Since this harvest failed to make Sunday break through Sunday’s nature, it was also at that time that I was ready to go out and rob the Blood Shadow School again …

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It is impossible for the Blood Shadow Sect to have only one elder Sun. Since that elder Sun has brought such great benefits to Sunday, Sunday believes that he can’t get a second elder Sun and a third elder Sun every time, even if he can’t help himself break through the spiritual fruit, he should make such efforts to deal with the situation that many a mickle makes a mickle. At that time, even the quantity will be piled up; It is also very promising to break through the realm of three turns in one fell swoop.
After a decision is made; Sunday, regardless of whether you will be in danger or not, is the first time to rise that idea; It is directly from the back out.
But fortunately; Although Sunday said that it didn’t succeed in breaking through this time, it was not as short as a panacea when practicing. Sunday was closed for several years, but when it was closed on Sunday, there was no reason why Sunday reappeared for a short time, so it was considered that Sunday had escaped. At that time, the blood shadow taught and the rain family played very hard and needed troops urgently; Blood shadow teaching nature is impossible to send so many people to keep in the place where it disappeared on Sunday, in such a situation; When Sunday comes back from the exit; At that time, although there were still some blood shadows around it to teach monks, those monks were not tall, at least they were not there, and they could be found on Sunday.
Since no blood shadow monk can find Sunday; Sunday nature also can’t take the initiative to jump out from the shadows and tell those blood shadow monks that he has reappeared; When I observed an external situation and found that my eyes were still safe for the time being, I swam to other places from the original position at the bottom of the lake on Sunday, and then I climbed out from the bottom of the lake again to prepare for robbing the blood shadow.
Finally, after looking back at those blood shadow monks; Sunday didn’t stay in the same place, but after seeing a certain direction, he quietly left directly.
Chapter two hundred and forty New goals
Chapter two hundred and forty New goals
On Sunday, I killed the blood shadow and taught the elder Sun that all the facts were meant to be done. Zhou Tianyuan didn’t want to do those things, but what happened on Sunday didn’t have the ability to change what Sunday can do now. Is to carry out your plan according to the original plan.
Say something once; Although it is said that nòng was very embarrassed on Sunday, he can say something rewarding; Sunday’s harvest is not small, at least when I have experienced something once. Now Sunday already knows that most of the blood shadow teaching stations have laid out some traps. Although I dare not say that the Ministry knows where the ban has been placed; Some locations can be laid out; Now on Sunday, it is already understood by almost all departments.
In such a situation; Sure; When walking in the blood shadow teaching station on Sunday again, the difficulty has been reduced a lot unconsciously. Although walking in the blood shadow teaching station on Sunday, if it is discovered, it will still be difficult to be surrounded by many blood shadow teaching monks. According to the conditions that the eye has on Sunday; Blood shadow teaching wants to discover Sunday again; But it is no longer an easy thing.
The previous actions are the same; Because the evil spirit of Liu Shu in Hu Xin was put away on Sunday in advance, it can be said that such a situation has not been found on the side of the evil spirit of Liu Shu in Hu Xin. Naturally, it also gives Sunday a chance …
Anyway, the blood shadow teaching monks don’t know that the blood shadow teaching is naturally unclear about the talent ability of the willow demon, and it has been prevented from such a situation; The talent ability of the willow demon is of great help to the eyes on Sunday, in such a situation; On Sunday, nature is preparing to act for a moment; Then it will directly summon the willow demon from the heart.
Be familiar with the road; On Sunday, the willow demon took action again according to the forward movement, but it was still in the blood shadow teaching station. Although the eye defense of the blood shadow teaching station has been upgraded for several grades, no one would have thought that since their patrol would be controlled by the intruder on Sunday, although the number of patrols and the prohibition level of the blood shadow teaching station have been greatly improved, even on Sunday, the identity has not changed, but the situation of pretending to be a blood slave still makes it easy for Sunday to walk in the blood shadow teaching station. However, no blood shadow monk found him as an intruder and even suspected him; It seems that no blood shadow monk ever doubted them.
That’s it; On Sunday, the enemy of the blood shadow teaching was walking in the blood shadow teaching headquarters and swaggering until it reached the area where it was before, when it was blocked by people.
"patrol people enter and leave quickly" on Sunday when they are ready to enter that area; A blood shadow to teach monks is blocked on Sunday before they waved their way; It’s like catching flies. It’s like a sign for them to leave quickly on Sunday.
Seeing the performance of the blood shadow monk; Zhou Tianyan flashed a trace of anger, but although he was very dissatisfied with the performance of the other party, Zhou Tianxin was very clear that it was not yet time for the blood shadow teaching to turn against him. Even if he was angry again, it would be better not to be too impulsive if he didn’t get what he wanted. Otherwise, if the blood shadow teaching found him; You can guess what the consequences will be on Sunday.
Last Sunday, I taught nòng the blood shadow so badly. Now, the blood shadow teaches those monks how much they hate Sunday and can’t find Sunday dialect. There is no way for them to take Sunday, but if the blood shadow monks know Sunday’s whereabouts again, it is estimated that even the blood shadow monks who won’t make moves easily will be tempted to arrest him.
Although my eyes were badly demoralized by the blood shadow teacher, on Sunday, I finally hid the anger and pretended to be like it, which made the willow demon in the heart of Hu control the blood shadow teacher and prepare to leave temporarily.
