Looking at the taxi leaving, I sighed lightly, and the driver’s master really suspected that she was coming to catch the rape! After all this, she believes in her man, but why is she still angry when she sees him eating out with another woman?

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She walked around the car once. She said that if she met this car again, she must not let it go! Making her two minutes late and being punished by that animal, eating sausage is full of tears!
But she is a good child who knows the law. It is immoral to nail and scratch the paint, but let it go. She is not willing to simply kick her feet on the front bumper and turn around and walk to the western restaurant.
On the second floor, in front of a window, the girl opposite NiHaoDong heard an alarm sound from her mobile phone just after she ordered the meal, indicating that her car was being touched. She turned her head and looked towards the face. This position was just enough to see her car. She saw a woman in professional clothes kicking her feet at her car and turned her head and left.
"Hey you Sioux City people how so? My car is parked there. Why is that woman going to kick a few feet? " She looked angrily at NiHaoDong and found that he had just withdrawn his sight from the window. He had a faint smile on his mouth and gentle eyes. She was in a trance for a moment. Just now, she thought he was a cold-faced private Bao Qingtian. It turned out that he could laugh, too! And the smile is particularly charming!
It’s a pity that she hasn’t seen enough Ni Haodong’s eyes turn to her face from the window, and it’s already cold
"Why? Am I wrong? Are you blaming me for hitting all of you in Sioux City? I was just angry and thoughtless. In fact, I know there are many good people and few bad people everywhere. You just saw how rude that woman was! What kicked my car? No matter whether she was dumped by a man or beaten by her stepmother, she can’t be angry with me! I belong to the kind of lying down and getting shot! "
"Ok" NiHaoDong suddenly said such two words.
The girl opposite blinked a pair of big eyes and long eyelashes. After listening to Ni Haodong’s sentence "It’s okay", she was stunned. Is there a generation gap? They are ten years apart. It is necessary to have a generation gap!
After Ann fell into the western restaurant, she glanced at the first floor and didn’t find Ni Haodong and the girl. So she went straight to the second floor and the first floor, and she heard a sweet greasy voice and said with a smile, "The taste here is quite authentic. I especially like to eat this squid. You should try it."
Then she put a piece in Ni Haodong’s plate and said sweetly, "This fish doesn’t have thorns. I’m lazy and don’t like to pull thorns. Why don’t you eat it?"
Ni Haodong picked up the piece of Yuli fish and poured it back into her plate, explaining coldly, "I’m not used to being given food by others."
The girl bowed her head and pursed her lips as soft as jelly.
"Give me a paella." An Luo sat down beside Ni Haodong and smiled politely at the attendant.
NiHaoDong twist a head to see a face of indifference sitting beside him, and the soft light overflowed in her eyes. The girl across the street was suspicious when she heard someone talking. She looked up and saw AnLuo instantly. Although she didn’t see what the woman who kicked her car looked like just now, she knew her clothes and tied her ponytail. She didn’t expect this woman to be so young and beautiful!
"You you you! You just kicked my car! "
"Yes," Ann laid her napkin on her leg and raised her face to look at the girl opposite.
"What makes you kick my car? Did I annoy you? "
"You just pissed me off."
NiHaoDong hand on the table quietly fell on the thigh AnLuo stretched out his hand and took his big hand and palm into a claw in his hand force pinch NiHaoDong frowned and still maintained a indifferent expression AnLuo will suddenly appear, he was surprised but also very heart, even now his hand was pinched by her, he also felt warm in my heart.
"hey, I haven’t met anyone who is unreasonable than you! Not only did you kick my car, but you also came to ruin my date with my friends. Are you motivated? "
Anluo didn’t answer her, but turned to one side and Ni Haodong raised his eyebrows and asked him, "Did I ruin your date?"
"No, it’s not a date. It’s just a little social entertainment." Ni Haodong added in the shocked eyes of the girl opposite, "It’s a surprise for me to see my wife when she talks."
