"That’s it, so I’m going to leave for a while. May Xiaosheng, you two have to take care of yourselves. I didn’t expect the wedding anniversary to be like this." May’s mother said that she would leave when she had a horse.

10 minutes, 6 seconds Read

"This can hurt the brain. I didn’t expect things to develop like this. You’ll know when you get to Mizu first." Mr. Qianli said that this time it was serious, and May’s mother seemed willing to wait a few hours after seeing Mr. Qianli’s sample.
In the evening, everyone came to the orange garden, next to the botanical garden. Mr. Qian Li moved out of a table and set some drinks and snacks. Miss Joey also came.
"Miss Joy, please," said Mr. Qianli, and then Miss Joy walked aside. It was only when Aaron discovered that there was a 6-hole device there that a "fire" burst out of Mali noodles and then flew to No.1 Middle School to explode! A beautiful pattern flashed out, and then the pattern became the shape of a hunting butterfly! It’s a butterfly-shaped fireworks hunt!
"I have a fireworks manufacturing certificate, so Mr. Qianli asked me to make these fireworks specially, but I absolutely have to keep it a secret because I want to surprise your wife." Miss Joey gave a final explanation, which finally revealed the truth. May’s mother and Mr. Qianli also restored harmony in an instant. What pattern is the butterfly hunting? Because when Mr. Qianli proposed to May’s mother, there were many hunting butterflies in a large flower field. It can be said that hunting butterflies are witnesses of their love!
And this family is in crisis, and then comes the Aaron Daoguan Competition, but it’s called Daoguan Competition. Aaron doesn’t want to confront Mr. Qianli, the owner of Daoguan, but fights with Mr. Qianli, the honorary king of the four kings!
The sixty-five-way pavilion competition begins! Physical confrontation?
"I’m looking forward to the Aaron Tiandao Pavilion Competition." After the fireworks are over, I have to pack my things to show gentlemanly manners. Aaron and Mr. Qianli let May and May’s mother go to rest first, but they don’t let Xiaosheng, the child, do it. Only Mr. Aaron Qianli and Kenji are here to pack up. Mr. Qianli suddenly said.
"Well, actually, I have a proposal." Aaron said that Mr. Qianli was one leng.
"eh? Let’s hear it? " Mr. Qianli asked
"I hope that the sky can play against Mr. Qianli, your real main Poké mon, instead of showing me the monkey Poké mon before." Aaron said that Mr. Qianli stopped.
"So confident? General league level trainers can’t compete with those guys, "said Mr. Qianli."
"I know this very well, but I want to believe that I’m not the same person I used to be. After spending a few months in this rich area, I also feel that I should have improved a little, Mr. Qianli. You should also know that you can’t beat my flaming chicken by overacting apes." Aaron said that Mr. Qianli also smiled.
"Just as you said, but I need to get the Libra badge of the Orange China Daoguan, and if I get the badge, I need to be able to knock down the hyperactive ape level. If it is to collect the badge, isn’t it easier to challenge me, lazy man, hyperactive ape Slaking 3?" Mr. Qianli said
"I’m not fighting just to get a badge. How should I put it? I always feel that it’s rare to have the opportunity to allow Mr. Qianli, the four kings, to fight, but being able to fight against some non-main Poké mon really makes people feel like a wave opportunity." Aaron said that Mr. Qianli smiled and nodded.
"I don’t know, but if I make those guys talk, I can’t fight in the Daoguan. Otherwise, the maintenance will pay off a lot. How about going to the nearby forest? There is a large piece of land in the forest not far away, so there is no problem, "said Mr. Qianli, and Aaron nodded.
"But after all, it’s the number of Poké mon in the Dojo Tournament, or it’s going to be a 3-to-3 showdown according to the rules of my Orange China Dojo. If I go to get it, I may not get it, but I will make sure that Poké mon will never let you down." Mr. Qianli said that Aaron nodded.
"I will definitely satisfy you, Poké mon!" Aaron said in his heart, then go back to the original thing and continue to clean up …
Back to my room, I still live in May today because I know that Aaron Tian and Mr. Qianli are going to have a Dojo match. Although today is the wedding anniversary, Mr. Qianli still goes to bed early. It seems that he is going to have a good day and looks forward to the battle. Aaron, however, can’t sleep after changing from Poké mon Center. Is it because of nervousness? It’s impossible not to mention that I’ve fought against opponents of the Four Kings level several times, and now I’ve mastered the symphony of despair, and my psychological quality has been incredibly improved. I have to make my opponents nervous during the war. What is that? Aaron unconsciously thought of something that happened when he was here, including the scene that Phoenix Wang entered his dream and hugged May himself … Well, I can’t sleep even more when I think about it …
"But to be honest, I’m lying to myself if I’m not excited." After a while, Aaron looked at himself and made a special trip to get two Poké Ball and his own Pokemon. He said to himself, What Pokemon will Mr. Qianli make? This time, I left suspense and expectation for myself. Aaron didn’t go to investigate specifically, but he also wanted to try to find out what to do. Although Aaron knew that this line might eventually lead him to failure, he finally wanted to do so as an attempt, but he was sleepy to think of it. Forget it. It may be that the biological clock is urging you, but it’s a good thing to be asleep now.
