Li Yuannai nodded, "Cheng Team, you said there is nothing wrong with it."

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"…" Cheng Man some nai squinting at a long time after the baggage and take the journey "it seems that the day will have to pay a good visit, right?"
"So is Lu Zhenzhen suspected of taking that taxi driver?"
"He can be sure that there is no suspect because I inquired about him there. His reputation is very good. He also had an alibi last night. At that time, his car had already arrived at another place because Lu Zhenzhen was sent to her house."
Glancing at Qi Shaochen, I took the baggage and take the journey. "It’s so late, let’s take a rest and continue working."
next day
Three men were called to the police station. Since the taxi driver is not suspected, we should start with these three men. Besides, Lu Zhenzhen felt feverish at the banquet, didn’t she?
If you want medicine, you must do it at that time.
Mu Ming sat in front of the glass window and looked at the interrogation room. He could clearly hear what was being said over there. I don’t know how long it took. Three men asked clearly in turn, and I don’t know why Lu Zhenzhen’s eyes suddenly sank.
Cheng Man asked Lu Zhenzhen if she found anything, but she shook her head and said with a smile,No. Then what is the reason?
She’s not like that. She has nothing to do but something to do!
Mu Ming tilted his head and stared at Lu Zhenzhen’s appearance. Finally, he slightly pulled his lips and asked, "Did you recognize the man that night? Is it among these people?"
Lu Zhenzhen was a little flustered and immediately shook his head. "No, I just think that if you ask them to come, you will not see me and have you told them that I was …"
"This also please rest assured and didn’t say" Muming cold face and then move the line of sight.
Section 43
And Lu Zhenzhen’s performance is also a little relaxed and seems to be very calm.
Mu Ming felt a little strange and frowned a little, but there was a sound in her heart. Before she could hear the sound clearly, she disappeared again. This idea made me turn my eyes to Lu Zhenzhen again.
But Lu Zhenzhen has nothing unusual to change. It seems that he is worried about revealing things.
Muming got up from the room, went outside to breathe, and then came back, and then the follow-up things were solved. Cheng Manchao Muming shook his head. "It seems that there is still no progress."
"Cheng Man, where do you think it will go if you don’t leave that thing on a woman after doing that?"
Cheng Man seriously thought about "trash can?"
"But I can’t come if I go to find the roots now." This city is cleaned every day. How can there be such things?
"Maybe the man left something at the crime scene."
"Ok, let’s find it now!"
Cheng Man let Chen Jun and others go to the scene, but they didn’t find that kind of set, so the clue was broken
Mu Ming took a slight sip lip and sat at the desk. "It feels like being blocked by someone when the case is over."
"You can’t lose heart, you can’t just be depressed!" Cheng Man rubbed his forehead and suddenly said, "Did Lu Zhenzhen go back?"
"She said that she didn’t stay here since the case didn’t involve her. She also said that if the police made any progress, they could go to her. If there was no progress …" Then they all stopped talking.
They all guessed that either you don’t go to her if you don’t make progress.
"so white"
Then it seems that we still can’t find her.
The clue on the police side is a little broken. Finding the root is the beginning.
Three days later, the police received an alarm again. After hearing it, Cheng Man’s eyes suddenly widened. "Dead? !”

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