Miss, the nanny shivered, tugged at her apron and choked to answer, "Class has gone."

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"I’m not asking her to wait for me at home." Gu Yanchen’s face is getting ugly, and her eyes are cold. "How did you take care of her? She didn’t report to me when she went out."
Daphne ran out of work. Damn it, he didn’t know anything about it.
"Miss, I don’t want you to know." Aunt Nanny didn’t dare to look into Gu Yanchen’s eyes.
Anger made Gu Yanchen’s voice cold as ice. "She didn’t want me to know that you really helped her forget who she was hired by and who to listen to."
"I’m sorry, Mr. Gu." Aunt Nanny quickly apologized and looked humble.
"Where did she go to class?" Gu Yanchen asked coldly with anger.
What has happened, even killing the nanny can’t save the fact that Danfu has gone out. The most important thing at present is to find Danfu and bring her back.
Aunt Guggenheim’s nanny felt a gust of wind blowing through the room, and there was no Gu Yanchen at the door.
Change the humble nanny aunt eyes reveal calculation light:
Chapter 47 From Gu Yanchen
Warm sunshine shines into the room, holding Song Danfu lightly out of the bathroom, putting her in the big bed and lying beside her with her big hand. Song Danfu shivered like a frightened animal, even though she was full of strength, Song Danfu still clung to her quilt.
Gu Qing lightly frowned and insisted on dragging her petite body into her arms and staring at her. Song Danfu looked at a place where he didn’t have much strength to resist him. As a result, he didn’t lose himself. Let him go.
Gu Qing looked at her shallowly and didn’t like her negative attitude for a long time. She sighed at him and leaned her cheek and rubbed it carefully. "It’s my own suffering that makes me angry. Don’t do this again."
Gu Qing shallow know how intense she just finished, regardless of her feelings, mainly because she angered him by comparing him with Gu Yanchen.
"Gu Qing shallow what is me" water eyes looked at him quietly Song Danfu was very calm.
She can’t figure out what kind of woman Gu Qing-shallow is the president of Gu Gu’s identity, and why not provoke her? She is still a woman who has been in prison.
"I have answered this question." Gu Qing’s eyes were quiet and soft.
"When?" He answered. Why didn’t she know?
"A month ago" Gu Qing shallow answer saw Song Danfu can’t believe it. He raised his eyebrows and "don’t believe it".
Song Danfu shook his head. "I don’t know the reason and told me not to believe it, but subconsciously it seems that you really answered it. What’s even more strange is that I remember Reagan without you and I feel very familiar with you. From the explanation, I seem to have forgotten a lot of things recently, but it seems that I am in a mess without myself."
Recently, there are always some strange pictures in her mind. Every time she tries to grasp the depth, she will have a severe headache. In the end, she can only give up. Only purple eyes are deep in her heart.
Song Danfu knows that this is not normal, but she can resist it.
She didn’t dare to say this to her brother Yan, but naturally she said it to Gu Qing, probably because among the people she met, Gu Qing’s eyes were purple.
Big hand gently squeezed her cheek and said, "I just can’t remember that I want you without you."
Song Danfu’s cheeks burned red and his eyes glared at him angrily. How could he say such a thing? What do you mean, she just can’t remember that he wants her, too?
Angry, her cheeks are red, like a juicy peach. Gu Qing thinks he doesn’t like peaches, but he likes to look like a peach, Song Dan, Fu Junyan.
"Gu Qing shallow" Song Danfu timely reached out and pushed him to ask "were we before?"
Song Danfu felt that her cheeks were getting hotter and hotter, and she couldn’t ask.
For a long time, I couldn’t wait for her question to ask "What do you want to ask?"
"Forget it, it’s some urgent doubts. I’ll find the answer myself." Song Danfu quickly changed her mind and looked down at her chest.
