The Ghost Deep stopped there quietly.

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At this time, everything is done during the day. The pirates have just woken up from last night’s hangover. They either chatted and farted on the deck, saying which bitch was strong enough last night or moved a stool to sit on the shore in the sun.
It’s rare that the sun is so good today.
Speaking of which, these pirates are also idle. They are all powerful and fierce. If you can’t drag them out to rob and kill, you are naturally a first-class player.
But now it’s time to take them out to sea to rob people, but they sit in the central building of the self-management Committee and haven’t moved their ass for days
In this way, they are in an awkward position, and they can’t handle politics, let alone use their brains, and Chen Senran has robbed them of their jobs.
No wonder even proto can get drunk in pubs all day.
But the reason why Planck didn’t move his old hand was that Chen Senran also vaguely guessed what time it was. First, he hadn’t settled down yet. When the first boss of Bill Givot came, he planted his own office. Not to mention that those people were dissatisfied with Planck’s launching this practical coup, and other pirates would be dissatisfied. Second, Planck was really loyal to these people. He was actually leaving his room for manoeuvre. No matter how the situation in Bill Givot changed, he would eventually have a strongest ship on Blue Flame Island. He would eventually have a retreat.
Chen Senran guessed several points correctly, of course, but Planck really didn’t know their reasons, but Chen Senran couldn’t guess at all.
It is natural to complain about Planck’s idle pirates. After all, the boss has done his best, but he is still basking here.
This really doesn’t make sense.
"One-eyed, when do you think we can be masters of that center?" A pirate with a broken hook instead of an iron hook complained to a pirate who was blind in one eye. "I heard that that little bastard Ross got into that center and became a small boss. It sounds really irritating."
Ross is Luffy with one hand.
"It’s an idiot from the self-management center." One-eyed patted the iron hook impatiently and put it on his shoulder. "I don’t know when we can be masters. It’s better to rob and have fun, and I don’t know when the captain will take us out to sea. If we stay here, people will rust."
One-eyed is a liberal who doesn’t like restraint and wants to be a pirate.
It’s a pity that Planck’s position today makes him go to sea to rob again, and I don’t know that it will be a long time.
"Ahem, the two are very leisurely." Chen Senran coughed a little funny behind two people.
"Ah, you, Jack, why are you here?" One-eyed like being startled, immediately got up from the stool and looked at Chen Senran some passively.
Chen Senran is the only alien in the Ghost Deep because he works with Planck now.
This honor alone makes other pirates envy or hate their teeth itch.
Why can this damn new blind man follow the captain, and we have to stay here for nothing?
But Chen Senran’s status is really different now. Even the reds around Planck are dissatisfied with him again.
One-eyed also dare not show it, although he knows Chen Senran is blind, but he also knows how terrible Chen Senran’s perception is.
In his face discontent convergence up.
"Oh, if it isn’t Jack … the third mate, are you … are you the captain today?" Compared with the one-eyed attitude, the hook is even more flattering. But he dreamed that he wanted to take care of himself.
Seeing Chen Senran, Planck’s number one confidant, naturally wants to lick his shoes.
"The captain didn’t ask me to come. I came to see my friend. You didn’t treat him badly, did you?" Chen Senran shook his head no matter whether the hook will be disappointed or not, he walked to the shore and looked at the sea.
The original calm waves suddenly made waves on the sea.
Hearing a crash, a huge head came out of the sea.
The sun shines on the protruding head, and the good light shines on the metal lines and rust of the head.
This head is naturally the giant Nohles in the sea.
"You’re finally here," Nohles said angrily to Chen Senran. "I still forgot."
"I’m really sorry that things have really been a bit off lately." Chen Senran touched his nose and apologized. "I have kept you waiting."
In fact, he almost forgot about this sea giant. If it weren’t for his sore eyes this morning, he might really be moldy in Jeannot’s private dock.
"Third mate, we didn’t mistreat him. We all gave him such a big place." Although the hook was disappointed, I still drank Chen Senran and continued to talk.
Nohles was told by Chen Senran that he followed Planck back to Birgewater that day. He didn’t cause a sensation. He didn’t stay at the public pier, but quietly sneaked into this private pier belonging to Planck.
Then the pirates have long been familiar with this sea giant, and they don’t pat him very much.
Page seventy-seven Old haunt
Chen Senran left without informing Planck because he knew Planck would never let himself go at such a time.
But it happened that it was necessary for Chen Senran to do it. He had to find out what the blind thing in his body was.
Even if he still can’t find the answer this time, he will go anyway.
No matter how calm he is, the real law bears so many unknowns that he has lived in him for a long time.
Let’s make it clear a little less first.
After leaving with the pirates stationed on the Ming Yuan at will, if Captain Planck asks, he will say that I went out to sea to deal with some personal matters, which is extremely irresponsible
Chen Senran sat Nohles in the stunned eyes of a group of pirates and left.
Yeah, that’s right. He’s just sitting in Nohles
Nohles’s transformation of that unknown black substance has completely escaped from the human category, and he no longer needs sleep, eating more than breathing.
If we remove the defect that he is no longer a person, which seems to hurt a lot, he may have achieved some kind of eternal life.
Profound loneliness
Nohles is huge, even if he sits with dozens of people on his back, it won’t seem too urgent, and his seemingly bloated figure is as fast as an arrow once he swims in the sea.
He also told Chen Senran that the place where he had an accident was not far from Birgewater, because the sea conditions there were complicated and there were few ships passing by, so he was judged as an unknown sea area.
Chen Senran didn’t even bring supplies, so he sat cross-legged on Nohles’s back and went to sea.
At first glance, the gesture of going parallel to the water surface is really something of a man of god.
"It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s been so many years. Do you really remember it?" Chen Senran did everything when he was sure. This time, he was in such a hurry that he was really anxious. At this moment, he finally calmed down and frowned.
This guy can’t even tell which direction the mainland is in, and now he can still remember where the accident happened?
"Don’t worry, although I have been sleeping for more than ten years, my mind is a little unclear, but …" Said that there is almost no big fluctuation in the usual slow tone of voice here, and a trace of self-mockery and remorse flashed in the giant’s voice, and a trace of Nai complexity sighed, "I remember the taste of that place even when I am dead."
He almost growled the last few words.
This shows how much he hates what happened in those days and the place that completely distorted his fate.
"… I’m sorry," Chen Senran apologized after being silent for a while.
"No, I knew I was a monster after I woke up. This time I returned to the human world and felt strange, as if I shouldn’t be in this world. I should go back to the deep sea." Nohles smiled like a self-deprecating smile. It was stuffy in the sea. I couldn’t hear you clearly. "Well, you are still my kind."
The same kind?
Chen Senran touched his eyes thick blindfold.
So what the hell are we?
After half a day’s rapid progress in the sea, Chen Senran gradually felt that the nearby waters became abnormal.

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