"What do you say?" Bai Chengyu with a sulk.

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"You don’t look too happy. Don’t you like it?" Little edamame sighed, "I think it’s okay to be a real aunt."
"I just planted it in your hands," said Bai Chengyu, getting up and walking out.
"Uncle that I go back to how to tell grandpa? Do you have a girlfriend or not? You can’t bear to believe that girls have taken the initiative to speak? " Little edamame chased after him.
Bai Chengyu didn’t speak is the default.
Think back carefully-he has a good impression of Yu Qing, but somehow he just doesn’t want to fall in love because he will think it is a burden.
Moreover, he also feels that it is not other people’s style to use Qing Qing as a driver’s card.
Love is coming? Still not here? He doesn’t know either
Bai Hong was very happy when he knew that Bai Chengyu and Mi Qing had started dating. No matter whether Bai Chengyu was happy or not, he was a girlfriend.
In the evening, Bai Yinting and Xia Zhu came to pick up Xiaomaidou’s car, and she began to tell the story that she arranged a blind date for Bai Chengyu today.
Sure enough, those people were all temporary before it cleared up, but they were all rich people, just in case he saw them.
When she finished talking about Xia Zhu, she suddenly remembered, "I didn’t pay attention to this before. It seems that this Qing Qing has been rumored with Chengyu recently."
"Cheng Yu will be fired for every new drama. CP doesn’t know if it will come true this time. What do you think of that girl?" Bai Yinting knew that the former Xiazhu crew should have seen her.
"I feel good, but you know whether love is good or not. It doesn’t matter whether Cheng Yu likes it or not." Xia Zhu said.
"This is his personality. I know him best. I’m afraid it’s not easy to love someone." Bai Yinting also worried.
"Everyone has their own fate, so we don’t have to worry about it." Xia Zhushi supports Bai Chengyu’s idea. If you don’t meet the most suitable person, why bother yourself?
"Oh, by the way, our company will be organized the day after tomorrow. I specifically said that I can bring my family members. You and Xiaomedao should also come together." Bai Yinting suddenly said.
"Go out to play?" Little edamame immediately got excited.
"Where to?" I’m afraid Xia Zhushi is not ready to go back to France.
"Go to France" Bai Yinting suddenly said.
"France?" Is it a coincidence that Xia Zhu is one leng?
"By the way, you also go back to deal with a male and handover worker. What needs to be brought back is also completed." It seems that this is also specially arranged by Bai Yinting.
Xia Zhu smiled, "Husband, you are so thoughtful."
"Mom, are we going back?" Little edamame was also very excited at once. After all, she still missed the place where she lived and was born.
"Yes, you can also bring some gifts to your friends." Xia Zhu knows that many people in the company are friends of little edamame and she knows many children.
"Oh, I have to think about it. Can I take Yani?" You must never forget Yani wherever Xiaomedao goes.
Yani gave her a cocked head. "I don’t need you to take me home at any time."
Bai Yinting looked at him and suddenly said in French, "Isn’t it better to be together?"
Little edamame looked at Bai Yinting in surprise. "Dad, when did you speak French?"
Bai yinting laughed. "who did you leave your language talent?"
Little edamame opened his mouth wide. "Dad, you are really amazing."
The next day, Xiaomedao went out with Yani to buy various gifts all day. She specially asked Yani to write a list, and then they were very serious according to their characteristics. They chose different gifts.
Finally, I was worried that I had forgotten someone and bought some of his things at random, so that even if I forgot someone, I could have a substitute gift.
All the gifts are packed and brought. Little edamame is very happy to see everyone again when she goes back, and she has to say goodbye to everyone. I don’t know when she will go back.
Yani doesn’t feel much about going home. Now he pays more attention to his game development. This time, he may go back with his partner most of the time, and he may also come back with Xiaomedao and others.
He must prove his strength, even without his father’s light, he can be excellent.
Soon Bai yinting personally took the first batch of elite backbones in the company to France, and this time there were 20 people.
Adding family members has reached forty or fifty, which can be said to be a great expense, but it is nothing for them to create value for the company.
