In an instant, several zerg disappeared, and after a while, they came out of the black fog and stood still. Several monster beasts refined their bodies before turning around and walking towards the stairs, including the thunder eagle refined their bodies. There was a distance of less than ten meters in the 511 stairs.

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The wood used to build the stairs is 300 years old. This kind of wood is as hard as fine iron, but it is still crushed when several monster beasts walk away. If you don’t pull some distance, you should step on it the third time and it will collapse.
After running five steps, a few zerg appeared again in the horizon of several monster beast resin refining. The moving speed of several monster beast resin refining seems not fast, but it is not slow at all. However, the biggest reason why they can chase the zerg should be that the red-violet industry fire slowed the zerg down.
Xu Rui arranged for people to gather a lot of resentment ShaQi at the bottom. However, due to the alliance, Tianjue City conducted a big search some time ago, which is not convenient to pour resentment ShaQi into it. Without supplementing the resentment ShaQi at the bottom, it became very thin.
Resentment ShaQi is too thin, which is not conducive to the spirit beast and the Zerg to improve their strength. At this time, it is an advantage. Red-violet is chasing resentment ShaQi to spread in the cave. If there is less resentment ShaQi, the flame that spreads will be small or will be directly skipped. The flame density is not so high, which is convenient. If you want to rush out from the ground, the mother method king, the Zerg and the monster beast will refine their bodies.
Compared with the female method king, it is the smallest, although it looks very fat, but it is the most flexible, but it is not very lucky. When it jumped, it was confirmed that there was no red-violet fire, but when it jumped, it suddenly floated past.
This female method king is Xu Rui as an experimental body. The corpse worm is cultured from infancy in a place where it is resentful and angry, and then cultured with various zombie insect monsters to form a method. If it is infected with it, it will produce a method egg, which means that the victim will soon become a zombie.
It’s been more than 400 years since she was so overbearing, but it has been hidden by Xu Rui. This is because it has taken up two names: bad and dare not.
The first problem can’t be directly controlled. Normally, a person who has been hit by the method king should listen to the control of the mother method king’s trainer, but when the mother method king is cultivated, she will turn it back on her trainer, and no one can control it except Xu Rui, who has mastered its weakness.
The second problem is that the practitioner infected by the method and the monster beast will not be controlled by its mother method, which will turn the middle method into a zombie, and in the process of zombie formation, all foreign bodies that do not belong to the original body will be killed, and the middle method will certainly not be controlled by the mother method king.
Xu Rui asked people to put the mother method king here. There was an idea that if he couldn’t capture it, he would turn Tianjue City into a zombie. When he rose in the dead city, he had the highest expectation. But he didn’t expect Hu Yingxue to get into the habit of throwing red-violet fire when he saw hatred and anger.
A bunch of eggs in the belly can make people turn into zombies, and they can still be alive and kicking. It is conceivable that the mother’s hatred for Shaqi is heavy, even if she meets a bunch of small flames, it will be a disaster, let alone jump into a red-violet fire and roll around desperately. It is inevitable that she will be covered with dense flames.
Mother method of the king can’t send won’t happen like zerg and monster beast resin smelting roar will be rolled in situ didn’t hear the sound behind a few zerg and monster beast resin smelting in the distance all don’t know what happened.
The zerg, who was heading, was jumping when he suddenly found a fire rolling from the stairs. The fire rolled very fast and hit it before it could react. Although the zerg was attached with a lot of resentment, it was immediately wrapped in fire.
It’s not much different from single-celled organisms. Unlike the mother method king, those zerg are zerg and human descendants, and they have no less wisdom than human beings. At this time, they decided to abandon the strength of the skin attached to the surface of the flame and make a barrier in the skin, and then shake off the burning skin with a shake of force.
The zerg’s resilience is very fast, but it’s only a few breathing hours. The zerg has completely recovered and given birth to new flesh. You can’t see that it has shaken off a rotten skin before, and this consumption seems to be nothing to it, and it has no effect on its action ability.
That fire is still trying to twist its body wildly to consume the flame. When the mother method king hit the zerg, he was kicked and rolled a few steps, and then he continued to roll, because he had seen a zerg stained with red-violet fire, just like the following zerg and the monster beast smelting corpse, they all hid at the right time.
