Two people are too familiar …

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Cruyff shook his head.
Guardiola is gambling now.
Bet Lazio can’t score goals before they run out of energy …
But the question is, when did Guardiola, who is so cautious, become a gambler as usual?
Are you really being pushed into a hurry?
Cruyff’s fear is justified. Guardiola’s tactics are fine in the backcourt, but when he enters the frontcourt, he will be besieged by Lazio mad dogs.
Either take the initiative to return or we will intercept the ball
Lazio pose like this in midfield.
This makes Barcelona feel very uncomfortable.
They want the ball-the ball route is stuck.
They want to break through-pick up players and be besieged.
In Galliano, the pace is really fast, and they are almost dragging Barcelona with them.
Because they attack quickly, and if Barcelona doesn’t speed up, they will be dumped and watch themselves be easily taken advantage of by the other side
When it’s Barcelona’s turn to defend, they must follow suit.
Even in the attack, Barcelona have some involuntary speed-because they have to be faster than them if they want to avoid Lazio’s defense and force.
Speed is really a good thing. When you are immersed in it, you won’t feel anything uncomfortable. You will feel very cool, exciting and smooth. This is an illusion to cover up your fatigue.
When you find that your lungs are burning in your chest, it’s actually too late, and your energy has already been burned out …
Now the Barcelona players haven’t felt anything wrong, because the game has only been ten minutes.
They can’t be physically fit for ten minutes, can they?
In the 15th minute, Lazio blocked Iniesta’s ball like a mad dog, and then quickly counterattacked.
Like the forward attack, they have increased their speed to the extreme to attack Barcelona’s defence.
One foot in a row makes Barcelona a little out of rhythm …
It was meireles who broke the ball. He gave the football to ledesma next to him
Ledesma went forward and gave it to Gotze.
Gezer turned his back to the attack direction, but he didn’t spend that time and energy to control the ball and turn around, but directly returned the football.
The catch is a back insert to modric.
After modric caught the ball in the middle, Lazio’s frontcourt attack has already hit cavani, david silva and Gotze. balzaretti and Azpiriqueta are a little bit in the middle, and they have formed a layered attack on the two flanks.
In this way, modric has many balls to choose from. He can give cavani in the middle or two wingers and two full-backs.
So many ball choices make it difficult for Barcelona to defend.
Modric gave football directly to cavani.
Pique wants to defend cavani around the front and be more alert. He didn’t wait to catch the ball in place, but took the initiative to meet it.
Then he swept the football back.
Pique pounced.
He returned the football to modric.

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