Moreover, two people still have enemies, and they will never miss the opportunity to slap Laiola in the face.

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"If Mr. Laiola has something to say, I don’t mind the original evidence and I will have many witnesses to prove that I am not lying."
Changsheng is really not very likable, but people who get along with him will support him because he can realize many people’s ideals and wishes, and because he won so many championships in Valencia, many of those people will come out to help him at that time.
Sure enough, when he said this, Laiola lost his temper when the reporter interviewed him, and he refused to talk about winning again.
He said, "I don’t think it’s necessary."
Ever-victorious sarcasm followed. "Yes, it’s natural to find a decent excuse to escape when I’m exhausted. We all understand Mr. Laiola. I remember you in my office …"
So another reporter went to Laiola with the words of Chang Sheng.
Laiola simply said nothing this time.
In Ibrahimovic?
Be overwhelmed by the war of words during this period of constant victory
In the constant victory and his war of words, Valencia really moved at the same time.
Valencia’s "Provincial Newspaper" made a special topic to lead readers to review the events of Ibrahimovic and Changsheng.
Yes, it’s about a raise.
The provincial newspaper interviewed many people who witnessed the incident at that time-but not Chang Sheng and Ibrahimovic or Raiola, but no one with the parties.
Their testimony made Ibrahim feel bad.
Because the truth is not what he and his agent announced.
Valencia, however, offered a new price, and this new price rose from more than 20 thousand to 40 thousand later
It is reasonable to say that this is a conscience price in the whole Valencia team.
But neither Ibrahimovic nor his agent is satisfied that they must pay 60 thousand a week
At that time, no one in Valencia could get so much weekly salary.
And Valencia’s financial situation is not very good. If Ibrahimovic is given such a high salary, what do other players think? Are they going to get a raise, too? One is higher than the other, and the club’s finances will collapse completely.
What’s the point of playing when the club is bankrupt?
Therefore, the winning attitude strongly rejected the other party’s request.
Then there was a protracted war.
In the end, Raiola threatened Changsheng with the interest of Juventus and other teams in Ibrahimovic, and asked Changsheng to promise him a salary increase to their satisfaction.
"Raiola may be in charge of other team coaches, but he found the wrong opponent in Valencia. Changsheng is not easy to deal with. He never accepted threats, so when Raiola said that many teams were interested in Ibrahimovic, Changsheng relaxed the transfer restrictions on Ibrahimovic, but at that time, Raiola, Ibrahimovic’s agent, had verbally agreed to the invitations of many clubs, so … this made Raiola very embarrassed. What can everyone understand? Raiola will be so angry when it comes to winning … Finally, Ibrahimovic moved to Juventus to continue winning his league title, and Valencia became stronger without him. We won all the titles we deserved in that season … "
This special report was quickly transferred by the Italian media who were afraid of chaos.
So Ibrahimovic and Raiola’s previous accusations of winning often seem quite hypocritical now.
It’s all right if it’s an accusation. Ibrahimovic pretended to be an ostrich and didn’t hear it.
The problem is that Ibrahimovic has been mentioned many times in this special report. This requirement that he must be the first in the team with high salary will destroy the atmosphere in the locker room and affect the unity of the team
No one may believe this once, but if you say it three times, five times and ten times, someone will believe it …
Ibrahimovic has a headache. Although he can dominate the dressing room of Inter Milan alone in the future, he is not yet, and he doesn’t know that he will be working hard towards this goal in the future. At this time, it is even more necessary to keep a low profile.
As a result, the provincial newspaper turned out all his underwear …
Ibrahimovic felt a little distracted during training.
Mancini also saw the change of Ibrahimovic and frowned.
He can’t keep Ibrahimovic from being the most reliable center in Inter Milan. Doesn’t Ibrahimovic play in the front formation?
Adriano has completely fallen. Mancini has driven him back to Brazil. The name is to let him go back and adjust his state, but it is actually exile.
Crespo will not come until after the winter break.
Cruise’s replacement can’t make a big scene
All Ibrahimovic

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