In the sunlight, the gemstone sparkles and dims like the window of human eyes.

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But at this moment, this window is handing out tyrannical y and n assassination to the outside world, fearing that everything is negative and emotional.
"Body sword is heavenly sword …"
Seeing this huge flying sword, Chen Shaobai realized that although it didn’t reach the critical explosive state, it also gave birth to many avenues in a flash, and it was difficult to understand many things going to France and understanding things. At this moment, the magical secret was suddenly connected.
It can be said that even if Chen Shaobai concentrates on practicing for twenty or thirty years, he may not get more insights than this moment.
Ten years of penance behind closed doors is not as good as fighting for life and death. This is the reason.
However, the feeling comes back to the feeling, and the fighting comes back to the fighting. Now the war has fallen into a stalemate, and Chen Shaobai, the ghost emperor, is dead and alive, and it is impossible to be distracted, and it is even more impossible to leave a hand.
The heavenly prince ordered the world to collapse, and the magic power was repaired a thousand miles away, but at this moment, the incarnation of the magic sword is very fierce and straight at the sky, and the domineering casting is ordinary, and the fairyland should be temporarily avoided and dare not touch it easily.
However, seeing this handle conjuring up a flying sword, Chen Shaobai not only didn’t feel afraid, but became more and more clear and dense in his eyes.
"Kill, stop, kill, and the magic sword turns out to be like this. Then try it. Who will die and who will live after this time!"
Amber Se’s eyes are burning with the flames of war. Chen Shaobai’s figure disappears into the sky and the earth. Dionysus embraces gourd and drinks wine, holding it high and heavy.
Boom Boom Boom
A heavy smell of alcohol spread from the center of Chen Shaobai’s body to the surrounding area in a flower-like ring, pushing the past far away like a shower that attracted all beings to indulge in it.
This kind of power seems to be extremely scattered, and it does not bring all the forces together to be earth. However, when the Dionysian curse collided with the magic heavenly sword, everyone’s cognition was instantly subverted.
Seeing that the edge-casting magic sword had just been shrouded in semi-transparent wine fog, it produced a trace of melting, and the whole flying sword handle instantly shrank by ten percent, and its power was not as tough as before.
The red and green doped liquid spread along the body of the magic sword, gradually flowing and slipping, releasing a strong foul smell.
"Ah ah! How dare you hurt me? Go to hell! "
Screaming like crying, screaming from the magic sword, the magic sword will puncture in the direction of Chen Shaobai regardless.
When you go forward, life and death are like being drunk, and the strong man’s eyes are red and he wants to be desperate and reckless.
This is very unreasonable for the great avatar, but the situation in the field is changing rapidly, but few people notice it
Through the heavy wine fog and other magic swords to reach the core area of Dionysus curse, the body has dissipated by more than 50%, and the volume has shrunk. The ghost emperor has been unable to make a sound because he can finally want Chen Shaobai to die together
Even so, the magic sword covers the sharp edge that pierces the sky, and it is enough to slay the strong god.
"This guy is crazy or silly? If you lose your life, don’t want to die with me! "
In this instant, Chen Shaobai has set the ending for the ghost emperor in his heart and will die.
However, he had to think about another thing.
If you can protect yourself from being buried after slaying the Emperor of Heaven?
The powerful Dionysian curse is to consume all the true elements in an instant, and the protector that claims to do its best to defend the true elements is now a waste. If you want to supplement your mana in battle, you can’t come.
"Now I can fight to see if my life is hard enough!"
See the magic sword in the flint came to his side Chen Shaobai eyes with a malicious se all around its a tyrannical meaning.
The bronze Se Zeling Bell just emerged to protect the area where the magic sword was assassinated.
"Everything in heaven and earth is my place!"
As soon as Chen Shaobai recited the magic sword, it was included in the kingdom of God, but the mighty power hummed it.
