As soon as all the forces of the Shang Dynasty turned to Xiqiao, no one was on the list so far. Wen Zhong lost the help of the friar and retreated to the Three Mountains Pass. It is worth mentioning that Nezha didn’t die physically, so he didn’t turn into a lotus incarnation. Nezha’s strength will not be limited until he dies, and his achievements in the future will be limitless.

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After Wen Zhong lost to Sanshanguan, the two armies confronted each other. This saint has already decided to win or lose at Sanshanguan, and the people of the three religions dare not break the rules. There are four monks coming to Yunwu Mountain, but they are four spirits. These four people form a big array of four spirits according to the innate four spirits, and their power is not small.
With the help of the Four Spirit Immortals, Wen Zhong put down the Four Spirit Arrays to block Naxi Qi’s army. The next day, the Four Spirit Immortals came to the front of the two armies and said, "Jiang Ziya, today, we are waiting for four people to lay down this Four Spirit Array. Do you dare to break it?"
Jiang Ziya stepped forward and said, "Why not? When I go to watch the battle, I will break it tomorrow."
After Jiang Ziya entered the array, he observed something strange about the four spiritual arrays and went back to camp to discuss ways to break the array. Jiang Ziya said, "The Four Spirits Array is based on the innate Four Spirits. It is divided into four portals, namely, Qinglong White Tiger Suzaku Xuanwu Gate, which corresponds to 28 stars, and is divided into the Eastern Gangfeng Array, the Western Xuan Bing Kwai Shui Array, the Southern Fire Array and the Northern Yellow Sand Array. It is necessary to crack these four spiritual arrays at the same time, otherwise these four arrays will be interlocking. "
Then Shen Gongbao said, "I think this array is powerful, but the four people in the main array haven’t understood its essence yet, and these four arrays can’t be continuous. As long as I send someone to crack it one by one. "
The next day, Jiang Ziya sent Nezha to break the array. When Nezha entered the Four Spirit Arrays, he saw that there were four gates in the array, and then he entered the East Qinglong Gate. Into the array, I saw Gangfeng raging. The Gangfeng was so powerful that Nezha couldn’t bear it when he went in, and he was blown dizzy. Seeing that Nezha couldn’t bear this Gangfeng, the Long Lingxian added some strength. The Gangfeng was more rampant, and it only took a moment for Nezha to bear the Gangfeng being blown up.
The power of Gangfeng is not worse than that of the banana fan. After Nezha was blown unconscious, Long Lingxian blew out the three divine winds again, only to see Nezha’s flesh and blood being blown away, leaving a soul alone to go to the Qianyuan Mountain Golden Cave. ShangJun win a game, morale, Xiqi morale is down. Jiang Ziya had to hang a war-free card when he saw this.
Shen Gongbao saw that the Shang army had set up a large array, and even Nezha was arrested. He said, "I have traveled in three mountains and five lakes and made many monks. Today I went to invite you to break the array."
Jiang Ziya said, "This is a very good thing. The four spiritual arrays are extremely powerful, and that’s all."
After Nezha’s death, he went to his teacher’s office. Taiyi put away Nezha’s soul and made it into a body with lotus roots to carry it. Nezha is always can’t escape this disaster.
When Shen Gongbao went to the Luofu Cave in Emei Mountain, he got an insight into Zhao Gongming. When he told this story, Zhao Gongming was persuaded to take Nading Haizhu to break the array. Shen Gongbao continued to ask the monks for help.
Zhao Gongming came to Sanshanguan to meet Jiang Ziya, and prepared to break the array the next day.
This time, after Zhao Gongming entered the array, he entered the western Kwai Shui array, which has the ability to anchor the sea. When he entered the array, he saw that Wang Yang was raging and there was nothing else. Zhao Gongming threw this set of sea beads, and these 24 sets of sea beads formed an array to press on this Wang Yang, only to see that the sea immediately calmed down and stopped churning. Zhao Gongming flew on the sea for a moment and saw that the turtle spirit fairy of the main array was above a giant turtle.
Zhao Gongming offered the Dinghai Beads and smashed them at the turtle spirit fairy. The power of these 24 Dinghai Beads can’t bear even Twelve Jinxian. Although this turtle spirit fairy is the main defense, it can’t stand continuous smashing. Originally, this Xuan Bing array was suppressed by this Haizhu, and now the appearance didn’t even work, so the advantage of this turtle spirit fairy was gone.
