Oh, we caught a leader, although we haven’t interrogated him yet, but I believe we will know the answer soon. Dragonfly finished his treatment, dressed himself and took the colorful-winged king to a place where everyone committed crimes, such as the Three Eyes King.

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As soon as he entered the camp, the colorful-winged king immediately found the angry three-eyed king.
Seeing the inferno woman around her, she looked surprised. Dragonfly was sensitive to know that she must know these identities, so she quickly asked her to know them.
Hey hey, in the inferno, people don’t know him. That’s the strangest thing. Do you know that the person who attacked you this time is a big shot? You caught the prisoner. It’s our inferno three kings, one eye king and three eyes king? Colorful wing king sneers.
What dragonfly never dreamed that this group of killers turned out to be led by the three-eyed king.
Judging from the skill of these people, Longfei knew that their identity was unusual, but he never thought that it would be the three-eyed king himself.
When the dragonfly was surprised, the three-eyed king also found their party.
When his eyes focused on the colorful-winged heavenly king, he couldn’t help cursing the bitch angrily. Come to see me, milk human lovers. Let’s have sex. I’m afraid I’ve lost you as a shameful bitch in thousands of years of history.
Be honest, cut the crap, and the human warrior suddenly flew up and kicked him in the waist. He swallowed the second half of the sentence back into his stomach.
Haha, scold me, scold me. This is the force field. I am a human being, but what can I do? I want to make the inferno people live a good life and make the inferno stronger. Don’t say that it is a human being. Even if the protoss is close, I would like you to look at you. Now you are like a dog with colorful wings. The king retorted
Looking at the two inferno kings scolding Dragonfly, I suddenly saw a little different expression in the eyes of the colorful-winged king. Although the colorful-winged king was really very concerned about the words of the three-eyed king, the anger came naturally, but Dragonfly found that there seemed to be a little more excitement in her eyes.
After a little consideration, it suddenly dawned on Bai Caiyi’s heavenly king that he wanted to talk about Tianlong Army and refused to give up the fortress control. He would also be excited about the captured three-eyed heavenly king.
Want to understand all this dragonfly corners of the mouth immediately hang a smile to see him slowly walk to the third eye king and grab this unruly inferno king said coldly, hey hey, I want to kill you guys, but you are willing to surrender in the name of the third eye king, so maybe I can let you live. Don’t be angry until you hear me out. After all, inferno is not a place where we humans stay for a long time. Are you afraid that you can’t be your emperor again one day?
Dragonfly’s talking has destroyed the Three-Eye King through his own true qi. At the moment, the Three-Eye King, although he really wants to swear, speaks with his mouth, but in the distance, the colorful wing king does not speak because he can’t see the expression of the Three-Eye King. Of course, he misunderstood that he was moved by Dragonfly’s discussion.
In my heart, I’m planning to kill a big opponent with colorful wings.
Seeing that the situation is not good, the colorful-winged king immediately said anxiously to the dragonfly in the previous step, "Don’t believe this bastard’s words. If you let him go, he will definitely bite you. Don’t do anything to set the tiger mountain free."
Hearing the words of the colorful-winged king, the dragonfly burst into laughter and said that he had previously guessed the real purpose of the colorful-winged king, so after this test, he had determined the other party’s true intention, and the colorful-winged king was ambitious. Her dragon army was just trying to get the inferno in King’s Landing.
Haha, you’re right. We must not let this bastard die. Turn around and face the colorful wing king and continue to sayno. I’ll give him to you. I’m sure your method will not let me down.
Looking at the dragonfly Gherardini and implying several meaningful smiles, the colorful winged king suddenly felt a feeling of being seen through all over.
She has always had extraordinary wisdom. At this moment, she can talk foolishly and watch the dragonfly approach herself.
When I came to the colorful-winged heavenly king, the dragonfly suddenly fell to her ear and said that human beings are always human beings, and inferno is always inferno. We all have different lives, that is, we occasionally walk into each other’s world. That’s also temporary. The three kings of inferno are about to become history, and the real king of inferno will be born from emptiness. Do you think I’m right?
With these words, the dragonfly will no longer be surprised. The colorful winged king laughed and strode away around the guards.
No one knows whether the colorful-winged king didn’t understand the words of the dragonfly. People know that from this day on, the three-eyed king became a historical term, and the next day, the colorful-winged king signed an agreement that seemed endless at that time.
According to the agreement, from now on, all the materials of the inferno colorful wing countries will be mobilized by the Dragon Army, and all the military materials of the inferno colorful wing countries will be available for three years. From now on, the Dragon Army will take over all the forces of the inferno colorful wing countries, and the Dragon Army will conclude an alliance with the inferno colorful wing countries.
This alliance is called the Man-Devil Agreement. On this day, half of the inferno has actually become the territory of the human dragon army.
Chapter two hundred and thirty The Dragon King
Dragonfly led the Dragon Army to make great achievements in the inferno land, and at the same time, several protoss kings in another world were frowning.
From the first Armageddon arrival, the protoss knew that the real Armageddon was not far away. Now, the protoss strength is not to mention resisting the powerful Armageddon, and even controlling the magic pillar is a problem.
Hades, the keeper of hades, knew that it was impossible to control the magic column at present, and after an attack, the losses of senior wizards in the underworld were also very serious. I’m afraid it would be difficult to show a powerful magic array again after the apocalypse arrival, which means that those powerful fiends fled from the magic column control.
Protoss was also the strength that millions of fiends fled from them, and it was also enough to destroy these fiends who lacked strength one by one. But now protoss forces don’t say that millions of fiends fled together, even if they ran a few powerful fiends, they might make the Three Realms unstoppable.
I don’t know how many emergency meetings have been held to resist the Armageddon, but things still haven’t progressed.
Alas, what should I do? Not surprisingly, the apocalypse is approaching again in the near future. I believe that the strength of the magic column will be much weaker, and Fengshen will sigh and throw an object at the table for 20 thousand
Wait a minute. I ate the water god and immediately grabbed the table mahjong and smiled and said, Who cares what fate it is? Instead, I will come and think about it. He has not been trapped for so long, and nothing will die.

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