"Yes, this is what happened to my pet?" Li Yi smiled and said

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"Ha ha ha, boss, your pet looks so sorry for the audience!" Chen smile happily said.
"What do you mean?" Blood skeleton asked faintly.
"Nothing really doesn’t mean anything." Chen held his mouth to keep from laughing.
"If you don’t, then the two of us will admit that I am sorry for the audience if you can catch me!" Blood skeleton said
"Oh, I’ll go to the boss. Your little pet looks very arrogant. Then I’ll help you treat him!" Chen smile happily said.
"Master, you can’t be biased. Just be our witness. What do you say if you lose?" Blood skeleton pointed to Chen and asked
"I, how can I lose? If I can’t even take this move from you, I’ve lived in vain for so many years!" Chen smiled and said
"Don’t forget that there is a very awesome sports star here. She once said that anything is possible. Her name is Li … Li … Master, what’s her name again?" Blood skeleton asked
"Li Ning Chen, I can wake you up in advance. You can’t beat the little blood by 120%. Do you really want to compete?" Li Yi a face of nai asked.
"Of course, just because he can beat me doesn’t mean that I can’t take a move from him, and it’s about the dignity of men. If I lose, I’ll admit that I look sorry for the audience, so that’s all right!" Chen said with a face of righteousness.
Li Yi had anticipated that Chen 120% had to admit that he was sorry for the audience. Chen did not listen to your advice, so don’t say that I didn’t wake you up!
Chen Dou is ready to wait for the blood skeleton to attack himself in front of the blood skeleton, then he can defend himself directly, and then the blood skeleton can directly admit that he looks sorry for the audience!
But imagination is beautiful, but reality is really super cruel.
"Chen, you have to defend yourself. If you can’t stand it, say I’ll help you!" Li Yi said
"Eldest brother, do you look down on me? I’m a person with strong thunder power anyway. You’re not in front of me!" Chen Bonai said
At this time, I haven’t spoken for a long time. The old man suddenly spoke.
"Smelly person suddenly remembered that we forgot a very important thing." The tone was very dull, but it was calm when it was finished.
"What is it? I feel there is nothing wrong with it, and everything is quite good. I learned to fit in with the blood skeleton, and then I mastered many skills. Which important thing did we forget?" Li Yi quite confused asked.
"Smelly person thinks that my memory is already super bad. I didn’t expect your memory to be worse than mine. It’s just a bad memory!" The old man said
"By dead old man hurriedly said what we forgot? I am still anxious to listen! " Li Yi looked at it and was eager to try, Chen said
At the beginning, I let the blood skeleton directly vomit blood. Chen seems to be unable to pick up this recruit even if he tries his best!
"Don’t you know that stinky hearts can’t eat hot tofu?" The old man said
"Dead old man, tell me at once that I guarantee you nothing. If you don’t talk, pull it out and kick it in a circle!" Li Yi smiled and said.
"Damn you, have you forgotten how I saved you and how I helped you again? Actually, we forgot something very important. Do you remember that dagger?" The old man asked
"Dagger? Where’s the dagger? Why didn’t I know? I seem to have thought about it later. Is it the dagger called stealing the sky? " Li Yi asked with a puzzled face.
"Don’t you remember that the king knight said a word to the smelly little note? This is called stealing the sky dagger, which seems to control the whole ice world. How could we easily give up that dagger at the beginning? Ah, I can’t grab it now, "said with a sigh.
"Well, I’m a little sorry. I wish I had robbed that dagger before I left," said Li Yi, shaking his head.
"Are you ready? What a long time! " The blood skeleton is a little impatient.
"Nonsense! If you want to have a good defense, you must have enough time to prepare. Can’t you see that I am preparing!" Chen smiled and said
"Brother Bing, you are back!" A guard at the door said
"Well, where is the boss?" Bing Bing, the former blue-haired boy, asked hurriedly.
"Boss is inside. Brother Bing, what is this?" The guard pointed to the ice behind the king knight asked.
"Nothing, let him come in with me!" Ice said
"Good ice brother!" The guard nodded and said
As a result, this ice-cold knight Wang came in.
"Bing Bing, you’re back. Where’s the lawbreaker?" A young man dressed in a suit with lux all over his body said
"Brother Huo, don’t talk about it. I almost can’t come back!" Ice took a mouthful of heavily said
"oh? What’s the situation? How could someone beat our little ice like this? Then the other party must be seriously injured! " A young man with straight hair said
"If you want me to see it, it’s just that the ice is not advancing, otherwise how could it be beaten into this virtue by others!" A young man with a particularly strong arm said
"Tu Yan, how can you talk like that? Didn’t you see that I even summoned my king knight!" Ice some angry said

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