"Dare to defy military orders? Tell you to come out and come out. "Ruggie roared and let the young body quiver and finally came out.

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"Pa …"
As soon as the teenager arrived in front of Ruggie, he slapped him and patted him.
His body hit the ground heavily, and his face collided with the ground, and a layer of skin was worn off, and blood soon spilled out.
"Dare to laugh at the chief. This is a field. Who else dares to laugh?"
Ruggie’s eyes swept away and the students bowed their heads and dared not look at each other.
Yu Taizheng wanted to come out but was stopped by Muhaila. "I’ll come."
"I dare …"
Muhai came out. "Is it wrong for people to laugh at you like a pig?"
"You want to fight, don’t you?" Ruggie resentment said
"Hehe, do you want to get beat up? I don’t know. I know I don’t want your class," Muhai said.
"Don’t want my class?" Ruggie’s face showed a cruel smile. "Yeah, beat me!"
Yesterday, Qiu Zhengchou had no place to report it. I didn’t expect Muhai to deliver the door. Isn’t that right?
Muhai smiled and walked to the ground.
It’s the same with Ruggie. Go across Muhai.
Two people staring at each other who didn’t move a tense appearance first.
"Look at the class 115 instructor students fighting."
I don’t know who shouted it out and soon attracted many people’s attention. Some other instructors also walked this way to reveal a look at the theatre.
"Let’s go and have a look."
"Not so good. It’s military training."
"No, the instructor went to see everything, and he was ashamed to say we were."
"Yeah, go and see."
Soon, a group of people came and gathered around Class 115, showing a look at the theatre.
"Don’t miss the duel between the two masters when you pass by. Now you are buying and selling."
Just then Ping Yinghao got out of nowhere with a big bag on his back and took a look at the blue light shining Lingshi inside.
LingShi now instantly absorb all eyes.
Even those instructors are shining there.
"Don’t buy it. He must have joined forces with Muhai again." One student roared angrily.
"Yes, please don’t be."
A group of students glared angrily at Ping Yinghao and then turned to Muhai.
The magic thoughts on the top of the head rolled up and went straight into the Muhai Dantian.
Sensing that the magic energy in Jiuding magic furnace can increase Muhai is also one leng. What is this situation?
I really didn’t unite today.
But I like magic energy
Muhai’s appearance made those students come here when they saw the evil thoughts.
"Come on, the battle will be over, and there will be no such store after this village." Ping Yinghao shouted again like a merchant.
Out of the crowd came a plump woman who looked rather feminine in her thirties.
She twisted her python-like waist and walked over to Ping Yinghao step by step.
Her appearance instantly attracted the attention of all.
The whole west courtyard, but there is not a woman. At the moment, all the men can’t help but show their peak sexually.
For these eyes, the woman didn’t care at all. On the contrary, her mouth slightly raised, "How to gamble specifically?"
"Xuan instructor is actually very simple. Buy Muhai to win, buy one, lose two, buy Lu instructor to win, buy one, lose one, lose one, and lose one, point two." Ping Yinghao said.
"Little guy, I like people to call me blood rose." The woman gave Ping Yinghao a glad eye, which made his body tremble.
"Well, how are you going to buy blood roses?" Ping Yinghao said
"Buy me instructor Lu and win. This is a stone."
Say that finish blood rose took out a big bag filled with exactly a lingshi.
Register, write a note and stamp it in one go.
"Blood Rose, aren’t you afraid of losing?" Then a kind of instructor said
"Bear, what do you think the devil will lose? Dealing with one and a half stars of waste can’t beat him, but he can kill him with a piece of tofu, "said Blood Rose."
"You’re right. It’s humiliating in front of so many people. He’s the weakest one. How dare you see us?" Bear nodded.
Then he also stepped forward and took out a bag of Lingshi and handed it to Ping Yinghao to buy Ruggie to win.
Some people will continue.
In less than a few minutes, all the instructors bought it and bought Ruggie to win.
Even Ruggie bought himself to win.
At least that’s two lingshi, and at most that’s one.
The total is as much as 10 thousand yuan.
"Do we want to gamble?"
Then a student asked
"Gambling? Do you still have a stone? " Asked another.
Hearing this, the student showed a dim color and sighed repeatedly.
The college just found a lingshi that was pitted away by Muhai yesterday.
There is nothing to bet on in the face of a sure win today.
Looking at several bags of Lingshi Pingyinghao’s eyes shining, he stood up and shouted, "Boss, you must cheer up. If you win, I will give you 7 thousand Lingshi."
When I heard this, I was wiped clean. "This is interesting."
"Well, don’t worry, I’ll beat him to death," Muhai said.
"You are the first person to provoke me. Yesterday, you framed me for revenge. Today, a piece of newspaper" Ruggie glared at Muhai angrily.

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