Gui Lingxian was smashed several times in a row and was injured and vomited blood. That is, the defeat was over, and the turtle spirit fairy began to escape. When Zhao Gongming saw this, he took a golden whip and hit the turtle spirit fairy. This whip directly beat the turtle spirit fairy to death on the spot, and a true spirit went towards the list of gods.
This turtle fairy died physically, but she was the first on the list. Zhao Gongming killed the turtle spirit fairy, cracked the Kwai Shui array, and went to the Yellow Sand array. I saw that this yellow sand array was full of yellow sand, filled with dust, and I couldn’t see the direction clearly. And go in after a mana is slowly losing, this array is very strange, Zhao Gongming walked in this yellow sand array for half a day still can not be broken, so we have to quit and go away from the fire array.
This fire array is full of flames, and three flavors of true fire are everywhere. Zhao Gongming has twenty-four sea beads, so it’s not afraid of this array, but it can’t be broken. After two consecutive bursts, Zhao Gongming looked at the Gangfeng array again. This array can not be broken.
The four people in the Four Spirit Arrays have the same mind, and now the turtle spirit is dead, and the other three people immediately know. Four people were originally at ease in Penglai, and they didn’t want to be robbed. Now one of the four brothers is missing, but the other three are extremely sad. Originally, I wanted to slay Zhao Gongming, but Zhao Gongming had Haizhu to protect himself, but it was helpless. The four men could not help Zhao Gongming. When they returned to the camp, they immediately sent a signal to summon their fellow students to help.
Zhao Gongming out of the four spirit array back to the barracks. "Being original today broke the Xuan Bing Kwai Shui array in the west, but the other three arrays can’t be cracked. The fire array must be put out, and the Gangfeng array must be fixed with wind beads. As for the yellow sand array, I can’t think of a solution. "
Jiang Ziya heard Zhao Gongming say so didn’t also the way. Jiang Ziya was blocked at Sanshanguan, and Twelve Jinxian knew it, so they hurried to help. Jiang Ziya was preparing to go back to Kunlun for help, but he didn’t want this Twelve Jinxian to come. When they got to the reed shed, they began to discuss the matter.
The manjusri Buddha said, "I have the wind-setting beads, but I can crack them. I will crack them tomorrow. It’s just that we have to ask for the help of teachers and uncles to get away from the fire. "
Guang Chengzi said, "Master Bo’s Tai Chi map can fix everything. As long as you have this thing, you can also crack this array of four spirits."
After discussion, Guang Chengzi went to Bajing Palace to seek treasure to break the array, while Manjusri went to break the Gangfeng array.

Chapter 53 Four Spirit Arrays Solve Five Elements of Yuan Chen Li
Words after the kwai water array was broken, Twelve Jinxian came to help. That Manjusri went to crack the Gangfeng array, and after entering the Gangfeng array, he took out the dingfeng beads and offered them as sacrifices, so the gale could not help him.
When Long Lingxian saw this Manjusri, it had a fixed wind bead to protect itself, and immediately launched a large array. Gangfeng blew wildly, and a fog formed in front of Manjusri, and it was impossible to see the direction of the battle. The Manjusri walked in the array for half a day and could not see the eye of the array, but there was nothing to do with this Gangfeng array.
Originally, the Four Spirit Arrays were set up according to the chaotic fire, water and wind. The four arrays can be anti-chaotic, and the four saints can’t break it. However, the four people in this arrangement just learned the fur and didn’t know the essence at all. Instead, they refined the four arrays separately. Although this can practice into a large array, they can laugh at the power without knowing the geometry. The Four Spirit Immortals are arrayed according to the Four Spirit Immortals, and their powers are borne to the sky. The Kwai Shui Array was broken because of mutual restraint. Now, although this Manjusri wind-setting bead can set the wind, Long Lingxian’s own strength is high. Although he can’t help it after launching the battle, he can always be confused.
Most people in Yunwu Mountain will be lost in the maze, and so will Long Lingxian. With the maze and Gangfeng array, Manjusri Bien is trapped in this array. The power of this wind-fixing bead is still not enough, otherwise, as long as this bead comes out, all winds can be fixed. This large array will be broken.