Buzzing, buzzing …
It contains Mo Li Sanskrit, which is tumbling and turbulent in heaven and earth. All those who are unable to repair the quadruple of quenching gas in Fiona Fang are swept away by this force and passed out neatly.
And this storm swept through the center, Chen Shaobai’s insides were stirred into a pool of minced meat on the spot, and all the meridians in the whole body were broken, and the pores were closed by 7 bleeding, which was transformed into a bloody person who used to wear a white robe and became a blood Se cassock.
Chen Shaobai felt the black ears ringing at the moment, and he tried to adjust his breathing state, but he could also see shining stars wandering in his field of vision with his eyes wide open.
The breath is weak, the mana is broken, and even the eyelids are heavily plated with mercury, which is difficult to open.
"This time the injury is too heavy!"
Even if you don’t scan yourself carefully, Chen Shaobai knows that he is in a very bad situation now. Although he won’t die on the spot, he is also a little different
He is now in a state of being replaced by a ten-fold successful monk, even if he is a half-step deified figure, he has to choose autopsy and reconstruction to give up his physical situation. The crisis has reached a critical state.
"There is a 90% chance that the body will collapse directly. If that’s the case, I can also put my soul into chaos clock and order the world to conceive and rebuild a body."
"But I still hope to be able to cultivate well …"
That day, the bloody punch of the Emperor of Heaven chose to die together in Chen Shaobai. Now the situation is still difficult to say, but the former has rushed into the core of Dionysian curse power and has been scattered in Chen Shaobai’s life world.
Even his soul will be reincarnated in the kingdom of God and reincarnated into Chen Shaobai believers and slaves, who will never be released.
Seven orifices bleed and five zang-organs are shattered. Chen Shaobai’s five senses are almost useless. Now he can run and listen to the avatar to observe the surrounding situation
The three men of the Qing Xuanmen suffered different degrees of injuries, but they were 10,000 times better than his present state.
However, the plum autumn cream is a picture of an old god who is always there and does nothing for himself.
At this time, if Mei Qiushuang breaks through the tight encirclement and comes to Chen Shaobai’s side, he can completely slay the latter.
"Things are really changing rapidly. Even the great avatar will be blinded by heaven and fill in the killing. Is this Chen Shaobai also the protagonist of this robbery?"
My heart is so contemplating that Mei Qiushuang Lianbu Qingqi is walking around in the sky for two steps, and before he really gets close to Chen Shaobai, he is blocked by a handsome man with red hair and magic horns.
It’s not a building, it’s a person?
"If you want to deal with him, you must pass me first."
Paris voice fell Lin Yuanxi and Du Guzhou also came to Chen Shaobai’s side at the same time, and the three of them were in a squatting angle and acted as the guard angle Se.
Seeing this, Mei Qiushuang leng leng then chuckled …
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Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven All will become immortals
Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven All will become immortals
"I’m taking him to purgatory. Who can stop you?"
Speaking, Mei Qiu Shuang Lianbu gently turned around and lightly crossed the front to stop people from facing the heavy building with their backs.
Lin Yuanxi, Du Guzhou, and the three peaks of the Qing Xuanmen in Paris are surrounded by Mei Qiushuang in a triangle, but they dare not move more.
"Chen Shaobai is my younger brother of Qing Xuan, so I have the right to protect him, even if my strength is not caught, I will try."
Lin Yuanxi spoke these words lightly in front of faint Chen Shaobai.
Although her strength is not as good as Mei Qiushuang’s, at this moment, she is very stalwart and tall, and there is a faint rival trend in imposing manner.
Although Paris and Dugu blademaster didn’t say anything, they unconsciously fluctuated their mana but made their intentions clear.
"The curse of the door but people call you today ri if the body meteorite on the spot …"
Mei Qiushuang’s words ended involuntarily in the middle.
In front of her eyes, Chen Shaobai, who was seriously injured and dying, actually recovered his fighting power and his momentum continued to soar as if it were endless

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