Although Bai yinting went in person, he mostly didn’t participate in company activities with Xia Zhu and Xiao edamame.
Without him, his employees can have more fun, and everyone has his own place.
Xia Zhu first went to the company to hand over the former workers, and then Kate was going to let her rebuild the company’s latest market development in China.
Little edamame also followed Xia Zhu to the company and gave the gifts she brought to the company. She usually gets along well with them and hugs them goodbye, and everyone is very reluctant to part with her.
When Xia Zhu left, Xiao edamame just delivered the gift, and the mother and daughter walked out of the company Bai Yinting’s house together to wait for them.
Chapter 57 or I’ll call for help
On the way home, Xia Zhu bought some food and walked out of a shop with a small edamame hand. Suddenly she heard someone calling her.
Xia Zhu is a little strange. Turning his head is not from one leng. It turns out that Yan Ningxuan has not been seen for several years.
Yan Ningxuan Xia Zhu naturally has many bad memories, so she is not very enthusiastic.
"Xia Zhu is your daughter?" Yan Ningxuan approached regardless of her attitude, such as taking the initiative.
"Yes" Xia Zhu glanced at the little edamame "Call Aunt"
"Auntie is good." Little edamame could tell that her mother didn’t like her very much.
"Your daughter is really beautiful," Yan Ningxuan said and looked at Xia Zhu. "I lost my memory a while ago, you know?"
"I’ve heard of some" Xia Zhu always wanted to get back at her before she knew it, so that the killer killed her and buried her. That Qin Mingshi was Yan Ning Xuan’s boyfriend.
"heard of it?" Yan Ning laughed. "Then you should know me and Qin Ming, right?"
"Yan Ningxuan, if you have recovered your memory, you should also remember what his feelings for you are?" Xia Zhu continued
"Yes, he has been bad to me, but what should I do? I still love him so much until now, and my heart still accepts that he is dead. "Yan Ningxuan is really sad."
"I think you should come out. It’s not good for you. We still have to leave in advance." Xiahou Group said and took the little edamame hand and left quickly
I don’t know why. Looking at Yan Ningxuan’s eyes will make her feel gloomy and particularly frightening.
"Mom, who is that woman?" Little edamame walked away before asking
"I hope I won’t meet her. If I do, I must be careful." Xia Zhu had a bad feeling.
Little edamame nodded. It seems that this woman must have done something to hurt her mother, otherwise she wouldn’t look so embarrassed.
Back to the residence, Xia Zhu made delicious food for Xiaomedai, and Xiaomedai watched her while eating, and she went back to her room.
"You seem to have been depressed since you came back. What’s on your mind?" Bai yinting also saw that something was wrong with her.
"Honey, I met Yan Ningxuan today and her eyes were terrible," said Xia Zhu.
"Yan Ningxuan? She remembers everything? " Bai yinting is also one leng
"We should hurry back when things are over here, otherwise I won’t be at ease," said Xia Zhu.
"She shouldn’t still be obsessed with Qin Ming, should she?" Bai yinting feels incredible. after all, the former man was not good to her.
"Woman is also very sad." Xia Zhu can understand her pain, but it is really not a good thing to get stuck in the middle.
Bai yinting wanted to have fun with Xia Zhu and Xiao edamame for a few days since he came out, but now he began to worry about Xiao edamame’s safety.
No, Xia Zhu is right. Go back early, because only in this way can she be better protected.
The most basic bodyguard must declare that this woman is really terrible because she doesn’t care about the consequences
In case she really wants revenge, she is likely to take it out on edamame, and edamame can’t be more vicious than a person who has no bottom line.
Little edamame frowned when she heard their discussion at the door.
Isn’t that exciting? So they’re going back. I can’t. She still has gifts to give away.
She called Yani with a frown, and Yani said that there are still many things to be done, so she has no time to accompany her these days.
But after a few days, I can go back to her.
Little edamame, forget it. This is her own place. She’s not afraid of anyone.
Mom and dad just think too much. Where are so many bad guys?
Little edamame quietly went out with a gift prepared by her good friend. She wanted to give these to her piano teacher and several friends.
They all have the same gift, and each of them has a bow with China characteristics.

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