Sunday’s thinking gradually became clear, and he seemed to catch something from a series of details and sneered, "You are really an interesting guy."

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On Sunday, when he left the detention center and went to the public security bureau hall, he saw Lan Xinhe and Fang Keke. Two women anxiously looked at the door and there was a plane middle-aged man beside them. It was Mo Zhexuan, the legal adviser of Tianzong Group.
Zhou Tiangang stepped out of the door before he trotted excitedly and looked at Sunday carefully and then "well" said, "Sure enough, you didn’t abuse your body parts."
On Sunday, it’s really reckless to listen to Fang Keke with a cold sweat. What do you mean, his body parts are not damaged? Can he still see his parts in front of so many people? It’s embarrassing to be indifferent on Sunday.
Wu Hao laughed. "Miss Fang, we brought people out in good condition. You should check carefully, or we will not be responsible for anything that happens out of this door."
Fang Keke said, "Don’t worry, except for what’s in Sunday pants, everything else is in good condition. There is no shortage of arms and legs. It’s quite good to take care of your legs. Thank you, Captain Wu."
At this time, don’t say it’s quite embarrassing on Sunday, even Wu Hao is very embarrassed there. The expression on his face on Sunday is saying, "You little Yanfu are not shallow. How dare you, Pepe?"
Looking at Wu Hao with great language on Sunday, I couldn’t wait to tear Wu Hao’s face before, and at the same time, my heart was constantly wry. "Oh, my big lady, can you save me some noodles? At least I’m a man. How can I get along after you flirt so much in public?"
Fortunately, Lan Xin came to clear the other side. Coco said grumpily, "Coco, you are a big girl who doesn’t pay attention to occasions. This can also be said here. You can’t go home. Can you two study slowly from the door?"
in an uproar
Wu Hao and others can’t stand it any longer. Several young policemen are even more ridiculous. They are almost cramped when they lie on the side column and laugh.
Zhou Tiangang was relieved and suddenly frightened by Lan Xin’s remarks. What do you mean, he and Fang can get up the door and slowly study what to study about men and women? Isn’t this a misunderstanding for strangers? Nai sighed, "Don’t laugh anymore. It’s nothing. I’ll go first."
"Ah, wait a minute." Fang Keke stopped Zhou Tiandao. "I said it’s nothing on Sunday. Why are you in such a hurry? You just finished the formalities."
Sunday wry smile way "big miss, if I don’t go, it is estimated that I will dig out the girl’s literature for the first time."
Fang Ke blinked his big eyes and looked at Zhou Tiandao curiously. "When did you pee your pants on Sunday?" His eyes looked at Sunday’s crotch thoughtfully. "Isn’t that thing controlled by your cerebellum?"
"I" looked at Fang Keke with a black line on my face on Sunday and said, "Miss, I’m not leaving yet. We don’t want such international jokes to kill people."
Only then can we seriously nod our heads and say, "That’s true. If people know that you can’t control that thing and you can’t give people sex, you may not be able to marry a wife." Only then can we deliberately bite the word "sex" so much that girls’ literature is afraid that others can’t hear it.
Wu Hao and others have stopped laughing and suddenly heard it, but this is unbearable to burst out laughing. The whole public security hall is attracted by Wu Hao’s laughter and looks at it curiously.
Weeks weather way "big miss don’t importune with you, you don’t go, then I’ll go first" said really strode out of the public security hall.
Fang Keke looked at Sunday’s back and said, "No, Sunday is so joking. I’m afraid that he will be treated by the public security bureau all night. It seems that it’s okay to tell him some jokes and adjust him."
Zhou Tiangang walked out of the public security hall and suddenly heard Fang Keke’s words stumble. He was almost scared to fall down by Fang Keke’s words. He said with a wry smile in his heart, "Miss, this joke is too big. Even if I come out from the public security bureau in good health and hear your words, I have to leave a shadow in my heart."
Lanxin went out on Sunday and said, "Okay, Coco, don’t be ridiculous." Smile and say to Wu Hao, "Captain Wu, please forgive us for having something to do, and then leave first."
"Well, if you don’t go, it’s our turn to go." Wu Hao was out of breath with a belly smile.
Lan Xin also felt Fang Keke talking too funny. It is estimated that on Sunday, he was angry and couldn’t help smiling at Mo Zhexuan. He nodded, "Lawyer Mo, let’s go." Three people walked out of the public security hall.
In the car on Sunday, a person sat in the post-school position and was silent. Fang Keke saw Sunday’s expression and he was angry when she spoke just now. He giggled and laughed. "What’s the matter? Don’t be angry when I’m angry. That’s not freely Doby. You didn’t think your mind was so small and so untroubled."
Sunday smiled and said, "I’m not angry, I’m thinking about something."
Sitting in the co-pilot position, Lan Xin looked back at Sunday and asked, "Did you find anything on Sunday?"
Zhou Tiandao "found that it was not that we may have entered a dead end."
Lan Xin said inexplicably, "What do you mean by dead end? What dead end?"
Zhou Tiandao: "When we saw Jiangling’s body in the villa, we naturally attributed Jiangling’s death to the same person, but in this way all the clues seemed to be connected coherently, but it felt very abrupt."
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Lan Xin said, "Where do you feel abrupt?"
Zhou Tiandao: "If you think about it carefully, the cause of personal death has not yet been determined. Some people say that it is a mine accident, and some people say that there is not enough evidence for murder. At this time, even if Jiangling is suspected, he is safe. Sometimes he has the opportunity to make arrangements to clear his name, but he is dead or killed."
Lan Xin said, "What’s the matter? Maybe the people behind the scenes want to kill people."
