There is a woman who is so familiar with him, but he has to listen to him.

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Xiao asked naturally let go of Nan Yunqing, and she herself has indeed resumed J and jīng God’s extremely secure stop in the air.
Then the shuttle in the temple suddenly lit up without warning and there was a circle of energy coming out of it.
Those energies are the light waves that people see outside and spread to infinity, but in this temple, their feelings are more intuitive, that is, energy that they can’t understand.
Fortunately, the altar is ten feet high, and those light waves fly over their heads, so there is no need to hide.
"Go and have a look."
Nan Yunqing said softly and then flew forward, followed by Xiao Wen.
Behind them are the five giants and twenty-seven people. When there is danger, let others support them in front and use them quite skillfully …
But they soon became restless. Because of the height, they didn’t see anything else on the altar before, and that thing with blazing white light seemed to be beyond their control. However, at the moment, they all rose a little, and suddenly they saw the whole picture of the altar. At the top of the altar, there were not only the white spindle-shaped object, but also five other things!
They don’t know all the five things, but they can probably control them, because among them, there is a purple and gold Se medicine bottle specially used to hold Dan medicine!
Zijin Se medicine bottle is not unheard of, but the altar is really magical. There are many patterns engraved outside, but there are purple Se light in the pattern, which has risen to the level of fairy! However, everyone is extremely convinced that it is a medicine bottle because when they look closely, their eyes can penetrate the bottle and see the pill inside!
It is not difficult to recognize two of the other four things besides the medicine bottle. The same is a principal se classics. At the moment when I saw the classics, the two monks in Dakong Temple were not calm. It was clearly a Buddhist classics! Naturally, the classics also sell quite well. They are big and thick. Your support is my greatest motivation. )