Early the next morning, Aaron went out with Mr. Qianli without waking May and Xiaosheng. It seems that Kenji came because he needed a referee.
"Why not let May and Xiaosheng come together?" Aaron asked
"If someone watches the game, it will distract the opponents to some extent. Usually, May and Xiaosheng are not allowed to be around when we play in the pavilion." Mr. Qian Li said that Aaron expressed his understanding.
Three people came to the land mentioned by Mr. Qianli, and then Aaron and Mr. Qianli met face to face, and they were all ready to finish!
"Now, Mr. Qianli, the trainer of the Orange Hua Daoguan, will compete against the challenger, Aron of Zhenxin Town, so that the Poké mon will be divided into three parts. When one Poké mon department loses its fighting ability, even if a challenger can replace the Poké mon, the game will begin now!" Kenji first took the normal route and said a rule, then as soon as it was announced, Mr. Qianli immediately posed, and then took out a Poké Ball from his waist and threw it out as Snorlax!
"Snorlax? It is true that there are Poké mon in Fengyuan area, but I don’t know what it feels like to catch Poké mon in Fengyuan area. "Aaron looked at Snorlax and nodded with a smile.
"This Snorlax comes from the East" Qianli replied "You should release Poké mon quickly" Qianli urged Aaron.
"It’s normal for Mr. Qianli to be good at Poké mon …" Aaron took Poké Ball from the waist. "First you top cat!" Aaron called top cat to play forward!
"top cat, it should be your trump card Poké mon who was sent out as soon as he arrived. It seems that you are going to fight against me quickly or just want to leave the fighting flaming chicken behind?" Mr. Qianli analyzed.
"Well, then I’ll start!" Mr. Qianli said that he suddenly ran to Aaron and his eyes were fierce, and Snorlax also rushed to top cat. What was he going to do?
As soon as Snorlax pounced on top cat, it was Taishan coping! Top cat dodged backwards and immediately hit Snorlax with a hundred thousand volts! Aaron just wanted to shout good, but he found that Mr. Qianli had run to his face and raised his fist …
It’s a natural reaction of the body. Aaron raised his hands in front of the fist, and then Mr. Qianli punched hard! Is to leave no hand to attack! Two hands holding one hand, Aaron’s hand was still numb with pain. Aaron was immediately beaten back several steps by this blow, and then squatted down to the ground. Mr. Li’s words didn’t come back immediately.
"Teacher, what the hell are you doing!" Kenji also can’t understand big ask a way
"Still talking? Of course it’s fighting." Mr. Qianli said seriously, without joking at all. It’s extremely cold to give human beings a sample.
"Very good reaction ability. I didn’t expect you to block my blow. You shouldn’t have encountered such a situation. From what I learned in Koga," said Mr. Qianli, and suddenly Mr. Koga’s name came?
"You contacted Mr. Koga?" Aaron is still squatting and rubbing his numb arm and asking. Just now, Aaron wanted to ask what he wanted to attack himself, but he forgot to ask after hearing Mr. Qianli’s words.
"Yes, I know that you have fought against the Rockets many times and been stared at by the Rockets, and I also know your thoughts," said Mr. Qianli. "So I decided to make this way of fighting against you. Not only Poké mon and Poké mon combat trainers also need to fight. Of course, this battle not only refers to tactical confrontation, but also requires real fist-to-fist collision!" Mr. Qianli said that Aaron didn’t know what to do when he heard this. Although it was the first time he encountered this situation, he couldn’t even ask anything.
"Snorlax made an impact!" Mr. Qianli suddenly ordered this without looking back! When Aaron heard this command, he habitually turned to look at Poké mon against the other side. At this moment, Aaron thought of something immediately, and his left hand was blocked by his head before he recovered from the pain. Mr. Ma Qianli already ran to Aaron and kicked him hard. Aaron was kicked out this time and rolled around on the ground. Fortunately, he was protected by his hand. Otherwise, if that kick was unfortunate, he would definitely go to the hospital. Of course, Mr. Qianli should be reduced appropriately at that time Low strength, right? But Aaron feels that this kick is still kicking his left hand, which is too painful to lift … Aaron should also be glad that he is squatting in front of his opponent. Kicking his head is the most lethal and relatively good. Mr. Qianli is so reflexive in choosing himself, but if he is talking, he can kick his waist or sweep his legs and sweep you down, which is not easy to deal with.
"It’s amazing. I didn’t expect that even this kick can stop it. No wonder Koga spoke so highly of you. It’s a pity that the strength is too different. But there’s nothing I can do. After all, the age gap is too big. You are still a child. But it’s really good that ordinary children can’t even take a punch from me. But I don’t want to let the water go because of my age. I chose this fighting mode. I’ll give you three seconds. I won’t move your left hand for the next three seconds. Think about the countermeasures for the time being." Mr
Sixty-six real "actual combat"? The final result?

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