It’s half an hour’s drive to Boya Law Firm. Muhai still has half an hour to rest.

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Send Tang Yu back Muhai is also considered.
The performance just now has attracted the attention of the Wu family.
If they rob Tang Yu halfway, can they feel at ease?
Back to Shicheng Villa, I found that the roof has been repaired and the last step is being finished. I can definitely stay tonight.
Muhai sent Tang Yu to Zhou Qian’s house and found that Zhou Qian still didn’t come home. She must still be in the hospital with her father.
"Xiaoxi hasn’t come back yet? I wonder what happened to her father? " Tang Yu said
"Rain is falling all don’t worry" MuHai said.
"Grandpa, why don’t you pack your things?" Muhai see Shi Cheng is collecting things can’t help but say
"Xiaohai is ready early, and it will be finished at 4 o’clock, so you have to be ready in a hurry," Shi Cheng said.
Three o’clock in the afternoon
Muhai appeared at the gate of Boya Law Firm on time.
At this time, the gate has been hit.
Zhong Jing’s mouth didn’t stop when she was busy sorting things inside.
"Damn MuHai lost a word and walked the money can’t be transferred to me? I have to run back! " Zhong Jing kept mumbling
A mass of magic thoughts kept circling from Zhong Jing’s head.
When Muhai walked to the door, the magic thoughts rushed into his abdomen.
Sensing that the magic energy in Jiuding magic furnace increased, Muhai couldn’t help but be stupefied, and then he walked into the office with a smile.
"Sister Zhong"
Muhai walked softly but loudly, which directly startled Zhong Jing.
"Can’t you keep your voice down, Xiaohai?" Zhong Jing’s face is full of hatred and color, which once again contributes a magic thought to Muhai.
"I didn’t expect Zhong Jie, who dares to awaken, to be so timid in fighting." Muhai shook his head and sighed.
"It’s not a question of cowardice …"
Zhong Jing interrupted her "it’s so hot" before she finished her words.
Zhong Jing’s face is full of resentment. "It’s impolite to interrupt others rashly. Can you be a college student a little polite?"
Another magic thought flies to Muhai Dantian.
"Zhong Jie so it is, you are too stingy to adjust." Muhai shook his head for a while, picked up the remote control and adjusted it, then crossed his legs and sat down on the sofa.
"You …"
Zhong Jing found herself unable to answer all the questions because she was eloquent.
I just got back, okay? It’s not here yet. How can this be called stingy?
And you really think of this as your home? How can this quality be so bad without a little sitting posture?
Several waves of magic thoughts flew out from Zhong Jing’s head and rushed into Muhai Dantian.
Feel Zhong Jing several waves of magic read MuHai smile out his mobile phone "Zhong Jie how much is the total reward? I’ll transfer money to you now. "
When I heard this, my face was full of anger, and Zhong Jing smiled instantly.
"The two rewards are calculated according to four points, that is, 96,000 plus 10,000 elder sister, and then I will give you a discount." Zhong Jing said.
It’s as simple as scanning the code to pay.
The money arrived in a few seconds.
Zhong Jing smiled as she watched the balance change in her paid treasure.
You should leave when you pay for it, but Muhai doesn’t mean to sit there.
Even the customer, Di Zhongjing, has a bad mouth.
"Xiaohai, aren’t you afraid of your girlfriend at home?" Zhong Jing said
"No rain is falling all rest assured malicious to me" MuHai said.
"Well, do you want the two of us …"
Say that finish Zhong Jing make charming appearance to MuHai a glad eye.
"Good!" Muhai nodded and hugged Zhong Jing.
Zhong Jing deserves to dare to wake up. As soon as the fighter makes Muhai jump.
"Sister Zhong, you’re kidding me," Muhai said.
"Ha ha Xiao Hai, how dare I seduce you? If your cute little girlfriend knows, she will even eat me alive." Zhong Jing continued to work with a flying smile.
"Oh, it’s the fifteenth night. The moon is really round!" Muhai highlighted the word "fifteen" and then he walked out.
"Sister Zhong, I have something to do, so I’ll go back first." Muhai said.
Zhong Jing brain a hum all silly stood there.
The fifteenth day of every month is when her life is worse than death.
For many years, every hospital has been to, and every doctor has looked for it, and they all agree that she is not sick.
There was no way to relieve Zhong Jing’s pain, so her grandfather let her practice martial arts since childhood.
She is getting stronger and stronger, but the pain has not eased. On the contrary, the pain is getting more and more intense, and now it has reached an unbearable situation.
One full moon night, the pain was so painful that she doubted her life many times. She couldn’t keep going if she didn’t think of her grandparents and family who were afraid that she would die.
I didn’t expect it to be fifteen o’clock again so soon in a month.
Yi Muhai, how could you deliberately say fifteen moons? What is it?
Does he know his own business?
Can he be cured?
The idea flashed in Zhong Jing’s mind.
Muhai took out that magic pill a few hours ago and it still lingers in her mind.
Listen to grandpa said that the world is not simple, there are some maverick masters who inherit the ancient practice and have some special things.
Although I have seen Muhai make a move once, that Muhai has been much better than ordinary people.

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