After Guangchengzi came to the Eight Scenes Palace, Xuandu had been waiting there for a long time with a Taiji diagram.
Guang Chengzi bowed and said, "Meet the elder brother."
Xuandu handed the Tai Chi map to Guang Chengzi and said, "The teacher asked me to give it to you to break the array. You should break the four spiritual arrays as soon as possible so as not to delay the time." Then he went back.
Guang Chengzi got the flood under this Tai Chi map and came to the front of the Three Mountains Pass. Jiang Ziya said, "Brother Manjusri’s Gangfeng array hasn’t come out yet. I’m afraid he’s trapped in the array. Now, brother Manjusri is looking for the treasure, so it’s better to break through the array as soon as possible to rescue his classmates."
Guang Chengzi’s large array is like the old man’s Qinglongmen, where the Gangfeng is raging, and the fog is heavy, so he can’t see the way clearly at all, and he can’t tell the direction of the battle.
Guang Chengzi threw a Tai Chi map, which turned into a golden bridge and stood in the array. The raging Gangfeng was immediately stopped and the fog slowly disappeared. The whole appearance is also clearly revealed. Guang Chengzi flew to the eye, and it only took a moment to reach the altar of the main array.
Seeing that Guang Chengzi had cracked his large array, the Long Lingxian called him with a whip. Guang Chengzi exhibited the Tai Chi map and put this Long Lingxian in it. However, Guang Chengzi took advantage of the treasure in his hand, and Long Lingxian entered the Taiji diagram, only to see the fantasy, and he was lost in it for only a moment. Guang Chengzi rolled up the picture, and the Long Lingxian turned into pus and died on the spot, and a true spirit went to the list of gods.
Gangfeng array was broken, manjusri also appeared in a large array. Two people toward the yellow sand array again.
The yellow sand all over the sky in the yellow sand array is all settled under Guang Chengzi’s Tai Chi map. When this large array is settled, the battle array is clearly displayed. Seeing that his large array was broken, the Tiger Spirit Fairy immediately abandoned the array and fled away from the fire array.
The Four Spirit Arrays were broken, leaving only this fire array. Guang Chengzi and Manjusri entered this fire array, and the three flavors of true fire in the sky were fixed by Tai Chi map. Feng Lingxian and Hu Lingxian looked at each other and sighed: "The teacher asked me to wait for the robbery. I don’t want to leave only two of my four brothers now. Since the robbery asked me to wait for the fall, I will fight with him today. Even if you are on the list, you can see your brother. "
Two people, one holding a whip and one holding a hook, killed Na Guangchengzi and Manjusri. Guang Chengzi had the Tai Chi map to protect him from these two people, and he offered a sacrifice to turn over the sky and seal them constantly.
Four people were close to each other here, and finally the Tai Chi map put two spirits in. Four Spirit Arrays were broken, and there were four people on the list. GuangChengZi all broken array, Xiqi morale. Wen Zhong had to hang a war-free card.
The four immortals were on the list, but the people from Yunwu Mountain arrived. The twelve immortals of Yuan Chen and the five saints of Penglai came here this time. These five saints in Penglai are all people who are going to behead their bodies, and each of them has superb strength. Five people can practice the five elements to fight chaos. It is impossible to crack this array by explaining and teaching twelve people.
When the Five Saints of Penglai and the Twelve Immortals of Yuanchen learned that the four immortals had fallen, they cried, "The teacher told me a long time ago that we were all in a robbery, and now that the four younger brothers have fallen, we must avenge them. Tomorrow, we will set up a large array for his disciples of the three religions to break, and we must make all these disciples on the list. "
The Twelve Immortals of Yuan Chen and the Five Saints of Penglai laid two large arrays waiting for Xiqi to break. The Twelve Jinxian after watching two array heart also began to worry.
Guang Chengzi said, "This array of Yuan Chen is distributed according to the number of Yuan Chen, which is extremely powerful, but it is difficult for us to crack. The array of five elements is even more dangerous than that array of Yuan Chen. I’m afraid I can’t crack it. "
"If there is a teacher’s Pangu Zan, this Yuan Chen array can also be cracked," Taiyi said. Brother, it is better to go back and ask the teacher for a treasure or to break the battle. "
"Very well," said Yu Ding, a real person, "we can’t break the array of five elements, but we can break the array of Yuan Chen. Brother’s return to the mountain is just like the teacher asking for the solution. "
The rest of the people agreed, and Guang Chengzi immediately got up and went back to the mountain for advice.
