Wu Dao said, "So that you can know that my old grandson is the Great Sage who made a scene in Heaven and Monkey 500 years ago. If you know my old grandson’s fame, you may be able to hand over my old master as soon as possible. If you say no, you can kill him or bury him."

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"It turned out that Bi Mawen was 500 years ago. It was you who disturbed the flat peach that would harm the girl. I didn’t eat the flat peach today, but we have to make it clear that there is no master here." Yu Yong’s eyebrows rose.
"Bi Mawen?" Wu suddenly became sullen. You can’t play happily when you hit people, scold them and expose them.
"The monster wants to see if you dare to arrest my master if you have something to do." Realizing that his anger was burning, he hit Mrs. Yu Yong.
Jade Yong smell speech ha ha sneer at "good you a Po Hou today don’t want to let you know that your aunt badly".
After that, I saw the jade with a dagger and killed it towards enlightenment.
Knowing that the strength of enlightenment is great, the dagger strikes the virtual and avoids the real. At that time, it was realized that there is a strong end after all, and now it is the law of strength that the jade dragon is the realm of nature, but it has been lost to the Great Sage after more than 30 rounds.
"The monster ate an old man with a stick" Wu raised the stick and instantly struck the jade lady with the stick.
But when I realized the stick, I saw where there was Mrs. Jade Yong’s shadow. Only one embroidered shoe was left, and Mrs. Jade Yong had disappeared.
"This monster’s amazing magic, my old rule, can actually win my life. It’s really fierce. I don’t know if the family is like a monster in Shan Ye. If they kill their relatives at random in the future, they will seek revenge on my old enemy for no reason." Wu picked up the embroidered shoes and the pig bodhi old zu sand monk also leaned in.
"I can’t believe this monster got away." Pig bodhi old zu said.
"It’s something that this monster can get rid of his brother’s hands," said the sand monk.
"This monster must have run back to the abode of fairies and immortals. Take it easy. I sneaked into the abode of fairies and immortals to find the trace of a master." After Wu said that, the instant mosquito fell into the bottom hole.
The bottom hole is bottomless, even Wu flew for three hours before falling into the bottom, only to find that this abode of fairies and immortals is a piece of land, and there are countless orchids and grass in the world.
"It’s really a good place to be so full of aura, even if it’s more than an old flower and fruit mountain." The shuttle of Wuhua mosquitoes in the cave house showed admiration
Here, when the flat peach tree was born, it was born with innate attributes, so it is better than Huaguo Mountain.
The enlightenment mosquito happened to see Jade Yong forcing Jade Duxiu to get married at this time. Seeing this, she sniggered, "I’m a good master. Since my life is not in danger, I’d better be safe."
Seeing this revolving ground, the pig bodhi old zu leaned over and asked, "How have you ever seen the master?"
"It’s not easy for the younger generation to take it by force, but it’s not realistic. It’s the most difficult thing for Mrs. Jade to die. I want to kill even an old man. I don’t know if this monster can be so powerful." I sigh lightly.
The pig bodhi old zu tugged at his ear and Friar Sand said, "Brother, if you have the heart, you might as well go to Yaochi."
"Brother Sha’s explanation?" awake to truth
"The monster said before that the flat peach banquet was broken by the senior brother 500 years ago, and those who failed to get the flat peach to enter the Heavenly Palace must not be ordinary people. If the senior brother goes to the Yaochi, he will know that the monster is following his feet." Friar Sand said.
Wu Wenwen nodded and took a look at the sand monk. "In that case, the two younger brothers will come back later when I go."
After that, I saw that I was walking in the clouds and disappeared. The trace has disappeared.
On the third day, Nawu of Yaochi rampaged all the way to the Yaochi Hall and stopped to say to the general that day, "Please ask the general to talk to me and tell me that I am asking for the heavenly queen."
"Empress had commanded the Great Sage to come in, although it was" a maid with Yaochi came over and said.
"Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot."
Wu did a ceremony and walked into Yaochi. Looking at the phoenix-filled heavenly queen, she suddenly felt a quiver, which really made people suspicious.
"You didn’t go to Po Hou Palace to find you trouble you to come to me." Miaoyu looked at Wu and reprimanded him.
Wu wryly said, "The Empress joked that my old world was in a big trouble, but she met a demon who had magical powers to protect herself from death. I heard that she had attended a flat peach banquet five hundred years ago and specially invited the Empress to check the foundation of the demon."
Wonderful jade smell speech nodded and a roster appeared in his hand. After a while, he said, "It’s actually a jade-like mother."
"Empress knows this monster beast?" Enlightenment saw suddenly a joy.
"Little is known about the origin of this jade jade, but I am just one of them. It’s a good thing that you didn’t rush. If you kill the jade jade, it’s a big deal, and even the Buddha can’t save you." Miaoyu took a faint look at Enlightenment.
Chapter 1636 Dragon tiger is difficult to be born with white tiger
"I didn’t know that this jade has a history, so I called the empress so seriously." Wu scratched his ears and was suddenly surprised at the wonderful jade words.
"If you want to drop this monster beast, please forget the dust before you go to the cave." Miaoyu didn’t answer the explosion ape.

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