Ann glared at him, and saw his warm smile on his face and the tenderness in his eyes. Just now, her anger dissipated. She loosened her grip on his soft palm and rubbed the place she had just pinched.
"Madam, this young lady is Qiu Ruier, the granddaughter of Commander Qiu in Beijing. My grandfather had a friendship with Commander Qiu. This time, Commander Qiu specifically told me to take more care of his granddaughter. Chen Shuai and Yang Bai went out to do business. When they come back, I will arrange Chen Shuaicheng to accompany Miss Qiu to get familiar with Sioux City environment."
"madam? You, you call her madam? " Qiu Ruier was dumbfounded. She didn’t hear grandpa say that Ni Shao was married. And this Gao Lengni Shao didn’t say more than five words to her this afternoon. Ni Shao was so patient to explain to this woman?
"It’s my wife. Didn’t you just say you wanted to call me uncle? Then call her aunt. "
Text 224 Don’t mess with me
Aunt? Qiu Ruier was dumbfounded. She wanted to call Uncle NiHaoDong because she wanted to be charming! Do you understand coquetry? Are you really an elder?
An Luo saw Qiu Ruier’s bulging expression on the opposite side, and she felt sorry for her. Ni Haodong had no interest and indifference, and not everyone could bear it!
"Forget it, call my aunt and call me elder sister!" An Luo hooked up her lips and assumed an atmosphere. She said softly that Qiu Ruier pursed her mouth and looked out of the window. It was a good atmosphere. Suddenly, a stirring thing rushed out and she brazenly told her to call her sister. Why?
An Luo called Spanish paella to Qiu Ruier. He looked angrily out of the window for a while and then turned around to see Ni Haodong grabbing something to eat in an Luo bowl with a spoon. Isn’t he a neat freak? Why is it so delicious to eat a bowl of rice with others now?
"I’m sorry, Brother Ni, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. I want to go back to the hotel first." Qiu Ruier got up but didn’t leave immediately. Ni Haodong didn’t wait for him to say "I’ll send you", but he personally fed him a mouthful of rice, then raised his eyebrows and looked at her coldly and said, "Since it’s uncomfortable, go back early. I’ll send someone to accompany you someday."
Qiu Ruier wanted to say no, but after thinking about it, she felt that it might seem that she was too melodramatic. She picked up her bag and nodded lightly and said "Got it".
After she went out one step, she suddenly stopped and turned around. She looked puzzled and asked, "Sister, did you just kick my car because I was eating here with Brother Ni? You are too suspicious and stingy. Brother Ni is the president of a big company. Alas, even if he doesn’t eat with me today, he may eat with other women, right? Can you guarantee that all partners are monks? You are so stingy, always guessing that Brother Xi Ni will be very tired, you know? I’m so busy in the company that I have to coax you when I get home from the company. Why don’t you think about how to share your worries with Brother Ni? But you know how to be jealous and playful all day? "
"Who said that I kicked your car because of this meal?" Anluopa wiped her mouth, leaned back in her chair and looked at her coldly.
"What is that for?"
Ann frowned, looked up at her with clear eyes and asked, "Two days ago in fenglin road, your car blocked my way, and I was stopped by a red light, so I was punished!"
NiHaoDong listened to provoke the eyebrow turned out to be so high! So he was served by her that day, so he wanted to die, and he had to thank Qiu Ruier?
Qiu Ruier’s eyes rolled lightly, as if remembering that she suddenly got a little impression. On that day, while she was answering the phone, she saw a red Mercedes-Benz turn left and right in the rearview mirror, trying to overtake her. She was in a bad mood at that time, so she deliberately turned left and right. Don’t let it overtake. Was it her original owner?
"I didn’t mean it that day! You must be so haggle over every ounce. I’m a novice driver and have no experience. I may have shaken you on the highway! "
"in! That’s how I like to hold grudges. Miss Qiu still remembers not to mess with me! " Ann fell down and bowed their heads and continued to eat and stood there with Qiu Ruier as gas.