Chapter two hundred and eighty-four Consumption
The third object is a green flute, and it is not made of any material. At first glance, it looks ordinary, but when you look closely, it is full of ancient ideas, revealing a rather strange atmosphere that is both wild and elegant from the inside out. :./ :./
Obviously, this green flute is more like a fairy than the first two treasures! But the more you look at the people, the more you feel that the smell above is too ancient and elegant, and it gives birth to a feeling that these ordinary people can’t touch them!
However, they are all the top leaders of all the families in the celestial world. Where is there an ordinary person? !
How extraordinary it is to make them feel this way.
The next two pieces are not easy to recognize, but the same is a small brand of green Se, with an aura and a simple pattern engraved on the front, but there is not a word. Is this a token? Resident charm? The jade real charm that stores the magical power of Fu Dao? A fairy? Or other kinds of treasures?
With everyone’s knowledge, I didn’t recognize it at all!
And then the last one, it is a pure black Se bead, the surface is not smooth, and you can’t see the inside at all. There are only a few strands of black gas on the beads, which are obviously only small strands, but they give people a very dangerous feeling. Some people look at the beads a few times, but they feel cold sweat. It seems that they have been subjected to a supreme coercion from J and jīng, and they quickly look away.
All five treasures were placed on the top of the altar, and it seemed that they could be reached with one hand, but for a while no one dared to reach out. Because the five treasures don’t exist alone, but they surround the shuttle-shaped object with blazing white light in the middle in five directions. And these six things are connected by law lines, and they are impressively part of the same law!
Nan Yunqing has been staring at the blazing white spindle-shaped objects since he came to the vicinity, and he didn’t care about the other five treasures at all. Naturally, he didn’t go to see the law. However, others are obviously more interested in those five treasures, and so is Xiao Wen.
If it can be all in the bag, it will naturally be a great beauty, but. Is that possible …
Xiao Wen guessed that even with the help of Nan Yunqing, it would be good for them to get one of the five treasures from Ming Jianzong.
But … If you want to get them, at least you have to take them out of that array, but for now. It seems that it is not so easy to take them out.
The array lines of the six objects are not complicated, but they are almost completely out of the array category of the celestial world. So many people gather together to see them at close range, but none of them can understand them.
They can only see that the five treasures in the periphery are constantly providing energy to the shuttle in the middle, and at the same time, the shuttle in the middle also has something else to give back to the five treasures, reaching a specific cycle.
Can this law run indefinitely on its own energy? !
Isn’t this too clever? It’s unheard of How can there be an array that runs indefinitely without consuming external energy? !
If this can be thoroughly studied, how much benefit will it have to the whole celestial world? Isn’t that why they came in this time?
However, there are people who think a little more. That is, this thing is technically quite high-end, but its conception is too fucking sinister! !
Everyone has decided that the spindle-shaped object in the middle is the culprit that leads to the ugliness of the woman in the whole celestial world! For more than 90 thousand years, how many people have been affected? Countless, countless …
Xiao asked to know Cui Jing, who is very beautiful. Xiao Wen also knows Dou Cardamom, who is bigger than a man in Ming Jianzong. He also knows Zhou Jie, who has a perfect figure. She also knows Han Xiuxiu who hid in Feixia Valley for an affair …
We can meet each other. There are countless people like Cui Jing, Dou Cardamom, Zhou Jie and Han Xiuxiu who are deeply influenced by appearance. They are a generation, for more than 90,000 years. How many generations? How many tragedies have been created and how many people’s lives have been ruined? !
And the source of all this is this little law on the altar …
I don’t know how many of the dozens of people who came here thought about it. In short, the atmosphere in the crowd is not just a surprise after finding the treasure, but also awe and anger!
Who the hell left this?
If we know who it is, we will dig up the ancestral graves of their family for a hundred generations and a thousand generations. Can we compensate this person for his sins?
Maybe the man is already dead, but in any case, the source is just around the corner. Even if it’s just destroyed, it’s completely useless. It’s an infinite merit … Nan Yunqing is still staring at the blazing white object, but others have no patience to wait any longer. They want to find out this matter immediately and solve the problem immediately!
Just then, someone couldn’t help saying, "Miss Nan, do you know who did this?"
Nan Yunqing came to his senses, glanced at the array, and then said, "It must be the Twelve Immortals who can write."
Sure enough …
No one is surprised. The five giants in the celestial world are the bosses. What they don’t even know can only be done by people in the upper bound.
At this time, Nan Yunqing added: "But it is impossible to know who did it. On the surface, this array is self-circulating, but in fact it needs a lot of external energy as energy. Now it is still in operation because there is still some energy in it, but it should not be long before it is consumed. If you want to get these five treasures, just wait here. "
"How long will it take?" Someone asked subconsciously.
"Its energy must be provided by the other five floating cities outside through the transmission array, and the five air columns that we destroyed before are the channels through which the five floating cities draw energy from the original site of the Tibetan market. Looking at the scale of the five gas columns and combining the appearance of these five treasures, it should be about half a month. " Nan Yunqing also has some uncertain tunnels.
"So long?" The man asked again.
However, I didn’t expect that someone suddenly became angry at this time and shouted: "Treasure treasure, you will know the treasure! ! How many people in the celestial world have been harmed by this demon array? ! ! At this time, I don’t think about how to get rid of it as soon as possible, but I only think about treasures. Xu, you are still not human! !”
It was the God Leizong who was scolded, and the name-calling person was Teng Wangge, one of the five giants. The two families were evenly matched. However, at this time, the Godsworn Xu of God Leizong also knew that he was indefensible, but he didn’t go back to scold him. He only said wryly, "Xu is trying to make things worse anyway, and it is impossible to change the past no matter how urgent he is. But this baby must stay, and it will be of great benefit to our clan. "
"Amitabha, south benefactor. I’ve been trying to harm the celestial world all the time. Do you think you can destroy it as soon as possible? " The first arhat hall in the big empty temple opened its mouth at the right time and asked.
"Yes." Nan Yunqing nods.
"Thank you for your south girl! Please destroy this array immediately! " This sentence was not said by the old monk. It was not said by one person, but by many people in unison!
At this moment, they actually didn’t think that the far-reaching significance of destroying this array would bring much influence to the whole celestial world. All they know is that they want to destroy this evil array immediately only from their own consideration, otherwise they will not be able to breathe, think and live happily!
"Let me see." Nan Yunqing said.
Then no one dared to say a word. Everyone looked at Nan Yunqing and looked at the law, for fear of affecting her.

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