At this moment, reason and wisdom become extremely weak, so that the teenager is aware of this paradoxical phenomenon, and his body is driven by emotion to move step by step in the direction of the door

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Suddenly, there was a thunderbolt in my mind, as if a strong current had directly hit my brain, and the sun was holding my head in pain and whispering. Fortunately, this pain came and went quickly. When he shook his head and raised his head again, where was the mother in the door?
There is a dark shadow full of malice.
Kaori came from behind.
Tianyang turned around and the girl’s body was flowing with sacred light. Her eyes panicked. "Can you hear me? I’ve called you many times, but you turned a deaf ear. Look at everyone. What’s going on? "
The teenager realized that everyone was in a trance and walking slowly towards the flesh-and-blood door, as if something was attracting them in the door, and their faces were different in expression.
Han Shu’s eyes were red, Qian Hong looked excited, Kun Lan grinned and Mu Qing looked pious.
Tianyang suddenly looked into the gate and took out a hellfire grenade from his pocket.
Grenade accurately fell into the door.
A moment later, the back door crashed and exploded, and a big flame burst out from the door, and a sharp cry vaguely came from the flame.
After the explosion, everyone seemed to wake up from a sweet dream, and their faces changed. They looked around with a blank face.
"What happened?" Han Shu touched the corner of his eye. "I just had a dream."
Kaoru recount what had just happened.
Mu Qing looked scared. "It’s the nightmare demon. It’s not aggressive, but they can dig out the secrets in our hearts and create hallucinations to lure us. We often fall into a trap when we realize it, and when we wake up, it’s death."
Han Shu gasped, "It’s really thanks to Tianyang this time. Otherwise, I’m afraid something has happened to us now."
Tianyang smile just now, he also fell into hallucination. If it weren’t for a sudden head pain, he wouldn’t be’ awake’.
The only person in the crowd who is completely unaffected and has a bright natural ability to resist most darkness is that even the ability of the black people in the cracks has not affected her.
Is embalm rank is still too low, I am not affected, but I can’t wake everyone up.
Fortunately, when I woke up, a hellfire killed the dreamer in the door to avoid everyone falling into the trap.
Han Shu was trying to get everyone to disperse and look for clues, but Yan Bing behind him cried softly, "There seems to be something coming out of your door!"
After the explosion in front of the flesh and blood gate, there was still smoke pouring out. I don’t know when it stopped pouring out. The gate was black.
It’s a bit thicker than the deepest night. The darkness seems to be slow, but the actual rapid speed is rapidly attacking the hall.
Darkness, like tide and fog, invades the hall and devours things.
"Spit it out first!" Han Shu decided to turn around and leave.
Only to find that everyone came in that door and I didn’t know when it was already.
"I can’t come!" The sun shouted
The attack speed of darkness has increased sharply, and the light from the dome of the original hall has been completely swallowed up.
Even the silver light from the church’s stellar photos can prevent the dark step. Black gently and firmly overflows the order barrier and drowns the illusory walls.
Everyone can gather in a ball, and Yang picks up the death knell and shoots at the darkness.
As soon as the thunderous gun sounded, it quickly weakened, as if this dark tone could be swallowed up at the muzzle and beaten out, and a silver torrent was like a mud cow entering the sea, and even a spray was not lifted at the end.
The odd contrast of Tianyang’s face
Several priests have been on their knees, brandishing the emblem of the Lord of War and praying for asylum.
However, darkness flooded the crowd as they prayed.
There is no color except black in the field of vision.
The only good thing is that Tianyang can still feel the body.
But I can’t feel it. Of course, at this time, teenagers can’t even see their hands anywhere.
He finally experienced a blind feeling.
I don’t know how long it took before my eyes, and gradually there was some light, which was very weak, like the night stars and the starlight growing rapidly for a moment, and the sun had to see things again the day after tomorrow.
Looking around, the teenager found himself as if the passage in a base maintenance passage was deep, three meters wide and no more than four meters high.
The top side of the passage, the walls are covered with cables, and the ground of the trunking is covered with steel plates. It seems that the surface is empty.
Strangely, there will be a colorful patch every three or five meters in this passage. They are like some kind of mold, but the sun can feel that those patches are dangerous and it is best not to touch them well.
"It seems that we are caught in the cracks."
Muqingyin came behind Tianyang and turned to repair the passage. In addition to the priestess, there were the priest Chen and three warriors who protected the capital.
No one else saw it.
It can be judged that this is a concrete structure by tapping the wall with the golden wind from the sun.
It’s a physical building!
"Will there be a physical building in the cracks?" Tianyang throws a question
Mu Qing shook his head. "I don’t know that it’s my first time to enter the crevice, but one thing is certain: we haven’t finished entering the crevice world, and now we should return it to a corner of the base, but it also says one thing."
"The crevice has expanded and it is quietly devouring this base, otherwise we wouldn’t suddenly’ jump’ from the hall to this passage."
Mu Qing pointed to a colored patch not far away. "See, that’s the real crack. They are like a window in the greasy world. That’s how we fall into this passage."
"Don’t touch, be careful, fall into it. No one knows what the consequences will be, whether it will fall into another part of the base or fall into the deep cracks and get lost forever."
"Is this going to divide us up?"
Tianyang has smelled the trap.
"Mu Qing priest, do you have any suggestions?"
In this situation, Mu Qing, the priest of the war bishops’ meeting, should be the one who has the most speech. He knows the knowledge of Tianyang in the cracks, and he knows that there are still teenagers.
Mu Qing smiled bitterly. "My understanding of the cracks is not much better than yours. If we make suggestions, now we have a choice."
"It’s definitely not a good idea to go forward or back and always stay where you are."
Tianyang immediately decided, "Let’s explore ahead. I’ll play in front, and you and Reverend Chen will be in the middle, and everyone will be careful behind the samurai."
Everyone had no opinion about his proposal, so the team went forward.
"Do you know what a huge corpse was when we entered the crevice on the day of Muqing Priest?" Tianyang casually explored while moving forward.
Perhaps because Mu Qing was nervous in her heart and wanted to distract herself, or because there was no "outsider" here, the priestess replied cheerfully, "If there is no accident, it should be a" skin ""
Reverend Chen shrugged his eyebrows and said, "Mu Qing priests these things."
Mu Qing’s helmet has a faint smile on his face. "Now we should be in the same boat with Nightcrawler, and all the information can be revealed to them."
"At present, the lieutenant is a believer in the church and participates in the assessment of the Templar Warrior."
Reverend Chen was relieved.
Mu Qing continued, "You saw the worshippers in that hall, and those black people held a ceremony. I can’t disclose the details. I can now say that there is a ceremony that will create a skin."
"What is the skin?" Tianyang doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn about cracks.
Mu Qing said frankly that "the skin is the preparation of’ God’"
Tianyang zheng "god? Do you mean that black people also have faith? "
Mu Qing nodded and carefully skipped a colorful spot. "In the old days, black people usually believed in a certain god. Of course, the so-called god is different from our understanding."
"As I said before, the black people in the old days were created, and the God they believed in was their creator."
"In the old days, black people believed that their gods could come through skins, but you found that skin should be a failure, otherwise you would talk to me here now."
Tianyang nodded. "That’s true. At that time, Mr. Yunyuan said that the corpse had been entered by a cold and destructive will. Fortunately, he had several trump cards, otherwise we all would have died."

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