"Hum! Two slow! " Qiu Ruier snorted, pursed her mouth, picked up her bag, turned and left, and settled down. Listening to the high-heeled shoes stomping on the wooden stairs, she made a heavy bang. Did Qiu Ruier want to poke a hole in the stairs carefully?
After she left, Ni Haodong looked at her with one hand on her side face and asked, "Follow me?"
"Ha ha" Ann twist a head to blunt he smile don’t smile suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed his ear sound cold up "I just want to come over to you for dinner on a whim, only to find that your little life is moist enough? Have lunch with a little beauty? Look at that girl’s eyes staring at me when she left. I can’t wait to pick me up and throw me upstairs so that she can continue to enjoy your warm lunch with you! "
"psst, murder my husband!"
Ni Haodong’s deliberately raised voice caused people around to look askance. When she saw that many people were looking at her, she immediately let go of her hand and stretched out her face in front of him. After waiting for a while, she listened to him hold her hand and said softly, "Although it is wrong for my wife to pull my ear today, I decided not to clap my hands because my wife’s attitude is still sincere."
Section 17
"You think too much! I asked you for some money! I have no money! "
"How much?"
"Don’t you say 3 thousand a month?"
"Well, 2 yuan will give you 1 after deducting your violation."
Ann looked down at her hands and ran through ten thousand nm with a thin thousand dollars in her heart.
In order to save the taxi money, Ni Haodong was asked to send her to the interview. Ni Haodong asked Zhou Mi to bring his car over a little bit. When he was a child, he waited to take her to the company. There was still about a distance to settle down, so he let him park his car on the side of the road.
Ni Haodong pulled her from the co-pilot, so he hit the goalkeeper in the back seat and stuffed her into the back seat, and then he followed her in.
"Don’t let me walk you to the door?" NiHaoDong stretched out his hand and put his arm around her in her arms and reminded her to ask in a low voice
"no! In case your company employees recognize your car, it will be bad. "Anluowo put his arms around his waist and slowly frowned and said," In fact, I still like filming best. "
Ni Haodong’s face suddenly sank when he heard it. He squeezed her and shook her for a few times. He said in a dull tone, "You’ll never have another chance to cuddle with another man!"
Ann’s eyes rolled over, stretched out his hand and pushed him in his hand, and his brow was faint. She likes filming, but now she is pregnant, and when the baby is born two years later, she will be twenty-five years old. A large number of new stars will emerge in this period, and her current online drama is not bad, and it has long been covered up by many movies and TV shows like the tide.
Start over at the age of 25? With a child? Well, Ni Haodong is having fun this time! Even if she has the heart to work hard in the film industry, she is doomed to have lost the best opportunity and time.
She took out lipstick from her bag and put a thin layer of red lips on her lips at the small round mirror, gently licking and stirring the heartstrings.
"how? Do you think if I blow a fresh kiss to the interviewer later, will he decide to hire me immediately? "
Text 225 Want to sneak me?
Her mouth was tightly sealed by him before she spoke. He pressed her against the armchair, kissed her rosy lips and lowered her eyelashes gently, which gave off from his body. His overbearing kiss and hot and powerful squeezing of his palm on her chest made her short of breath, and her body gradually became soft in his arms.
After NiHaoDong let her go, she exhaled breath as if all the gas in her body had been pumped by him in that kiss just now.
He was satisfied to see that she had just put on a big red lipstick and was eaten up by him. He reached out his finger and gently rubbed her slightly swollen lips. There was a slight smile on his mouth. "It’s my job to leave your boss. You have to coax me into everything."
An Luo narrowed his eyes and stared at him. "Is manager Ni trying to sneak up on me?"
Ni Haodong’s mouth smile increased. He quickly reached out and played a loud brain rush on his forehead. He smiled, "The potential is you!"

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