She wanted to ask Gu Qingqian if it was the first time that they were together, but she couldn’t say for several times that the physical reaction was the most real. Even though she had little knowledge about this, Song Danfu knew that it was not the first time that she had given it to anyone, and she had no impression at all.
If it’s brother Yan, why would she be so exclusive? If it’s Gu Qingyi, it can’t be Gu Qingyi, Song Danfu, who prevents herself from forgetting.
"Danfu came back to me from Gu Yanchen" came to his head, and Song Danfu was surprised at him. The word "back" looked up into his purple eyes.
"Yes," Gu Qing smiled seriously. "It was my fault that Gu Yanchen hid you too well when I didn’t find you when you were missing for a month in the family fire. It was his business. But Gu Yanchen is too dangerous. You must leave him at once."
There are some things he can’t explain to Danfu yet, but he’s afraid of her. Gu Yanchen can stay with her. Even if Gu Yanchen doesn’t touch Danfu, it’s safe.
Looking at him so seriously, Song Danfu’s heart vibrated and didn’t come. She didn’t want to refuse him. Song Danfu said, "I’m in a mess now. Please don’t push me."
"Gu Zong, you’re back." See Gu Yanchen coming out of the ladder with a face of surprise.
Gu Yanchen, a tall man, walked directly into the office and ordered sullenly, "Ma, check which department Song Danfu is in."
"Song Danfu" followed the secret that took the door and froze in his face with a smile. He listened to me wrong.
"You didn’t hear wrong is Song Danfu" Stop Gu Yanchen and look back at the secret tone. "Go and find out which department class she is in our company at once."
Dan fu went out behind his back and even came to Guggenheim’s class. If Gu Qing saw her, he couldn’t imagine what would happen.
"She" didn’t return to absolute being and muttered, "Didn’t she get killed in the fire?"
"Why do you ask so many questions?" With a growl, Gu Yanchen pointed to the door with one hand and said coldly, "Go and check the horse immediately."
"Yes," the secret was frightened by Gu Yanchen, who was full of rage, and ran out of the office.
Gu Yanchen reflexively put his hands on his desk and closed his eyes violently. The pain spread to the apex of his heart. Danfu, why don’t you listen and why don’t you stay at home until I come back? In a few days, we can be together forever. What have you been waiting for in five years in prison? You can’t wait for just a few days.
Song Danfu went back to the old apartment and thought that the key door was open. She was Aunt Lin, that is, the nanny. She came back at this time and gave her the door specially.
"Aunt, I’m back." Cried Song Danfu, pushing the door and going in. She put her carry-on bag in the shoe cabinet, changed her shoes and turned to see the figure sitting on the sofa. How did he come back?
Isn’t he on a business trip for a week? It’s only been a few days. He’s back. Song Danfu’s brain is a mess. He can’t figure it out.
The sofa Gu Yanchen didn’t move, but sat stiffly. She couldn’t help but feel relieved. She came back. She finally came back. Is this to prove that Gu Qingyi hasn’t met her yet, or Gu Qingyi’s personality won’t let her come back?
To some extent, he is very similar, overbearing and unscrupulous, especially for himself.
I don’t know what Gu Yanchen thought. Song Danfu came over carefully and raised his smiling face. "Brother Yan, you are back."
"Come here" got up and Gu Yanchen Zhang arms waiting for her to come to his arms:
Chapter 40 Lying
Hesitation is a moment. Song Danfu walks up to Gu Yanchen. Gu Yanchen seems to be unable to wait. She slowly reaches out and grabs her arm, and pulls her into his arms. Her powerful arms tightly hold her head and bury it in her hair, smelling the fragrance from her hair.
"I miss you so much." Gu Yanchen whispered that the original business trip plan was one week. He just stayed awake for four days and came back three days before.
That night, he made up his mind to turn her into him. He regarded her as a rebel and insisted on owning her. She cried and cried sadly. His heart suddenly softened and he chose to run away from her.
I left this room that night and went to another city on business the next day.

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