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My only opinion on these chapters is that the queen’s attitude has changed, and I have no objection to the queen’s kindness to the emperor. However, a woman who was educated by the queen since childhood will not change her mind so easily even if she hears the painful experience of others.
Carry a pot and rush
It’s too fast to change the queen, but the queen didn’t just listen to the painful experience of people. Before listening to the experience, she listened to a lot. If she finished talking, she treated people differently. If she tried to stop several times, she advised him to disagree, but her wide eyes touched her and she was a good woman. She didn’t care before because she didn’t expect to be awakened now.
Of course, if someone said such a thing to her, she might not think so. That’s because the other party is a husband and wife program. She was educated since childhood. She should be a wife for nothing. She should agree with her husband and obey the attitude of the queen’s maid-in-waiting to cater to the king. She knows that her education is better than that of the other princess. In foreign affairs, she will somewhat accommodate the emperor and say that she is moved and regrets. It is true that she kneels and repents bitterly. This is also a means in the harem.
The queen doesn’t love the emperor now, but she knows that the emperor is her closest relative. She must seize this opportunity to improve the situation. It’s not so easy for both sides to be really moved by Ruowan. Alas, I obviously failed to express these contradictions and subtle things. This is the only one in the supporting roles who is moved by the protagonist and accepts others the fastest. Hehe, in the first few chapters, she will definitely jump to block the knife for the protagonist. Alas, it’s too hasty to write it.
The queen didn’t end up asking a woman, but she suddenly asked such a question if her heart was touched by words, and she was a wife. Of course, the emperor always looked at him with disapproval, and it was better to change a little bit of blame to praise. You need to be kind to people and be happy.
It’s unique. In real life, if you force the environment to adapt to you, you must be finished. In many novels of the same type, you will respect the facts. The protagonist usually adapts to the environment and changes himself but doesn’t change it. I’m afraid it’s difficult to write because the protagonist is not a certain thing or a certain person. He will face a meeting, but he wants to achieve his goal but doesn’t want to adapt to the environment and change his method or style of acting. This will be a very difficult process, and for me, he is also looking forward to the development of the story. I hope to see another situation in the novel.
I really feel that some plots seem to be in line with Xiao Zhuang’s film, but those dialogues are very comfortable to read. It is called a classic in the history of the court. When Xiao Ruo is veiled, he will precipitate in his heart and have a good aftertaste. I have found the place where I can’t criticize. Those small flaws are no longer important. Come on, Brother Nalan, thank you for bringing such a good film.
Hehe, Nalan doesn’t have to be so modest. Maybe you are a little timid in writing the protagonist, but it’s refreshing to see so many Superman. This is the greatest achievement. I’m tired of watching martial arts and fantasy military history. When I think about it, it was exciting to read it at that time, but I feel more and more boring when I read it too much. It’s too unreal to write. Now you have shown me some long-lost feelings. Thank you, but I believe it is good or bad. You have to believe that we, readers, keep on cheering. Be alert, Lan. Remember, after all, you are writing fantasy, not historical drama, or don’t draw too much lessons from the February River court novel model. Personally, that kind of program has been written excessively, and it’s not so good. Personally, it’s just a eulogy at best. It’s just that the Qing emperor has written so many names of a foreign dynasty in England and SHEN WOO. I wonder how the Qing Dynasty died and ignored the benefits of things. The autumn feud in spring is beneficial to the country’s imperial officials, and the rivers are broken. It’s hard to blame to write a portrait character.
Ffeebaby, the secret history of Xiao Zhuang is very white. I wrote Xiao Yi Chu Fengyi just because I couldn’t watch the TV play. I still feel that Shunzhi is too private, too unfilial and his wife is too messy, so I can’t help but write a story. It seems that I haven’t really done anything so far.
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It is found that although the article is not particularly good, the quality of the post in the article review area can be regarded as first-class and first-class.
In addition to the article, there will be a theme every once in a while, which is very interesting for everyone to discuss.
So I spent a lot of time today.
Among them, many discussions about the bad monarch, Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao, the Grand Canal, etc. were given up because of the difficulty of being scattered
After that, I will try my best to post more meanings.
It’s not too empty to watch.
It’s not too empty to watch two.
Too much dreamland is a post that is posted while writing, and it is timely to post it. It goes without saying that I will often arrive at eleven o’clock late to catch the article and arrive at one or two o’clock to post it.
It seems crude when writing in such a hurry.
Moreover, my friends have always advised me not to update too quickly, not to push myself so hard, and it is best to stop updating for a while and accumulate more manuscripts to a certain number.
In order to be more level-minded, it is also better to stick it slowly from time to time.
I think it’s very original. It’s really passionate when I write before.
Now writing about the big hunt feels like a big scene. If you want to concentrate on writing, you still can’t catch up.
Yesterday, I posted a post asking if it is ok to update a thousand words every day, but I still feel inappropriate when I write today.
It’s not appropriate to paste a thousand words without head or tail.
I think it’s better to stop updating for a few days and slowly write a certain number of words before posting it.
But I will still come here every day to see your opinions.
In addition, the revised draft still very much hopes that everyone can think of ways to let me rebuild it.
In addition, I also hope that everyone will sympathize with me and don’t rush me to update every day, which will make my heart very uneasy and stressful.
No, I feel sorry again. After reading it, I feel that I can’t write well. It’s just nonsense.

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