Ye Piao repeatedly sneered, hey hey, I didn’t want to run away and talk, but my right hand turned to palm a black corpse and pointed at it.

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Skyshattering refers to the fact that as the leaves float in the air and drink a huge gas blade that lasts for a hundred feet, it seems to break this side of the world. Generally, Lexus firm but gentle blows together with a shocking roar.
Boom, noise, roar, firm but gentle resin gas violently collided together, and suddenly it was dark, and the end of the world came. Generally, the surrounding houses were collapsed and scattered with debris.
And the street is even more terrible. The huge cracks are everywhere. The street has become a big pit and a small depression at the moment. This earth-shattering spell is also a match, but Ye Piao’s super pursuit ability quickly took over.
Tu Shen’s hand was full of smoke and dust before it dissipated, and then it came again. Ye Piao roared with anger, and the strange black paws reappeared firmly on Lexus’ chest.
Ling Zhiti’s violent force nearly killed him. Seeing that he breathed a mouthful of blood, his body was still broken, and the dust fell as hard as a kite.
Poof Lexus is another blood spray, which has dyed a large area of his own land red.
A white-haired old man in the crowd saw the overbearing butcher’s hand and face showing a trace of confusion, and recalled the style of Excalibur’s theory of beauty just now. Suddenly, his face changed and he cried, it turned out to be him. I know who he is. He is Wu Duanfeng.
This crowd was suddenly in an uproar, and people all looked at the corpse, and a scream rang out in succession.
Ah, that’s right. No wonder his martial arts are so familiar. It’s all Wu Duanfeng’s stunts when he was fighting against the quartet 500 years ago.
Yes, when the old man was there, Wu Duanfeng did perform his own stunts, including these two types of lighter.
Oh, my God, he turned out to be Wu Duanfeng. Isn’t Wu Duanfeng more than one person? Isn’t Wu Duanfeng now in the remains of a body discovered in southern Xinjiang? Why is there another one here now?
Lexus smell speech was also shocked. He didn’t expect that his fight turned out to be a shock to the cultivation world five hundred years ago. No wonder it was so strong.
Ye Piao frowns at this moment and looks at the people who are talking about it. Is it true that Wu Duanfeng has some kind of connection, but he has never met Wu Duanfeng? It seems that he can reach the remains of body discovered in southern Xinjiang as soon as possible and find the true Wu Duanfeng. This is the 20th chapter of Tianxuan Gate.
Ha ha ha, just as everyone was talking about it, Lexus was seriously injured, but suddenly burst out laughing, which caused Ye Piao to frown and look at Lexus coldly.
Lexus staggered up and wiped the corners of her mouth. If the blood was crazy, I didn’t expect that I could fight against the wind. Hahahaha said that I am not weak. I remember you with the wind. One day I will completely defeat you into a generation of myths. Then I suddenly stood up and jumped to the distance. The same sensitive ape blinked and disappeared, leaving a burst of laughter.
Leaves gone with the wind to see each other actually chose to retreat from the war is not a cold face to chase, I didn’t expect to rush from the crowd and surround four big men dressed in black armor. Leaves gone with the wind have murderous look in their eyes and fought back their anger. Who are you?
Ha, ha, ha, Ge’s good strength can actually defeat the madman Lexus. It’s a hearty laugh. From behind Ye Piao, Ye Piao leaned forward curiously, but it was a man dressed in white, handsome, handsome, fair, white-faced, white-eyed, and full of silks and satins, accompanied by jade. He was really a rich man.
Ye Piao frowned and asked who are you?
The young man laughed. I am Ruan Suxiong, the general of Rowen.
Wow, he is the general commander of Rowen. He is really a tiger, father, dog and so on.
Yes, the first family of Dahan has always been a pillar of the country. It’s really a noble queen.
When Ruan Suxiong reported his family, there was a noise in the crowd immediately, or it might be a kiss-up. It seems that this Rowen general really has the strength to hear these comments, and Ruan Suxiong proudly displayed his folding fans in his hand.
Oh, Ye Piao should be faint. He doesn’t like this second sai-jo the most, so he glanced at the four big men and asked Ruan Xiong what this means.
Ruan Suxiong behaved gracefully before walking slowly. After I saw Ye Gong’s extraordinary skill and celebrity, I invited Ye Gong to go to the ancient ruins in southern Xinjiang to find out whether Ye Gong wanted it.
Ye Piao glanced at Ruan Suxiong, who had a plan in mind, and said, I’m sorry, but I’m not used to people with me. Then he turned to leave.
Ruan Suxiong was startled and one leng. Perhaps no one dared him to talk like this before. Seeing Ye Piao leaving, Ruan Suxiong’s face changed slightly. In front of so many people, he couldn’t be so embarrassed that Ye Piao left and suddenly sank. Ye Gong hoped that you would consider it clearly. I am a man of my word. It is best not to make me angry.
At this time, the four big men pulled the waist sabre together and glared at each other as if they were demonstrating to Ye Piao.
Ye Piao’s eyes glanced coldly at one of these big men. Suddenly, he was impatient with cold hum. He stepped forward with his right foot. This seemingly ordinary step was like a meteorite hitting the ground when he landed. Suddenly, the house shook and the terrible cracks spread from the soles of Ye Piao’s feet, scaring the four big men. They were all frightened and almost fell down.
In a short time, the ground was calm again, but Ye Piao’s feet showed a few feet deep footprint crack, and all the people were frightened. It was wait for a while who looked at Ye Piao’s field.
Ye Piao turned to look pale and Ruan Suxiong said in a cold tone. You’d better not make me angry unless you recognize that your hands and body are hard.
Strong and overbearing, this is a unified evaluation of Ye Piao by the people present. People seem to have seen Wu Duanfeng’s reincarnation 500 years ago. This biting character is simply Wu Duanfeng’s truth.
Ye Piao took a cold look at Ruan Suxiong and then turned to Xiao Lingyu in the direction, but Ruan Suxiong couldn’t say a word at the moment. There was no way for others to put their strength there. Although they were after General Rowen, they were still a ghost after Wu broke the wind. They didn’t buy their own accounts.
Brother Xiao Lingyu immediately smiled when he saw Ye Piao winning. He threw his arms into Ye Piaohuai’s mid-floating, spoiled and rubbed his head and smiled. It’s okay.
Well, Xiao Lingyu nodded happily and sat on her shoulder. Kohane was also excited to chirp.
Leaves gone with the wind turned to look at the purple clothes female laughed thank you.
Purple clothes female polite smile asked Ye Gong ready to go to southern Xinjiang?
Ye Piao nodded slightly.
The girl in purple immediately smiled and saw that Ye Piao, the girl in purple, seemed to be bathed in the spring breeze. It was so comfortable and comfortable. It was really a smile and charming, but the feeling of intoxication was so sudden that Ye Piao woke up. Ethel brought harm to himself and will never forget it, because it was the first time that he had been heartbroken by the opposite sex, and it was also the first time that he had been sold by the opposite sex and almost died.
The woman in purple laughs. Well, do we want to go with Ye Gong, our sister?
Ye Piao wanted to shake his head, but Xiao Lingyu nodded, yes, yes, and then he pulled Ye Piao’s collar, blinked his eyes, and looked like a pity-seeker. With a thick nasal voice, he said that his brother was like a sister, and the two sisters were fine.
When Ling Yu asked Ye Piao to rarely refuse, this time, of course, it will not be an exception. Thank you for your respect for Ye.

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