However; Just as Sunday was about to leave, the accident happened again at that time …
"live; The patrol is not allowed to come to us. You should not know who you are in charge of. Who ordered you to come? " On Sunday, when they were ready to leave; The monk who stopped them from teaching blood shadow seemed to think of something again. At that time, he suddenly called Sunday, but after they stopped, he looked at the willow demon on Sunday. "What are you doing here with blood slaves?" Now which elder is still in the mood to refine things, you … "
Listen to that words of the blood shadow teach monk; Sunday’s forehead at that time can’t help but take up a cold sweat to speak; When Hu’s heart willow demon controls other creatures, it usually doesn’t know the details; It’s hard to see that the willow demon controls those people, but; Although Hu’s talent ability is good, if there is no weakness, it is impossible to at least order those blood shadow monks to do things when they control them, but it is a method to remember Hu’s talent for those who control them.
In this way; Then the question will naturally come …
Generally, it is not difficult to control a patrol team to walk in the station for the talent ability of the willow demon, but if you control those blood shadow monks and bump into acquaintances; It is easy to see the flaw in the conversation.
Although it seems that the blood shadow monks didn’t meet familiar people, they don’t know much about the information of the blood shadow teaching department on Sunday, even if they are not acquaintances who want to explain a word; It is also easy to see the problem.
But fortunately; Although they have many weaknesses in this team on Sunday, the blood shadow teaching party will not think that there will be such a demon servant as the willow demon in Sunday’s hand, and even the Ministry will produce Ji ā n; Blood Shadow Sect wouldn’t have thought that there would be a whole patrol problem, even if it was Sunday, no matter how abnormal their performance was, those blood shadow monks wouldn’t have thought that their hand patrol would be controlled by them on Sunday when they saw them for the first time.
Of course; Although the monks don’t think much about it in general; But that’s just a general situation. If they behave badly on Sunday when answering, it may still attract the suspicion of the blood shadow teaching.
Very obvious; Although the eye is in trouble, it is true that there is no way to cope with the past Sunday. It is a fact that I don’t understand the blood shadow teaching. It is impossible for Sunday to know immediately because I want to know the blood shadow teaching information. I really don’t know what to do when dealing with the blood shadow teaching monk. Although I know that it is not good to talk, I may be found abnormal because I know it immediately. No matter what the blood shadow teaching monk says; Can respond by nodding and shaking their heads.
Speak by rights; Sunday controls those blood shadows and teaches monks to take a look at that reaction; It should be enough to see that the problem is a pity; The blood shadow monk seems to have a strong confidence in his own church. Although Sunday’s performance there was quite abnormal, the other party just didn’t think much about it. After asking a few words to those blood shadow patrol officers beside Sunday, they saw that the people they asked were all silent, and those people were ordered by the face people. There were not many reasons and they didn’t think much. Warn them to go back and get the token, and then come back and let them go directly.
With the final decision of the blood shadow monk; But let Sunday is very relieved if than strength than repair; The blood shadow monk will not be put in the eye on Sunday, but who let the eye be such a situation? On Sunday, although he has the strength to kill the blood shadow monk, his eyes are in the other side’s compound to make a flaw. The best result is that the willow demon will not move. Se will control them and then let people find them on Sunday soon, and if luck is almost again; When the time comes, maybe it will be discovered by the blood shadow master directly on Sunday. In that case; Sunday is supposed to escape again.
Although the eye said that they buried a hidden danger on Sunday because of the other party’s sentence, if the blood shadow monk remembered this love story, it would probably infer that the enemy had invaded, but at least it would be the case; At present, they are no longer worried about their whereabouts on Sunday.
Thought of here; On Sunday, I secretly sighed and found myself moving forward, which made the blood shadow teaching wary of a lot. At least, if I hadn’t had a fight before, according to the style of blood shadow teaching; They should not have sent people to guard it like this; Stop outsiders from entering the core area. Now, even on Sunday, we are close to the core area of Blood Shadow Sect and want to rob things inside. That doubt has almost become an impossible thing.
However; Anyway, the first thing to do at this time is to hurry up and take action, which is the last thing. What you need to do now is not to attract the attention of the blood shadow teacher or to let the blood shadow teacher find out that he is there; Then according to the present situation of blood shadow teaching, it is impossible to be too wary of his situation; If you can’t do it once, you can do it twice. There will always be a time when Hun goes in.
That is, he made up his mind on Sunday; Ordered the willow demon to control that patrol, but it was not long after the return trip that it hit another team at that time.
On Sunday, they led two’ blood slaves’ teams, and the other team seemed to be a patrol, but since there were hundreds of blood slaves watching the team besides the original team that should have taught the monks; Sunday’s eye flashed off; Is immediately to re-arrest-heart willow demon made an eye se; Let the willow demon take the initiative to control their patrol and lean toward each other.
The number of blood shadow teaching patrols is quite a lot, but in general, few two teams will bump into each other. After all, the blood shadow teaching station is too big, even if the number of patrols is quite large, it is only to ensure that a patrol will pass by at most positions of the blood shadow teaching station. It is conceivable that those patrols will naturally not meet easily without receiving orders; When the time comes, people will say that they are lazy.
Of course; Although it is such a thing, if the two sides are really close, they will still say hello. It is for this reason; On Sunday, this will make the willow demon control the team and walk towards each other, but it is to inquire about the other party to see if there is a chance for Hun to join the other team.
In such a situation; On Sunday, when they leaned toward the other team, the members of the other patrol frowned for a while, but they finally stopped.
"The third team; What are you doing here? Your patrol area isn’t here, so hurry up and go back to your patrol area, or I’ll report this matter to your team today. Be careful that you are prostrate. "Don’t give them a chance to speak on Sunday. When they get close to each other on Sunday, they will directly point to the surface leader, the blood shadow monk, and ask questions.
With each other’s words; Want to know; It’s miserable that the evil willow demon controls those blood shadow monks. The other party wants a report and goes on patrol without leave. On Sunday, they control all members of that team. I believe it’s impossible to end up well. Maybe the department will get cleaned up then.

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