But La Livache continued to say nothing.

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So the whole room finally fell into complete silence.
Silence made the first two people sitting around consciously gather their breath and straighten their bodies.
There is an uneasy smell in the air.
No one dared to speak, as if afraid that his voice had offended the god who stood in the darkness and caused death.
After a long silence, Piero felt that his body was going to freeze.
"Ha-"La Livache suddenly smiled.
Laughed softly but broke the silence.
Hudson and Piero can’t help but take a long breath.
But before they finished breathing out that breath, their bodies froze again, and it was even more terrible than before.
Inra Livache said, "Galen is dead."
This is a completely irrelevant sentence, but it doesn’t prevent Hudson and Piero from sweating like a pig.
If there were no dark packages and robes to stop them, the two of them would definitely be able to see each other’s livid faces clearly.
Because they all know one thing: La Livache on the night Galen died …
He doesn’t know where he went.
And intuition …
"Foehrer ZhuoDeXue is really beautiful" La Livache sighed again. He just sighed and got up from the theme and walked into the darkness.
Vaguely, I can still hear him laughing.
"He just said …" Hudson was silent for a long time until La Livache should really be gone before saying "Foehrer Zhuo Dexue …"
"It’s beautiful" Piero accepted this sentence and swallowed hard.
The swallow was so bigger than himself in the silent room that he was startled.
I don’t know what. At that moment, he suddenly remembered the swallowing of Livache who strangled Galen at night.
He said he was really hungry.
The air is like a smell of blood.
Piero suddenly felt like vomiting.
After more than a month, Chen Senran saw Ritz again at the Obsidian Library.
This big bald man still wears his old-fashioned glasses as before, holding Faust, which has remained unchanged for ten thousand years, fascinated by the dim magic desk lamp.
"Welcome back, young man. It’s lucky that you didn’t die." He didn’t show too much surprise when he saw Chen Senran. He pushed his nose and glanced at his old glasses. Chen Senran still had time to turn over a page. "Sit down. Honestly, I don’t miss you at all."
"I don’t want you to be bald at all." Chen Senran replied to him along the teasing tone of Ritz and pulled a chair opposite Ritz.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. It seems that the ghost weather in the north has not made you dull, but your sense of humor is better than that of your front foot." Ritz took off his old glasses with a low smile and closed them.
"That …" Little Annie, who has been hiding behind Chen Senran and some are afraid to come out of the darkness, suddenly timidly said, "Where’s your wife?"
Her voice is as soft as a cat’s, and she seems a little afraid of getting an answer.
"She’s gone." Ritz rubbed his eyes, tired from watching for a long time, and looked at half hiding behind Chen Senran, like a shy little girl. "Go back to her place."
"But why is she leaving?" My girl was a little excited and jumped out from behind Chen Senran, and then she slowly bowed her head like some embarrassedly to "not to say that …"
"Someone needs her." Ritz was surprisingly patient.
"But … we agreed to come back to see her …" The little girl’s voice became lower and lower until she finally seemed to have no confidence to speak again.
"It’s okay." Chen Senran picked her up and sat down opposite Ritz, stroking her long golden pink hair in the dim light. "Madam has her own mission, just like ourselves. We will meet again one day."
"Yeah …" Little Annie hid in Chen Senran’s arms and her mood was still not high.
Children are children.
Children will never have a good meal during the day. They have never thought about separation.
"Your body …" Ritz looked at Chen Senran again after a long time.
"It’s bad." Chen Senran nodded. Ritz is the absolute master of this continent. It’s normal for him to see that he has physical problems at a glance.
In fact, a large part of the reason why he is in such a hurry to see Ritz is that he is in poor health.
"Tell me what happened, but I heard that you destroyed a city with one hand." Ritz laughed and broke some of the original sad atmosphere.
"Which have so exaggerated I am … saved her" Chen Senran smiled and touched her arms little Anne’s little face so airily that the whole city body was taken.
"So … she is worth a city?" Ritz looked at little Annie in Chen Senran’s arms with ridicule.
"Don’t say …" Little girl that smiling face is rare red to Bogen "Don’t compare! ! !”
She buried her head deeper, but her little ears stood on end.
"How is it possible to value a city for her …" Chen Senran looked at little Annie with some awkwardness and deliberately dragged the tone.
"Chen, sen, ran, you! ! !” When the little girl heard this, she approached the outbreak directly and raised her little head to bite him.
"I can’t change ten thousand cities." Chen Senran finally laughed and rubbed her angry little face with little Annie. "Little Bitter, do you want to leave me?"
"Hum-"Little Anne snorted and hid Chen Senran’s talons, but the sound showed that she was happy. She buried her head in Chen Senran’s arms again, and the novel was annoying.
"Cough," ritz finally some can’t see cough a back to the topic "speaking of your body I can’t perceive anything …"
"My heart" Chen Senran cut off Ritz’s words and pointed to his heart "It’s gone"
"What did you say?" Ritz was surprised that the French metaphor was to be continued.
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Page 294 Galen is dead
"It’s gone in my heart." The dim magic desk lamp is absolutely dark. In the Obsidian library, Chen Senran pointed to his heart and looked at the other side with a surprised face. Ritz repeated.
Little Anne didn’t jump up because of Chen Senran’s words, because Chen Senran put her to sleep very gently as early as the moment before.

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