Not far away, the virgin’s face changed dramatically, and he shouted at the same time, and directly issued a sword to stop Xia Qi’s blow.

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He also saw that this woman was too careless. In the face of Xia Qi’s sword, she was caught in a crisis, and a careless fear would vanish.
"She is the ancestor of Wanshu among the top ten venerable persons. If you dare to kill her, Wanshu’s ancestor will also destroy your nine families and make your life worse than death!"
The man shouted and reported the background of the woman at the same time
Hearing that this woman turned out to be a daughter of the Top Ten Honorable Persons, Xia Qi was a little curious, but when she picked her eyebrows, she didn’t care about the fact that Bai Di Jin Huang had no power to accept it.
He killed a star-picker disciple, Huang Fuyang, and then killed a daughter of Wanshu bodhi old zu. What about that?
Wanshu bodhi old zu’s daughter was startled and frightened, and watched that a sword of light came through the void and penetrated her forehead to directly annihilate her Yuan Shen!
A sword!
Wanshu bodhi old zu’s daughter has fallen!
The hasty sword desire to stop Xia Qinan from staying in wait for a while and looking at the fallen bodhi old zu daughter’s body for half a ring didn’t react.
"You … you killed her?"
The man was trembling, pale and full of horror.
He couldn’t believe that someone dared to kill Wan Shu’s bodhi old zu daughter!
This is simply don’t want to live!
Chapter one thousand two hundred Wan Jian the Great
Chapter one thousand two hundred Wan Jian the Great
"Xiao you are dead meat! No one in heaven and earth can save you! "
The man stared at Xia Qi mouth roar.
He can’t believe that Xia Qi was so bold that he dared to slay Wan Shu’s bodhi old zu daughter directly.
That’s the daughter of Wanshu bodhi old zu, the top ten venerable ones. Not to mention Wanshu bodhi old zu’s great strength, his disciples have several emperors!
Xia Qi looked at the roar loud man sword light a cold stab toward the man sword.
The top ten may be powerful, but what about that? For Xia Qi, the enemy is the enemy, even if your background is sky-high, his sword will not show any mercy.
"You will regret it!"
This man is very strong. Although he is a quasi-emperor, he is definitely not weaker than the ordinary emperor.
At the moment, he is angry at the beheading of Wanshu bodhi old zu’s daughter, staring at Xia Qi fiercely, but when he sees Xia Qi draw his sword and kill him, he turns and runs away!
Xia qi face startled no reaction to come over.
This man’s strength is not weak. He has always looked down on Xia Qi. Why did he have such hatred at the moment but fled directly?
The man fled too fast for Xia Qi to react, and then he disappeared into the sky, so that Xia Qigen could continue his pursuit.
This is mainly because the man’s reaction was too unexpected. Xia Qigen didn’t expect that the man would turn around and escape cleanly instead of rushing to get revenge at this moment.
Xia qi puzzled in the heart is don’t know the man’s mind at the moment.
This man named’ Nangong Swallow Heaven’ is powerful, but he is the most talented among the newly recruited younger disciples of Wanshu bodhi old zu. The other three outstanding younger disciples of Wanshu bodhi old zu are listed as the four eldest brothers of Wanshu bodhi old zu.
The other three of these four brothers are already the realm of the emperor, but only the Nangong Swallow Heaven or the Quasi-Emperor realm, but from then on, we can also see that the Nangong Swallow Heaven can be compared with the other three emperors by virtue of the quasi-Emperor Xiu, and how powerful his talent is.
The Nangong Swallowing Heaven Pole is loved by Wanshu bodhi old zu, and Wanshu bodhi old zu also intends to betrothed his daughter to Nangong Swallowing Heaven, which is why Nangong Swallowing Heaven can make Wanshu bodhi old zu’s daughter more together.
However, in the heart of Wanshu bodhi old zu, the Nangong Swallowing Heaven is no better than his own daughter. Now something has happened to his daughter, the Nangong Swallowing Heaven will never be better!
Especially if he knows that his daughter died at the hands of a fairy king!
That’s why Nangong swallowed genius and turned and ran away when facing Xia Qi!
Xia Qi killed Wan Shu’s bodhi old zu’s daughter, and the mark of Wan Shu’s bodhi old zu left on her daughter’s body will naturally fall on Xia Qi’s body. If you don’t kill Xia Qi, you can directly say that Xia Qi has several emperors around him!
In this way, the crime of swallowing heaven in Nangong can be greatly reduced.
Xia Qi where know the nangongshan swallowing day going to see the nangongshan swallowing day fled quickly after chasing method, he also put the tongtian rattan eyes turned to look at the surrounding environment.

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