Guang Chengzi saw the Yuan Dynasty when he went back. Yuan Shi said, "You can ask your uncle about the Yuan Dynasty array, and you can break it with that Yuan Dynasty array. As for the five elements array, it was able to suppress chaos by Tai Chi, and Pangu Zan opened the chaos, so it can be cracked. It’s just that the large array of five elements has returned to chaos, and you need to have a treasure to protect yourself when you enter the array. You and your younger brother, the red sperm, can break the array. "
Guang Chengzi was instructed by the Yuan Dynasty and came to Jinbiao Island to see Tongtian, who sent that many treasures to help him. This Duobao has twelve disciples, which is the number of Yuan Chen. Guang Chengzi was helped by Tai Chi Tu Pangu Zan and the people who cut off the teachings, but it was easy to break the array.
People have arrived, so we just have to wait for tomorrow’s defeat.

Chapter 54 There must be rules for robbery.
That Duobao took his twelve disciples into the Yuan Chen Grand Array. This Yuan Chen Grand Array Duobao and the twelve disciples know best. Although this array is powerful, it can be easily cracked as long as it corresponds to the twelve gates. Then Duobao went into the array to crack the main eye, so he could crack the large array at one stroke. The only trouble is that the strength of the twelve immortals of Yuan Chen is much higher than that of the twelve disciples of Duobao. If you want to break the array, you have to break the array first.
That Twelve Jinxian also entered this array to help break the array, so 25 people came to break the array, but the large array was to be cracked.
Twelve Yuan Chen corresponds to the zodiac, and the strength of twelve people can be superimposed on each other, but this large array of eyes is suppressed by Duobao, and the twelve Yuan Chen can’t exert their strength. Twelve people have fallen on the spot and become the gods of being sealed.
Twelve Yuan Chen was killed, and Guang Chengzi and Red Sperm entered the five-element array, only to see that all five elements existed in the five-element array, and chaos appeared in some places, but it was because the strength of the five saints in Penglai was not enough to reach the level of this array.
This large array seems to be harmless, but the five elements of turbulence scurry around everywhere, and they will be twisted into ashes if they are not careful.
Guang Chengzi holds Pangu Zan in his hand, and red sperm holds Tai Chi map. The two of them have this innate treasure to help each other, but they can’t do anything about this large array. It’s just that these two men are not strong enough to break the array, but it’s difficult to slay the Penglai Five Saints. But there are twelve Golden Immortals and Taoist Duobao outside the array, but this battle is hard to say.
The red sperm threw the Tai Chi map and settled the array of five elements. The strength of Penglai Five Saints is close to beheading corpses. Although Guang Chengzi and Red Sperm have two treasures, they can’t break this large array. I saw that these five lines of large arrays were running in reverse and then turned into chaos. This chaotic thought has long required the combination of the innate five elements, but the monk in Penglai is not an innate god. The innate gods belong to congenital, first of all, because the attribute is congenital. The five saints of Penglai can only set up this array because they belong to the five elements.
The innate gods were born early, and though their powers are not as good as those of saints, they are not worse than those of quasi-saints. When the Five Saints of Penglai saw that the Tai Chi map had fallen, they all made great efforts to turn the five elements into chaos.
As soon as chaos became ten percent, the fire, water and wind in this place began to wreak havoc, but the red sperm threw the Taiji diagram into a large array, and this chaos seemed to be settled. It only took a moment, after all, this chaos was better, but the Taiji diagram failed to settle chaos. Guang Chengzi immediately scratched Pangu’s banner, and this chaos became violent, and a crack was scratched by Pangu’s banner for a moment.
Chaos was opened, and Guang Chengzi and Red Sperm also put down their worries and thought that the overall situation was decided. Just for a moment, the broken chaos merged into one again, and the chaos in the whole array became more rampant, and countless dangerous things in the chaos began to be born. The red sperm once again pressed the Taiji diagram to chaos, but unfortunately this Taiji diagram did not exert much strength in the hands of the red sperm. If the quasi-saint comes here, he will be able to stop this chaos.

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