Not far away, a car horn sounded. Li Ailing looked over and froze.

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The silver-gray Buick was parked less than ten meters away from her, and she helped him choose this car.
My heart hurts.
The horn rang again, apparently for her.
Li Ailing looked in the direction of the bus again. If only the bus was waiting at this moment, she would not hesitate to jump out of the car and pretend she didn’t see the car.
But tonight, the bus seems to have been robbed halfway, and no one can be seen.
Li Ailing spits out a mouthful of white gas and goes to Buick.
Liu Yang lowered the window and looked at the frozen face. Li Ailing said, "Take the car first."
Li Ailing shook his head. "Say something here."
Liu Yang is a little angry. "Are you sure about this cold weather? Or do you think you don’t even want to take my car now? "
Li Ailing took a sip lip to pull the back seat door and bent down to sit in.
Liu Yang put her hands on the back of the steering wheel and the veins stood out high. She wants to get rid of him so much now that she doesn’t even want to sit next to him.
Li Ailing took a look at Liu Yang in the rearview mirror and then turned his face to the window to pretend to see the scenery outside.
At that time, they had just returned to China, and Liu Yang’s dream was to be a lawyer’s office. After all the registration procedures were completed, they were looking for guests.
Seeing him and saving money, I spent the whole day running back and forth by bus, and my feet and heels were ground like a piece of paper. She was distressed and he suggested that he buy a car.
At that time, Liu Yang was reluctant. After all, the company had just registered to spend money in many places, and there was really no extra money to buy a car.
Li Ailing sold a diamond ring that she had treasured for more than 20 years. It was the only evidence connected with her family. The dean said that she was wearing this diamond ring when she was placed at the entrance of the orphanage.
At that time, the dean and they were still very sad. Since they all had diamond rings, they said that they were rich people. Why did they throw away their children?
Li Ailing has been carefully collecting this diamond ring, hoping that one day her biological parents can come to her.
Although the hope is slim, there is still a glimmer of expectation in her heart.
The day she sold the diamond ring, she was not unhappy, not uncomfortable.
There are 320 thousand checks in the bag, squatting on the side of the road crying like a child
After crying, she wiped away her tears and took Liu Yang to buy a car.
Liu Yang asked her where the money came from, and she said it was her own private money.
In fact, where did you get the private money? She made money and posted it on Liu Yangshen.
Liu Yang didn’t think much about it. When he became a lawyer, he returned the money to Li Ailing.
But her diamond ring was never found again.
Now sitting in the car again makes her feel ironic.
Twelve years. She has been chasing Liu Yang for twelve years.
But his heart was never with her.
Eyelashes wet Li Ailing looked up and forced the lacrimal gland back.
It’s been so long. What’s wrong with her today?
Cars drive in the streets late at night, and cars rarely pass by a pedestrian occasionally, and they don’t see any.
In this winter, especially after eleven o’clock, the bed is naturally more comfortable.
Neither of them spoke along the way.
The car stopped at the rented building in Li Ailing, and Liu Yang looked straight at the front lip tightly.
Ten minutes later, Li Ailing was in a hurry. Didn’t she wait for her to say something? She didn’t say anything.
Look up at the back of the head in front and say, "Liu Yang, just say what you have to say."
"Are you … ok?" Liu Yang has some dry questions and answers. He really doesn’t know what to say in the first sentence.
"Fine," Li Ailing said quietly, pinching the bag.
"That you New Year’s day …"
"I spent the New Year with my friends." Li Ailing looked up and interrupted him. "Do you have anything to say?"
"That night love remarried with manager Lu, right?"
Li Ailing sarcastically pulled the corner of his mouth and finally got to the point. Is he still expecting something?
Sue will be with him in the evening?
"I think you misunderstood something. They have never been divorced."
"Never been divorced?" How is it possible that Sue personally said at the gate of the police station that day how could there be no divorce?
"Well, if it’s okay, I’ll go." Li Ailing didn’t want to talk to him any more, and he didn’t go back to the apartment building
Liu Yang stared at Li Ailing’s back for a long time and didn’t move his eyes until he saw the building lights on.

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