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Watching the two beautiful women talking lively, another true god came up next to them: "Speaking of faster impact on the realm of the gods, it is natural to join the orthodoxy of the great gods of the predecessors. As far as I know, some time ago, three great magical powers came in our mountain and sea circles!" (To be continued …)
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Chapter three hundred and thirty Die a good death of Huanglong
"Where did this fool come from?"
"Boy, a guy who can become a true god can … actually grow into this …’ unique’?"
Beauty is always easy to attract people’s attention, especially men’s attention, not to mention the goddess?
Turtle spirit, Dolly so a table, that’s brought together most of the beautiful women in the whole pub, and naturally became the center here. At this time, a strange guy suddenly appeared there, and immediately attracted the attention of most of the true gods present.
In particular, this product is also very distinctive, with yellow hair, yellow eyes and yellow clothes … Even when you giggle, your teeth are yellow …
"This is … a natural native dragon?"
I have to say that this guy’s characteristics have reached a certain level, even Yuan Heng and Yan Hong on the corner are attracted. Yuan Heng looked at it carefully with great interest, and his mouth couldn’t help sobbing. "This guy really belongs to the dragon?"
According to ancient legend, the land is a treasure trove, and the land is Long Mai … In short, all kinds of unique and mysterious so-called Longxing Land actually belong to nothing in the middle of the universe … Your sister! People’s ancestors were born out of endless Wang Yang, which is not a system with the earth.
This mountain and sea boundary can condense the dragon spirit, which is still due to the composition of the mountain and sea boundary, which has a special relationship with the ancestors of the dragon …
So, dragons have hoses, wind dragons, green dragons, Lei Long and so on, but there is no so-called earth dragon … Dragons are actually not a systematic thread with the earth, and they are naturally unable to go together.
Where did this goods come from?
Earth dragon? Gee, it is really dirt, hey hey …
Although with a strange look in the eyes of the true gods, the earth dragon guy just didn’t see it, and a bright smile was thrown on his face. Huang Chengcheng’s teeth just showed a flash that he couldn’t look straight …
I have to say. Although I don’t imagine this image very much, this temperament and charm are similar to that of a so-called Muyezhen beast (pale blue beast) deep in Yuan Heng’s mind, which can be said to be engraved on the same mold. When put together, many people believe that it is a brother.
"At the top of the Liupan Mountain, there are great magical powers, but they come by green cattle, and their hooves give birth to Ziyun. The clouds are surging under me, and the purple is moving, crossing the overpass. "
Although this man looks a little ugly, I have to say that his news is still very attractive, a great avatar, which is not for everyone.
"What is the name of this Taoist friend?" No one is a fool who can become a true god, and he paused when he saw each other. Dolly goddess immediately understood, and invited this guy like a bumpkin to sit down with a smile on his face. She didn’t look disgusted at all, and poured a cup of God brew for the goods diligently. "Let’s invite Taoist friends to sit down together, have a cup of magic wine together, and talk about this great magical power?"
"The next Huanglong is the true god of the Magu Cave in Erxian Mountain. It’s better to be respectful than obedient. "
Huanglong, however, is not at all. He sits down with a full smile and drinks a cup of magic brew. Only then did he say, "At that time, the auspicious clouds in the south gathered together, the smoke curled up on the ground, auspicious signs emerged, and the blessed land descended from heaven, and the blessed land appeared out of thin air. A great god built a’ flying palace’ in it, named-Taiqing Moral Heaven!"
Turtle spirit slightly silent, this just nodded gently, but didn’t say anything.
Hey, Xiantian fiend, that’s the ancestor of the universe!
Is she free to discuss? The appearance of these three people in the mountain and sea circles is really intriguing. She still has to think about what to do. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime luck. Being able to catch up with these three people will have a fall for the rest of her life …
"In fact, I am quite interested in the moral Buddha. Maybe I can try it?"
Huanglong’s eyes are shining, and he thinks his blood is noble. If he is a teacher, he will naturally go to the boss.
Sure enough, it’s a good job!
Well, son, in fact, that’s where you belong, and the bright future of the Three Immortals awaits you …
Yuan Heng squinted at Huanglong’s death, but he knew this guy’s character, which was the first chance, commonly known as looking at his face, and Yuan Shi Tian Zun, a guy with a big personality, knew that it was quite dignified and proud. You went to Tai Shang first, and then you went to Yuan Shi there after losing the election. Isn’t it too tender to say that he was a Yuan Shi Tian Zun compared with Tai Shang Tian Zun?
"Do Taoist friends know the Sanqing Buddha?"
Yan hong looked at yuan heng’s expression and silently asked, she is not an idiot, so naturally it is impossible to ask in public.
Yuan Heng nodded, suddenly stretched out a finger and pointed to Yan Hong.
"Tao …"

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