I didn’t stop it, but I was covered in red-violet fire, so the king rolled all the way down the stairs. Even if there was a corner on each floor, it couldn’t stop it from continuing to roll, so it rolled all the way to the end and finally rushed into the black fog at the bottom without any pause.
Mother method of the king rely on is the body method of the body strength can’t compare with a second-order low-level monster beast can’t come out of the sea of fire and black fog, so but before he could conquer, he was dead, with its lesson, continues to move the zerg and monster beast resin refining are added a few minutes more careful.
However, you can’t get past that flight of stairs by being more careful. The higher the fire density is, the more gaps there are. Zerg and monster beast smelting corpses choose to stay. Slowly, the gaps are getting less and less, and soon there will be no gaps, but they have passed through.
On the strength, these zerg and monster beast resin refining are much more powerful than the mother method king. Being touched by the fire of red-violet industry will not be as defenseless as the mother method king. It is a challenge for them to walk a distance in the fire of red-violet industry with their own strength, but it is not difficult to do it.
I found that the monster beast was approaching the zerg, and immediately acted. First, I filled my body with strength and added several layers of shields to my body, and then I rushed into the fire together.
Even if several layers of protective cover are condensed on the body surface, it can’t be changed to condense the protective cover. This fact ensures that the body will not be affected by the red-violet fire. Whenever the outermost protective cover shows signs of breaking, the innermost protective cover will immediately have another layer.
The higher the density of red-violet fire, the more you want to rush. You must keep sticking to the condensation shield on the body surface. You must pay attention to the condensation shield. You can’t stop in the fire. You can’t get rid of the red-violet fire like the former zerg. Once something goes wrong, it is a female method king.
In the power control, several Zerg are very good, and there is no mistake at all in this process. Although nearly half of the power was consumed because of the non-stop condensation of the shield, in the end, it was rushed out from the red-violet industry fire
In this respect, the monster beast can’t be compared with the Zerg. Although the body can walk freely, after all, it is necessary for the resin refiner to control the condensed shield. It is necessary for the resin refiner to order several monster beasts to be refined because of the command, and the flexibility is far less than that without being bound to the Zerg.
However, the defense force of resin refining is much stronger than that of Zerg. Even if it is a big nemesis of resentment and anger, the red-violet fire can persist for a while after losing the protection of the protective cover. It has been tempered for thousands of times because of various poisons. Their surface skin is like armor. If the red-violet fire does not burn through that layer of skin, there will be no problem.
However, no matter whether the back is protected by the protective cover or blocked by the red-violet industry fire by relying on its own skin defense, it takes a lot of strength for several zerg and monster beast to refine their corpses. Fortunately, the zerg who was forced to give up his flesh is somewhat different from the zerg.
It took a lot of energy to restore the damaged flesh, so when it rushed out from the inside, the zerg didn’t have a third of its strength left. Although it hasn’t run out yet, it will also have a certain impact on his physical mobility, such as dullness
The first zerg rushed out safely from the bottom of the cave and found that there were many people waiting for them outside. The zerg had just come out from the inside and Hu Yingxue and other practitioners attacked here.
Several other zerg can still be compared. From continuing to hold up the protective cover in vitro, they will stop all the attacks from the opposite side. Only the zerg can’t keep up with the brain because of his body. Although he succeeded in avoiding the past several continuous attacks, he was avoiding the continuous attacks. The last one was split by a sword in his waist.
The zerg waist seems to be protected. Although the sword was split there, it didn’t leave any wound there. However, due to the great impact force, it was not related to petite, and its body was actually picked to half.
I didn’t expect this effect to happen. Qingyang didn’t continue to attack the sword. Perhaps it was to recognize that the Zerg should be Qingyang’s opponent. Others didn’t attack the Zerg at this time. No one attacked the Zerg again, but it moved back a long distance because of a sudden gust of wind.
The gust of wind rushed to the gray column occupied by the red-violet industry fire, made a turn and flew back. When turning, several flames were entrained. One of the red-violet flowers happened to fall on the ground because of the passionate attitude.
There is no shield, and it can’t resist the red-violet fire for a while, and the skin will fall seven times. When the zerg reacts, it is already full of flames, and many flames are consumed by physical strength, which is not as big as the previous one.
