Poor pain came to his mind wave after wave, and this pain scratched his heart to resist it.

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Uncomfortable than uncomfortable.
This is ten thousand times more painful than he enjoys the pain of tearing his soul, or it can’t be compared at all.
Muhai’s persistence is like slowing down ten thousand times for ten thousand years.
Finally, the pain of bathing in the sea has not decreased, but has increased again
"I will definitely make it!"
Muhai encouraged himself to absorb these feelings constantly.
Ten breaths passed, and the pain disappeared this time. He succeeded!
Muhai was relieved, and this time, the soul force was full of instant Muhai, which increased by 100,000 times.
This time, due to the increase of soul pain resistance, the pain has been relieved a lot.
In this way, the number of Muhai increased tenfold again in the original multiple.
When a day passed quickly, Muhai looked relaxed without any pain, and his body and mind were feeling the pairwise combination array.
Two days passed and Muhai grinned.
Three days later, Muhai smiled heartily, and he succeeded!
It took him a total of four days to successfully complete the comprehension of the combination of two runes.
This is a miracle. If you are too old, you will be surprised and scared.
Muhai looked confident in front of the promenade today.
He strode in front of the test without looking at it. It was 100% correct to wave his hands at will.
The road card can’t automatically hit ten minutes, and Muhai has come to an end.
"Young people congratulations! You are a genius! Not only is it gifted, but its mental fortitude is even more terrifying. It is more successful than a four-day challenge, which I am afraid has never appeared in history! "
Virtual shadow smiled at Muhaiyin, full of praise.
When I heard this, Muhai’s eyes shone with pride.
"Don’t be complacent, young people. The last is the ultimate test."
Speaking of this, the virtual shadow paused with his hands behind his back, so he said, "Tell your competitor that he has finished 70%. When you want to surpass him, it will be less than half of him."
Muhai immediately put away his pride when he heard this.
I can’t wait to think that Chi Shaoyang is almost finished, and I can’t wait to rush in now.
"Never let him succeed" Muhai clenched his fist and looked at the virtual shadow "Tailaojun, please send me in quickly"
Seeing Mu Hai’s anxious appearance, he shook his head slightly. "Young man, don’t you even want to know the rules?"
When I heard this, Muhai couldn’t help but look at the virtual shadow with an awkward look. "Don’t sell it if you are too old. Say the rules quickly."
Virtual shadow nodded solemnly said.
Chapter 693 Meet an enemy
"The last one is to remember the refining method of the gluttonous warship and make the chaotic gas refine a virtual shadow warship," said the virtual shadow.
When this is said, Muhai stays where he is for a long time, but he can’t come back.
The gluttonous warship is the strongest martial arts refined by Tailaojun. It’s worse than Sun Wu’s golden cudgel, according to Master Xuan of the Flame.
Let me remember that such a sacred refining method has come?
Mu Haixin has been stormy for a long time and can’t calm down.
"Young man, have you ever heard of a gluttonous battleship?" Virtual shadow said
"Of course, I listen to my master-the flame Xuan Shi said," Muhai said.
"You mean Xiao Xuan?" Virtual shadow a surprised.
"Well" MuHai nodded.
"Ah" virtual shadow sighed before seen Li Er look generally two "ah, Xiao Xuan is I’m sorry, I have a teacher and pupil name, so I don’t have anything for him"
"My master said that you will always be his master," Muhai said.
It took a long time for the virtual shadow to calmly look at Muhai. "Young man, since you are Xiao Xuan’s apprentice, I will give this to you."
Say that finish virtual shadow threw a piece of purple spar to MuHai.
"This … is?" Muhai then spar not look one leng.
As soon as I started, a warm and cool airflow rushed to my chest and finally went straight to my mind. If my soul force disappeared, the stone would keep filling up.
It’s a miracle. I didn’t expect such a good thing. It’s too big for the virtual shadow to say that it’s too big to send.
"This is the crystal that moistens the soul, which can be instantly filled for the lost soul." Virtual shadow said.
"What? Run the soul crystal? "
Muhai took this purple stone and earned it as a treasure.

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