Although this is a little jealous, it will flatter Zhao Zongjie very comfortably.

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He pretended to be modest before revealing his true thoughts. "I will stay at the peak of swordsmen for a long time, and I will enter the top three in the sword of Muxi. If I get the silver longan and cooperate with the method of moving Qi and blood meditation to absorb refining, I will soon break through to the realm of swordsmen."
"At that time, it’s not bad to take you with you to the purple world in the main city of Fengzhou."
I got Zhao Zongren’s promise that Zhao Zongjie’s face was instantly filled with ecstasy, and the lotus flower was full of flattery, trying to make myself more stable in each other’s hearts.
Although they are far apart, Chen Shaobai’s sense of hearing is extremely sensitive, and the words of the two people are not heard.
Listen to two people shamelessly talking about this, such as killing slaves, servants, increasing Shaqi, Chen Shaobai noodles, although calm, but there is a deep chill brewing in their eyes.
Chapter 30 Enchanted Chen Chong
Although there is a word "on" on the sword of Migu, it is very normal to fight against the disabled and the dead.
Moreover, it involves a lot of forces and money, and once it falls into the hands of the top swordsman, it can create a super strong man with 100 enemies
However, in Chen Shaobai’s view, this four-year young swordsman competition is really not formal. There must be six words to describe it well-organization and discipline
Zhao, Li and Chen have been fighting each other all the year round. It is naturally impossible to listen to each other’s orders at this moment of accumulating strength, and the only favorable and prestigious organization in Muxi City leads Fengzhou Animal Husbandry, but it is an able person.
The situation in the hospital is fragmented and cohesive.
In this noisy noise, Chen Shaobai also got a lot of information.
Near the south wall, Chen Shaobai looked up at the three branches of green osmanthus hanging from the outside into Beiyuan, smelling their rich meat fragrance, and their origins suddenly emerged in his mind.
Located in the city, these three trees were planted by three mutual friends, Chen, Zhao and Li. They hoped that the results of the trees would shade future generations and make the three generations more United and powerful.
However, fate is like a knife, and people can’t predict it. After 200 years, the contradictions among the three people have intensified, and their descendants have become hostile
This made him feel once again about his life experience.
It took another hour for the sun to set in the west before the competition really started.
Not in time
On all the people in the sword field hold swords and fight, and the situation is extremely tragic. The loser is either disabled or dead.
Sometimes even the winner may not be able to laugh at the end-Chen Shaobai witnessed a swordsman counterattack before he died and cut off his opponent’s forearm.
According to the world medical standard, that man is disabled and almost ruined in the future.
"It’s fair to decide the distribution of silver and longan in a total of six rounds of competitions for sixty-four swordsmen."
Swordsmanship is not a turn-based game. You don’t need to fight each other one by one. Unless the strength of the two sides is very close, the battle will generally not exceed 20 breaths. Soon it will be Chen Shaobai’s turn to play.
The way to go is narrow. The first place for Chen Shaobai to face the enemy is Chen Chong, who has a murderous plan for him.
"Chen Chong, Zhao Zongren and I all said that the three masters of Oleoresin practiced swordsmanship with ease. Although it was nothing in the city of Zihuan, it was also a great Chen Shaobai in this small Oleoresin? I’ve never heard of Chen Chong dealing with such a famous young player. "A blue youth frosted his waist with a fiery sword with indifference.
"You practice swordsmanship all the year round. Naturally, I don’t know that Chen Shaobai came to Muxi City, but in March, 34 famous challengers were killed in the fencing competition. Among them, 23 swordsmen were killed by him, and their opponents fell in front of their homes and their blood flowed into a small river, which was crowned the title of" River of Blood ""
"Mortals love correct blood river? But just a swordsman also dare to shout in a small place like Muxi City. If I’m afraid I have long been a laughing stock in Zihuan City, I’m afraid I will be beheaded by a master within three ri. "
"In recent years, you have not been in Chen Chong, and the younger generation of Muxi City is almost an enemy. Chen Shaobai must not be his opponent."
"That makes sense. Now I see how many tricks Chen Shaobai can stick to in Chen Chong’s hand."
Similar comments are like surging waves. If the swordsmen in the field are not strong enough and determined enough, I’m afraid they will make a fool of themselves on the spot if they can’t even hold their swords on their waist.
However, in the middle of the courtyard, Chen Shaobai is straighter than the sword platform. God Se is extremely indifferent. Those comments seem to have no influence on him. He moves slightly, and his wrist is too loyal to the waist and the silver sword is instantly drawn.
A slight shake of the wrist will cover the whole tip and body of the sword, and a silvery white Se sword flower will bloom brilliantly in the forest, which not only breeds beauty but also hides death.
"Show such strength. If this Chen Chong still doesn’t converge, I can kill him."
Deliberately to show their strength is to deter some magical opponents in front of them, but Chen Shaobai never thought that after seeing his swordsmanship, the resentment and malicious crime on the other side’s face not only did not fade, but became more and more rich.
"Less than crowned age peak swordsman … so good man I can’t get others also don’t want to get! Miao yuqin? Gee … I’ll let her die after I kill you. "
Chen Chong drew his sword and looked ferocious with a few expressions.
Miao Yuqin is Chen Shaobai’s lamella, and ordinary people get angry when they touch it. But now Chen Chong makes such remarks, but Chen Shaobai doesn’t get angry and laughs. "It turned out that it was also in a state of magic."
"will this happen to everyone who is close to the peak of the swordsman?"
In fact, he guessed that it was close to the truth. Every breakthrough of swordsmen had to face both physical and mental barriers, which was not only limited to swordsmen, but also suitable for swordsmen and swordsmen.
Chen Shaobai was able to break through into a swordsman smoothly in a very short time, which was not only due to the strong soul of Erren, but also due to his good health from hunting in the mountains all the year round.
However, you have to pay as much as you want.
In this world, swordsmanship can bring great power to people, but it will also make people unconsciously fall into paranoia in practicing swordsmanship. Once the soul force can’t keep up with the progress of swordsmanship, the state of mind of swordsman J Ο ng will produce some negative changes more or less.
"Genius is mostly paranoid" is the best proof in this world.

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