The flame is much smaller, but the Zerg can’t get rid of the red-violet industry fire again in that way. Because of its physical strength, it won’t stick to it in a few minutes, and it won’t get rid of it. The red-violet industry fire won’t die for a while, so it can be full of sadness and unwilling to roar in situ.
Although they have lived in peace at the bottom for many years, the zerg just doesn’t have any compatriots to love this kind. In that zerg, the tallest one is the eye of several small and medium-sized zerg leaders. Not only is his strength not as good as before, but it seems that he won’t last long and will be regarded by other zerg.
First, if it weren’t for the zerg who had a lot of flames, other zergs would probably divide him up because of his weakness. This weakness can devour the zerg’s recovery, but the zerg army was taken on the responsibility of guarding the city wall and the repairman was desperately intercepted outside the city.
Without those zerg’s companions, restoring strength is the most effective means of recovery. The zerg is the weakest and most suitable to make such a sacrifice, but he was entangled in the fire of red-violet industry and was abandoned by other zerg, giving up that zerg, leaving the weakest zerg as the other sacrifices.
There is not much difference between these zerg and normal people. At first glance, the temple practitioners with dead bones ran out of the hole. Pay attention to some marks on their ears and corners of the mouth, and immediately you can be sure that they are all mixed-race zerg and human practitioners like monty.
Knowing the dangers of the Zerg, no one will think that it is wrong to exterminate this hybrid. What they saw was that they had already brewed their moves before they rushed out of the pit and smashed it.
Hu Yingxue was the only one who didn’t take part in this round of attack. At this time, some practitioners didn’t get up to speed up their recovery. She had to continue to hold on and vacate some aura from the secret mansion to help those people recover.
Hu Yingxue has been staring at the situation at the mouth of the cave because he may join the battle at any time. He saw several zergs throwing a zerg down and being thrown down. Although the zerg struggled, it was still killed. The zerg was divided into several other zerg bodies, and its breath was much stronger than before.
At this time, a few big guys slowly climbed out of the hole in a flame and walked to the front. The Zerg was very active, and their bodies shook together, and they saw that they were burning and the flame suddenly jumped up and then suddenly narrowed, and then they saw a big table tennis flame bouncing from them.
See the monster beast resin shake out a lot of small clusters of flames, in addition to the original because of the body burning more than flame pain howl that other zerg are hurriedly hid from others shake off shake after several monster beast resin also immediately scattered.
Although some zergs were restored, they were not satisfied. Even though the zerg outside the city was almost stimulated by that painful howling zerg and entered the crazy mode, Qi Xin, the defender of the city, worked together or destroyed the barrier of the large array of Tianjue City to protect the city. They decided to create some help themselves.
Speaking of zerg, it is also a kind of female method, and some males and females also need to be paired. Every mature zerg can produce a bunch of worms if it wants to live alone, and it must be found a suitable parasitic host at a certain time.
Those zergs want to create power for themselves, that is, a large number of zergs derived from insect parasitism directly devour the practitioners. The zerg power cannot be supplemented, but the practitioners can be supplemented by devouring when they are turned into zergs by insects. With this decision, many bugs scattered from them and flew towards the square.
The bugs released by the Zerg are very small and easily overlooked, which is why before the birth of Baixiao Dan, practitioners often let the bugs get into the body unconsciously, and most of them will not be discovered when they are discovered. As a result, they are successfully assimilated into the Zerg by parasitic worms.
Now, due to the publicity of Hu Ying Xue, the prescription Baixiao Dan has been added to the Tian Shu Palace by Pujia. Those who enter the venue are required to swallow a Baixiao Dan to remove the dead bones. Other practitioners should be all there. At this time, everyone in the square is Mahayana, with one exception.
Those insects can pass through the forbidden enchantment, and Hu Ying’s snow can’t stop them from entering the square. There is no need to stop them. The repairers found out that the insects immediately accelerated their movement speed, but they came to a sudden stop at a distance. Someone took two steps forward and made them retreat a lot.
The unexpected scene didn’t appear, which made a few zerg wandering in front of the pit become grumpy. In this case, they usually chose their companions around them and didn’t want to be a sacrifice. They all pulled away from each other.
When the zerg were deadlocked, the tenth-order bear monster beast was left with blood in its eyes when it was refined. First, it maintained a standing posture, looked up and let out a long whistle, and then arched its back on all fours.