Sunday shook his head. "It’s not that the people behind the scenes killed Jiang Ling at this time, which is tantamount to telling others that someone deliberately murdered Lan Xin when that person died. Don’t forget that Jiang Ling was killed by people because he was not white. Won’t it arouse others’ doubts?"
Lan Xin suddenly realized and said, "Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?"
Zhou Tiandao: "The murderer can’t be one person, but two people. In other words, there should be two forces thinking about your company and fighting with each other."
Chapter two hundred and seventy Lost arm
"Oh, dear //23, if you like it, please share it with everyone//"before suddenly exclaiming, "Will you suspect that we are murderers? We’re in Jiangling villa. Will there be anything for us there? "
Lan Xin grumpily took a look at Fang Keke. "Coco, you are scared to death. If that Min Wen really has evidence to prove that we are murderers, do you think it will make us feel better if we still sit here safely?"
Fang Ke smiled shyly. "That’s true. I was frightened by Sunday’s words. If there are two murderers, wouldn’t it be dangerous for us?"
"That’s not necessarily true." It was Mo Zhexuan who spoke while driving. He glanced at Sunday lightly in the rearview mirror and said with a smile, "If according to this little brother, this is a contest between two forces, one of which is trying hard to make a mine accident, and the other is trying hard to qualitatively murder this incident. If the other force does not make things worse, it will definitely try its best to protect the two of you, but you are more secure than before."
On Sunday, when I heard Mo Zhexuan’s words, I also admired Mo Zhexuan’s careful deduction. According to common sense, two major forces appeared. One party tried its best to kill Lan Xinhe, but the other party tried its best to protect Lan Xinhe. It was really dangerous to put Lan Xin and Fang Keke in the middle of the struggle between the two major forces.
But if someone thinks deeply, they will find that Lanxin and Fangke are the safest at this time. They want to protect Lanxin and Fangke first, but that party can dominate the wind and suppress the murder of Lanxin and Fangke.
The next day, the Zongtuan has deployed and sent capable people to help Lan Xin deal with this matter in the future, and will send people to protect Lan Xin and peace before he can live safely.
The third murder of Jiangling has made many people pay attention to the truth behind the incident, which of course restricts the protection of Lan Xin and Fang Ke, but at the same time it also effectively curbs the forces of murdering Jiangling. They know that Lan Xin and Fang Ke can have another accident, which will make the public security bureau turn the detection direction to them. It is suspected that their losses are huge.
On the whole, Lan Xinhe can be safer and will not be in danger for the time being.
Fang Ke patted his chest and said, "That’s good. That’s good. If no one wants to kill us, I’m relieved. Otherwise, it’s really hard to live in fear all day."
On Sunday, he smiled and said to Lan Xin, "Lan Xin, where are we going? It doesn’t seem to be the way to your home? "
Lan Xin said, "CEO Ling of Tianzong Group will take a private jet back to Jiangzhou Group Headquarters to deal with some things. We will go to see manager Ling off first and then go home to cook a delicious meal for you and calm you down."
Sunday said inexplicably, "I’m not from your company. There’s no need to send you Ling Zong specially. Why don’t you put me on the side of the road and walk back by myself?"
Fang Keke giggled and said, "You may not know this Sunday, but you have been hired as the special assistant to the general manager of Lan Xin Blue, who is also from our company."
Sunday said shamefully, "When did I agree to join your company and be your special assistant?"
Fang Keke said strangely on Sunday, "You’re not out of your mind on Sunday, are you? That’s how many people want to look forward to but can’t look forward to you. The annual salary is rich, the holidays are full of benefits, and all aspects are very tempting. Why don’t you know it? It’s really irritating to you."
Lan Xin sat in front and sighed slightly. "Since you don’t want to be my special assistant on Sunday, I won’t force you to return to the company. I will cancel this life."
"It’s not that I don’t want to do it." I went to Lan Xin on Sunday and looked lonely. I didn’t know what it was like in my heart. I quickly changed my mind and said, "In fact, I’d rather sit in your special assistant just now because I was surprised."
Fang Keke suddenly giggled with a charming smile. "Shame on Sunday, your shame face just didn’t like Lan Xin’s bite. You immediately changed your attitude. It is an attempt to someone." The eyes are quite meaningful to Sunday and Lan Xin.
Lan Xin blushed and said unhappily, "Coco, what are you talking about? I’m preoccupied with my personal feelings and don’t want to think about it for the time being. I hope you’ll pay attention to your words and don’t talk nonsense."
Fang Ke vomitted to stick out his tongue and saw Lan Xin really angry. I really dare not talk nonsense again and said to Sunday Light, "I can’t help you on Sunday. Yan Xin can’t come out of the shadow of a relationship. You are hopeless."
Sunday wry smile shook his head and turned to the depths of the eye pupil outside the window with a faint loss and a little sorrow.
The car soon drove from the national highway to the expressway, and it took ten minutes to get to the source city airport. The establishment of this airport took most of the material and human resources of the source city. He is rich in mine resources in Long Ze County, attracting a large number of international multinational companies to promote the faster and better development of the source city economy. The municipal party Committee and government decided to cultivate an airport with advanced facilities in a very short time from financial allocation
Considering that some consortia of these multinational companies have a long history, it is better to attract foreign investment. When building the airport, a piece of land was specially set aside to build a private airport.
The construction of this airport has indeed laid a good foundation for the economic take-off of Yuancheng, and foreign capital has been continuously transported into Yuancheng, and one industrial park after another has been established, which has solved the labor and employment of millions of people in Yuancheng, and has also enlivened the market and prospered the economy, making Yuancheng the most economically developed city in the central urban area.
Sunday, Lan Xin and their car just entered the airport, and Ling Wei got off the plane. When they trotted to Qin Yao, the plane was already slowly moving and soon flew into the blue sky.

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