Because once the Bi Fang Emperor pulled out his hand, the Bone Dragon Emperor and others were absolutely lucky. In a short time, some strong people in the divine world and Wan Jianzong could be killed enough, which led to the perdition of the divine world and Wan Jianzong.

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The battle between the Bone Dragon Emperor and the Daokun Emperor has already extended to the ground. At this moment, seeing that Wan Jian the Great was hit hard, he decided to retreat and leave.
Although such a fierce battle can complete the top ten venerable people in the divine world faster for them, the Bone Dragon Emperor did not hesitate to retreat for his own life.
"Can’t retreat! You can’t retreat at this time! "
When Wan Jian the Great heard the Bone Dragon Emperor drink, he was anxious and shouted.
The gods are all strong, and it is easier to retreat without losing too much. But once the gods retreat, Wan Jianzong will be miserable, and the army will almost be wiped out!
Wan Jian the Great managed to make Wan Jianzong have such power. How could he willingly watch Wan Jianzong be overthrown by a group of people of Bi Fang the Great?
However, the words of Wan Jian the Great have no roots for several people of the Bone Dragon Emperor.
They must choose to retreat for their own lives!
In Wan Jianzong anyway, they didn’t intend to manage it from the beginning to the end, but it’s just a profit. Now, Wan Jianzong can just delay killing the strong.
"Don’t even think about leaving today!"
Bi Fang’s great emperor shouted that he was unwilling to let the gods, the Bone Dragon Emperor and others get away.
And roar loud fell BiFang emperor directly a palm toward the bone dragon emperor pat strength is full of crushing instantly let bone dragon emperor into Dao Kun emperor attack.
And Wan Jian the Great, who has been hurt by all this, is standing by looking on coldly!
He still has enough strength to stop the blow of Bi Fang Emperor, but he didn’t make a move, but dragged the Bone Dragon Emperor into the mire with Bi Fang Emperor’s attack.
The collapse of the alliance between the two sides has torn the face!
Bi Fang Emperor also saw this scene. He was slightly happy and did not choose to continue to shoot Wan Jian the Great, but to shoot one of the living dead brothers alone.
Sure enough, I saw Bi Fang’s great attack on one of the brothers of the living dead, and Wan Jian the great was indifferent. His eyes were cold and he looked at the distance and healed.
"Wan Jian the Great, do you want to die? Can you live alone when he kills us? "
The Bone Dragon Emperor growled and looked gloomy.
Because the living dead brothers who face Bifang the Great are in danger!
"I don’t know if I can live, but you can’t leave alive today!"
Wan Jian the Great sneered and was indifferent.
He knew what the Bone Dragon Emperor said was true, but even so, he didn’t want to start work.
The silent brother of the living dead, who was hunted by Bi Fang the Great, finally failed to support his body, which was hit by Bi Fang’s throne of bones, and his whole body almost shattered into screams.
On the other side, it was entangled by the blood phoenix demon emperor, and another of the living dead brothers heard screams and attacked the blood phoenix demon emperor crazily, trying to come back and rescue his brother.
However, Bi Fang’s strength is too much beyond the living dead. Before facing the living dead alone and Wan Jian the Great, he was able to occupy the wind. Now Wan Jian the Great stood by and Bi Fang took the absolute initiative in facing a living dead.
He displayed his powerful magical powers to bombard the body of the living dead in a short time, and the body of the living dead was completely shattered. The whole person was directly nullified by Bi Fang Emperor!
Killed one of the brothers of the living dead, Bi Fang Emperor appeared beside the blood phoenix demon emperor in a flash.
He wants to take the opportunity to get rid of the second brother of the living dead!
"Wan Jian the Great, don’t you really want to die here?"
The Bone Dragon Emperor fought back crazily, but Daokun Emperor was desperate to stop him from watching the second of the living dead brothers face the siege of Bi Fang Emperor and Blood Phoenix Demon Emperor.
Wan Jian the Great is still indifferent, and at this time, the brothers of the living dead are completely dead!
In the face of Bi Fang Emperor and Blood Phoenix Demon Emperor, a living dead man is no match for being killed in just a few minutes, and his body * * died miserably.

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