In the central area, even if there are six robberies and scattered immortals, the coverage of spiritual knowledge is only one or two thousand miles. The most important thing is that the aura inside is different from the outside world, and the energy can only be supplemented by lingshi and Dan medicine. The stability of the space, the strange breath pressure, the richness and density of the specific aura will have various influences on the practitioners.

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"Remember all the rules and go!"
Under the orders of the Chief Defender of the Criminal Law, 17,000 disciples from other schools dispersed to different places in small groups and headed for the original interior of the sunset.
The number of disciples varies from peak to peak, but there is not much difference in the number of other four peaks except the freak Yumu, with at least 30 teams and the most Tianji peak reaching the early fifties. Taking each peak as a coverage, at most, the front of the Five Vandory will be opened, and the disciples who belong to the peak and the guardians of the criminal law who are responsible for supervision can be separated by a distance to help quickly at any time.
Chen Han and Kouxun are the only two-person teams, with Chen Han as the captain and Kouxun as the team members. There are about 100 teams on both sides that are thousands of miles away.
"It’s weird here …"
Chen Han frowned before stepping into the original range of the sunset: "It gives people a feeling of nerve-racking, as if the whole place is a monster, constantly releasing a threatening atmosphere. The consciousness has been weakened, and Zhenyuan seems to be not as smart as usual. There are many plants here that have never been seen before. The plants that exist outside grow taller and stronger here, and the aura attribute here is very strange. "
Looking at him frowning and muttering, Kouxun grabbed him and said with a smile, "If it’s the same as outside, will it still be called a fierce place?" Let’s go. I’ve been here once before. I’d better keep my guard at all times. Don’t wait for the magic weapon to be summoned at the last minute. It’s likely to be in a hurry. "
After hearing what Kouxun said, Chen Han hurriedly called out a flying sword of the best spirit weapon, which was held in his hand as a melee weapon. He didn’t want to use the weapon refined by the imperial forging machine, so as not to be found by more students. As for the magic weapon of the fix true person, he also dared not use the fairy device.
The two men carefully began to move inward, and at the same time they were introduced by Kouxun, and some basic common sense was gradually understood.
The setting sun is not a pure circle, and the whole shape is very irregular. However, according to the weakening degree of consciousness inside, Taiyi Xianmen, which has been in the east for many years, has been roughly divided.
East and west are 800 Wan Li, so the average distance is 400 Wan Li.
After going deep into 50 Wan Li, the degree of spiritual knowledge will be enhanced, that is to say, the marginal area on the east side covers 50 Wan Li. The degree of further weakening increases again. This span of 150 Wan Li in total belongs to the inner zone, and the area within a million miles is the central zone, and the last remaining million miles of Fiona Fang is the core zone.
It’s just that the regional scope of the core area is calculated through the first three layers, and the area that the super power can explore is limited to the central area.
High-level scattered immortals who enter the core area will either be seriously injured and return soon, or they will never return.
This training is only going deep into Wan Li, even in the marginal area, it is considered as the most marginal area, and a little bit of treasure has been lost, so it is difficult to find anything valuable.
"Dare to go deeper?" Chen Han suddenly had a bold idea.
"Three Wan Li, just within the scope of the dead woman’s consciousness, Lao tze don’t want to stay under her nose, then get what baby can possession, hey hey …"
"Good idea, let’s do it!"
Kouxun suddenly shine at the moment, anyway, there is no hard and fast requirement in the rules, just saying that no one will rescue the dead in Wan Li for more than three years. He now has a fairy in hand, and may break through to the Mahayana period at any time, plus the amazing fighting capacity of the immortal body of ghosts and gods. Anyway, more than three Wan Li are also marginal areas, and he doesn’t think he will encounter any danger, what’s more, Chen Han is not weaker than his partner?
Chapter 337 Golden silk black silkworm
Both Chen Han and Kouxun were the peak state of Du Jie in the later period, but Chen Han’s Yuan God was higher than his own state by more than one level, comparable to those who fixed the truth in the middle of Mahayana.
Even so, in the stable space of the fix true world, his spiritual knowledge covers a radius of only five thousand kilometers, which is a circle with a diameter of two Wan Li centered on him. The original factors of the sunset have bound the consciousness, and the marginal area has reached more than 30 times. His consciousness here can only extend to more than 100 kilometers at most.
Compared with Kouxun, it is even worse. His Yuan God only extends less than 50 kilometers!
This is also the reason why the speed can’t get faster after entering the fierce land. The teleport needs to lock the destination with the consciousness, and the consciousness can only extend a little distance, even if it is teleported, it is only a hundred miles. Royal sword flying or running with two legs, at the speed of Du Jie’s late masters, the distance of a hundred miles is just a blink of an eye, and the monitoring range of psionic knowledge is so small, and even the psionic knowledge is too fast to detect, so it may be plunged into some dangerous place.
Two people pedal fly sword height more than ten meters from the ground, along a clip between two hills, lush vegetation in Gu Dao.
They are anxious to be warned by the protector of the criminal law. The higher they fly in the fierce land, the greater the crisis. Not only is it so dangerous on the ground, but there are some more horrible natural hazards. Once they enter the land, there will be no life.
The height of 100 meters is a safe height!
100 meters to 1000 meters, a narrow escape!
Above 1000 meters, ten people die and there is no life!
This is the experience summed up by countless people who fix the truth with their lives. Chen Han never thinks that with his current practice, he can break the rule that six robberies and scattered immortals cannot be changed.
"Pay attention to see if there are any treasures, and the spiritual knowledge will converge to 20 miles to reduce consumption." KouXun look very cautious, six senses are concentrated to the extreme.
"I found that the spiritual knowledge is bound here, and under the same circumstances, the power of the Yuan God is at least three times more than that outside."
"I wish you knew."
Kouxun nodded with an ugly face and said with a heavy voice, "I have been to this terrible place before, mainly because my mind is too bound." If the consumption is intense, you must rest and recover. At that time, your alertness will definitely decline, and your spiritual knowledge coverage is only a little bit. Once you are attacked, you often have no chance to react. "
Using psionic knowledge will consume the power of Yuan God, and his psionic knowledge can also detect the farthest distance of 2,000 kilometers in the outside world.
Usually, unless it is hunting and searching, no one who fixes the truth will always release the spiritual knowledge completely, and the consumption is very amazing. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the scope of constant monitoring of consciousness converges to five miles to fifty miles according to different self-cultivation, and this consumption is nothing for those who can check one or two thousand kilometers of cultivation.
However, in the sunset field, which can only be explored for 50 kilometers at most, it is not generally expensive to release the consciousness to 20 miles at any time.
If the power of Yuan God is consumed too much, it needs to be restored. The practitioners of heaven and earth can’t absorb it, and the consumption of Zhen Yuan also needs to be supplemented.
In particular, there are few pills for the recovery of the power of Yuan God, and even if there is one, it is very precious, unless the skill of controlling Yuan God is cultivated, and there is no mentality for the recovery of Yuan God’s power. Therefore, the best way is to meditate and adjust your breath. If you rely on natural recovery, it will be slow. When you meditate, your perception of the outside world will drop significantly, and it is also the most vulnerable time to attack, or even you can’t respond at all.
One year!
They will stay in this hellhole for a year, and I don’t know how many times they have to meditate and recover. Any meditation may encounter a devastating disaster.

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