At the same time, Tian Shu Palace is located in the palace of Tianjue City. A man suddenly vomited one mouthful blood and heard the movement in the room. The little bodyguard hurried out and asked, "Elder Qu, do you need me to call someone?"
The man known as Elder Qu is named Qu Sheng, and his identity in Tian Shu Palace is Elder Ke Qing’s face in the Temple of Dan. He is a man who has a great reputation in the world of mixed yuan, but his true identity is that Xu Rui spent a lot of effort to cultivate a corpse.
It’s the best one among the resin refining people trained by Xurui people. Naturally, it’s very popular with Xurui. Xurui has declared that he is his only brother. Because of this letter, Xurui pursues the perfect plan and wants the monster beast to refine the resin. When he can’t find a suitable tenth-order monster beast, he will follow him for many years and give him the beast.
In fact, it turns out that it’s just a fitting period. How can you control the tenth-order monster beast? This problem has not been discovered. When he starts the resin refining, it’s just to control it from the bottom, which has made him almost exhausted his physical strength. He was immediately attacked without pressing it.
Chapter 426 Crazy crack to bear Promethean ()
The guards rushed in outside and found Qusheng lying on his side with one foot on the soft couch. The blood was stained on his chest. I don’t know the personnel. The little guards immediately shouted, "Somebody, Elder Qu was assassinated."
In addition to being countered, the little bodyguard couldn’t figure out that Qu Sheng would suddenly become like this, and he couldn’t think of it at all. Just because he shouted, all the later generations believed that Qu Sheng had been countered and found that it wasn’t in the fierce beast Tian Shu Palace, which became a mess.
There’s a mess in the square, and there’s no better way to refine the corpse. Yes, but controlling physical activity is still forcibly sealed in it. If you are physically strong and tortured before you die, you have a nearly half chance of entering the crazy state after getting rid of it. That’s the case with the ten-order bear monster beast.
At first glance, the ten-order monster beast knew that he was tortured before his death, and there was a huge scar on his back and abdomen from shoulder to waist. The shoulder also showed more than half of his shoulder blades, and the bones had turned purple and gold. If you didn’t listen to it roar, you could see that it was a bear monster beast, but you couldn’t tell whether it was a cracked bear.
The crack bear is a monster beast of the earth spirit root. In addition to being good at using earth magic, it has great strength. It can also make amazing cracks in the ground without using a single blow of earth magic. This kind of monster beast has a particularly high defense ability. Many dharma practitioners like to sign them as fighting beasts.
Ten-order monster beast generally won’t sign this war beast in those days. Xu Rui played a trick to arrange for someone to hurt it and then the image of a kind rescuer appeared in front of it. Most monster beasts are very simple. Xu Rui just fooled him a little and let him take the initiative to be another war beast.
This cracked bear is loyal to Xu Rui, but he doesn’t know that in Xu Rui’s eyes, it is just a label that can make him more eye-catching. When Xu Rui no longer needs the tenth-order monster beast to decorate himself, he will not hesitate to throw it to Qu Sheng, a resin refining person.
To refine the ten-order monster beast into a refined corpse, we should not only let it taste the extreme pain of the body and soul, but also let it have a mental breakdown. Because of the moment of mental breakdown, Xiu Yuan is lower than this is the crack, and the bear will have an opportunity to achieve this goal.
The monster beast is generally unwilling to give up his loyalty. Once he gives up his loyalty, he will give up his whole heart. He is still looking forward to Xu Rui’s rescue. After hearing the truth, he immediately relaxed. At that time, he was tortured by Qu Sheng and was dying. This excitement will kill him.
Qu Sheng also took a risk at the beginning to make his position waver at that time and regain his tailbone. He gambled on his own life. If he failed to control it, he would be stunned by himself on the spot. Anyway, it was a gamble at that time. Seeing that Xiong Xurui had become a corpse, he announced that he was his brother on the spot.
Qu Sheng didn’t expect that it was Xu Rui who actually knew that there was something wrong with the cracked bear when he saw it. It was just as good to hide it in the snow all these years. Steel wanted him to go undercover in Tian Shu Palace on the cutting edge, and Xu Rui didn’t intend to see this nominal brother again from the moment he was sent abroad.

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