True Yuan already has enough vitality after combining 60% kendo, which can refine blood and make it poor.

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Blood is the root of human life, which not only contains most of the vitality of human body, but also contains a trace of human life.
It is precisely because of this that monks can practice such instruments as life flying swords by offering sacrifices to blood, especially during the practice period, when the monks recite the dharma in vitro, they can do many incredible things by offering sacrifices to blood.
Jingxue contains vital energy and blood.
It takes great vitality to refine blood into immortal body and make it completely composed of heaven and earth, otherwise it will destroy the life Hun spirit contained in blood if you are not careful.
When it’s light, the god Hun is injured, but when it’s heavy, he becomes an idiot.
With 60% kendo, you can refine blood without hurting Hun’s spirit.
Red gold Se is mixed with a hint of blazing white Se Mo Xiu Zhen Yuan, which is like a tidal wave in the blood vessels. The blood in the place where it passed is pounded and smashed, but it is reunited by platinum Se Zhen Yuan in a short time.
Blood is just a little bit to the immortal body.
Even blood vessels have been reshaped into immortals by Zhenyuan.
Mo Xiuke felt that his great vitality was slowly condensing.
This is what happens when blood is refined into immortals.
With 3.2 million wisdom brains, the speed of refining blood in Moxiu is much faster than others. In just one day, Moxiu’s blood is completely transformed into a fairy body.
Strong pressure formed in [body] and squeezed Moxiu Zhenyuan severely.
A little bit of black gas floated out from Zhenyuan.
Now that Moxiu has 60% gold, Hun clearly sees that these black gases are floating out of the particles that make up the real yuan.
This is the dirty, y and n dark breath in the particle world.
And with these black gas drifting away, Mo Xiu can also feel the world in the particles.
Become more and more vibrant
True yuan will be a little bit pure.
With the constant extrusion of Zhenyuan, it finally reached the extreme, and Mo Xiu’s body exploded.
One hundred and twenty yuan!
Moxiu’s momentum immediately climbed to the peak, and Moxiu could feel that another ten percent of Kendo was waiting for him to merge.
Until now, the promotion is over. If you want to be promoted again, you will continue to struggle and have a deeper understanding of Kendo.
Don’t take the same white this truth whistling a fuelling qiankun sword array rushed toward the chain of god.
This time, he is not only satisfied with resisting the attack of Suo Shen chain, but also trying to cause damage to Suo Shen chain.
In this way, Suo Shen Chain has to release a stronger attack to resist Mo Xiu.
Don’t rest and turn to defensive attack.
I spent more than 20 days in Moxiu’s continuous cultivation.
In these more than 20 days, Moxiu has encountered several powerful attacks by Suo Shen Chain, which is extremely dangerous. However, it is precisely because of this that Moxiu has repeatedly made breakthroughs in kendo at the moment of dying.
Up to now, he has merged 20% of kendo again, which makes the degree of kendo integration reach the level of the blazing white Se in the real Yuan, and it also expands rapidly, making the real Yuan truly become a holy platinum Se.
Zhenyuan exudes a sacred and majestic atmosphere.
Although the vitality of merging into the true element of kendo is not enough to refine the meridians into immortal bodies, the power of the true element is also greatly high
Moreover, in the kendo fusion, Mo Xiuzhen Hun was also successful and condensed into Jin Hun.
Jin Hun transformed the meridians in Zixiao Jian again, making the number of Zixiao Jian reach 400.
Now Moxiuli can urge qiankun sword to play a four-rate heavy power

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