently scold himself, "How could I be so stupid? I will answer whatever this person asks."
Wu Tianyi, listen to me. God, this chick is amazing! I cann’t die, but on second thought, this chick’s ability, he can see that she can give her hands strength through the media, but she can revive them. Besides, she is just like an ordinary person, which means that no matter how strong her hands are, there is nothing to feed her back, and no matter how strong she is, it is also an external force
"Call you human department come back! I’ll take you away from this world, "Wu Tian said softly, touching her face for a month and then touching her hair like a pet."
"Of course, those who have stood the test are eligible to leave." Wu Tian said and glanced at Fang Wenwu’s officials and grinned at them.
In the face of those courtiers, they couldn’t wait to tear up Wu day’s eyes, which was naturally ignored by Wu day. Anyway, they are crazy and want to bite Wu day and have to break through the dominant force.
"Let’s go, my emperor. Let’s go and watch a fun game." Wu Tian said this to Win Moon, and then they disappeared and disappeared once. The place where they appeared was 2 meters high from here.
It can be clearly seen that in addition to the giant turtle back palace in Xianyang and the giant turtle palace in the north, the team of Daqin Emperor won the moon, and some grotesque things seemed like monsters running out of the magical world 3.
Won the month is in a hurry after a look, was once again Wu Tian teleported to another place, this place is behind those monsters out of the magical world.
This place is uncharacteristic. Instead of those vicious monsters with green face and fangs, there are thirteen charming witches. They are all dressed in very, very economical fabrics. Their bare skin is full of strange temptation patterns, and they are hung with different kinds of jewelry. There are three kinds of seemingly standard equipment: a black wizard’s long hat, a cartoon broom and a wand.
To tell the truth, Wu Tian doesn’t like these thirteen beautiful but non-mainstream hands very much, but it still feels a little interesting.
These thirteen witches are summoned by a black card witch Council card. Their specialty is to summon and enslave all kinds of Warcraft and all kinds of races.
Now we are fighting against the Moon-winning army. Those ice lions, biped dragons, cyclops, gnomes, hunters, goblin throwers and so on are these witches.
"Come on, let me introduce you to a month that I won this harvest." Wu Tian put the milli-resistance won month aside and said to the thirteen witches.

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