Liu Yao looked nervously at the man beside him. "Can it be over?"

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The man didn’t speak. He took a look back at Liu Yao and then really came up to Xia Zhu.
Xia Zhu looked at him suspiciously and looked at Liu Yao again. Liu Yao’s eyes seemed to be somewhat resistant rather than the panic and fear of being kidnapped.
It doesn’t make sense, and the sentence can be over? It simply brings tension to the game world.
But the man has already come over. Xia Zhu still took out his mobile phone and showed it to him. "I sent my husband a WeChat and asked him to transfer money to me. If I have him, fuck you and knock me out."
"Tell him to stand back" The man pointed the stick at the driver.
Xia Zhu motioned for him to follow the man’s instructions to be a driver. Nai stepped back two steps and squatted down against the wall.
"Hey, it’s too much to play again." Liu Yao seemed a little angry and struggled, but she was really tied up and didn’t break free
"You shut up!" The man suddenly became fierce.
Liu Yao was startled. "Yu Yan, are you serious?"
Xia Zhu was stunned. "Do you know each other?"
"Shut up, all of you. Women are really annoying. Transfer money to me quickly." The man became more and more agitated.
He seems a little nervous and breathing heavily. If Xia Zhu doesn’t do what he says, he may really hurt her.
Xia Zhu has too many questions in his heart, but he still sent a voice to Bai Yin Ting Tianfa. "Yin Ting, do you still have a meeting? Can you transfer me 100 thousand yuan if you have time? "
Bai Yinting, who was on his way, couldn’t help squinting when he heard Xia Zhu’s voice. Xia Zhu knew his way, but asked him if he had a meeting. Obviously, he gave him a message. Did she still act alone and asked her for 100 thousand yuan?
Bai Yinting immediately replied, "I will transfer it to you in five minutes, and there is still a contract that has not been handled properly."
"Good" Xia Zhu heart steadfast Bai Yinting will arrive in five minutes.
That’s why they understand the code word. Of course, the man named Yu Yan doesn’t understand it. He is excited to think that there will be 100 thousand yuan in five minutes.
"Yu Yan, you bastard, you lied to me?" Liu Yao had some breakdown, and she actually believed that he should accompany him to play this stupid game.
"I didn’t lie to you. You volunteered," Yu Yanleng said.
"Liu Yao, he is your boyfriend?" Xia Zhu accidentally read the number of men Liu Yao actually met an emotional killer.
Liu Yao began to cry. "I’m sorry, Xia Zhu, I was confused by his rhetoric."
"You should always get paid to wait on you these days, right?" Yu Yan’s tone of voice is somewhat mass at the right hypochondrium.
Xia Zhu feels that he must be a hooligan, and this kind of person will be nice to confuse Liu Yao, a girl who has never been wet behind the ears. Although she has been clamoring for three thousand beauties in the harem, she has never really been in love and has little experience.
Liu Yao has been crying for a long time. Yu Yan seems a little annoyed and starts swearing. Finally, he strode past with a stick.
"Hey, what are you doing? Do you still want money? " Xia Zhu is worried that he will hurt Liu Yao.
This sentence is very meaningful to her. She hesitated and warned that she came back. Of course, money is more important to him.
Soon I arrived at Bai Yinting in five minutes, but I didn’t transfer the money. Yu Yan was a little anxious. "Are you kidding me?"
"Don’t worry, it’s only been five minutes. Wait or I’ll rush it?" Xia Zhu picked up the phone and asked carefully
"Hurry up," said Yu Yan. It seems a little uneasy to pick the mask and light a cigarette on the surface.
Xia Zhugang was about to send a voice. Yu Yan suddenly looked up and said to her, "Let him send it right away. I don’t want to wait."
"Good" Xia Zhu saw that this person was getting more and more agitated before, and she didn’t dare to neglect.
But at the same time, I suddenly heard the mobile phone bell coming from outside the stairs. Suddenly, Xia Zhu turned pale with fear and wanted to hang up, so I couldn’t come.
"Mom!" Yu Yan stared at the stick and went to Xia Zhutou.
At the key moment, the driver descended and wrestled with Yu Yan. Xia Zhu retreated several steps and almost fell into whose arms. Looking back, I saw that Bai Yinting had arrived.
"Are you all right?" Bai yinting saw Xia Zhu worried.
"I’m all right. Go and help." Xia Zhu looked pale. She saw the driver’s shirt was broken and bleeding.
Bai yinting soon made Yu Yan in the past, and because he resisted backhand, he gave him a wooden stick and screamed. He rolled around with his arms around and stopped bared his teeth.
At this time, sirens sounded outside and the police arrived, officially announcing the end of the catastrophe.
The driver was sent to the hospital. Xia Zhu untied the rope for Liu Yao himself. Liu Yao cried with Xia Zhu, and she was scared just now.
Bai yinting looked at them and swallowed a lot of blame words for the time being, but it really made him unhappy.
Liu Yao was not injured, and the farce finally came to light after being questioned by the police.
No one expected that Yu Yan, who was only seventeen years old this year, fell out with his family after dropping out of school because of fighting. Every day, he played games in Internet cafes and occasionally picked up girls with a chat software.
And that’s how Liu Yao met her. After seeing Yu Yan’s photos, she liked him very much, and she was very heart-felt about herself. I don’t know how many times I love you every day, which completely made Liu Yao lose herself.
Just borrow 50,000 yuan from Xia Zhu before going out to play with him, only to be squandered by Yu Yan in a few days. Today, Yu Yan also said that he would play a big adventure with her to see if Liu Yao was willing. She spent money to set up this game.
Liu Yao is humble in front of Yan. She relents when he shows indifference to her, and then she will cooperate with him to implement the plan step by step. Now she knows that she is a stupid woman who has been played with her hands!
Chapter one hundred and forty-three You have additional conditions
After knowing the truth, Bai Yinting was a little angry. What friends are these? Typical cheat people!
However, Xia Zhu sympathizes with Liu Yao. Everyone pursues love. It’s just that Liu Yao is unlucky to meet a little love rat.
Will she settle down Xia Zhu bitter face back to Bai Yinting car instantly felt the anger from the side of the man.

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