"Boss, from today on, you have to take two bodyguards with you everywhere, and the other two secretly follow Sue, but she gave me a death order. If you do it again, she will cut me off," said Wang Lamely.

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"Su Qing Yan cut you off, didn’t you?" Cheyenne criticised and then primly limped at Wang. "Not only other people in our company should also strengthen security protection. I feel someone staring at me secretly."
Wang limped and nodded. Although he had such a hunch, he didn’t find any hostile targets. If he can’t find the enemy, it will worry him even more.
Cheyenne went back to the Emperor Hotel, because his games were scheduled at the late prime time, and he could have a good rest at noon-otherwise he would be in a bad state facing the top players.
Cheyenne has five games to play tonight, and it is conceivable that it will definitely cost him a lot, but compared with the team game, the consumption of the single game is still a little smaller, and the team game is really exhausting.
It was already late when Cheyenne woke up. This time, he didn’t enter the "dream world" again, which made him regret that after dinner, bodyguards escorted him to the gym. Now Cheyenne finally felt that the rich people were treated differently, and there were car transfers and bodyguards’ personal protection. The only regret was that these bodyguards were all men, otherwise Cheyenne could write a novel like "My Personal Beauty Bodyguard".
The atmosphere in the gymnasium is as warm as ever, which is why many people want to feel the atmosphere in person. It is two kinds of feelings to watch the game at home alone.
At this time, the big screen of the stadium played the first live showdown tonight.
The big devil’s battle against the cold moon is yet to be continued
Chapter 35 We are too simple
This is another well-planned duel.
Zunbao won a melee professional wave. Some people say that he will definitely die if he encounters a long-distance call. If Cheyenne wins this battle, it will shut up many doubters.
Although the audience don’t know the real occupation of the Great Devil, they can also see that he is more likely to engage in melee and long-range attacks occasionally. For everyone, this is still a melee and long-range battle, especially the battle between two top-level masters will definitely become a classic battle, which will be an important reference for melee and long-range combat in the future.
Those players who can’t get to the scene also secretly note the battle at home.
When Cheyenne entered the competition room, he met many elite players. Due to the time, elite players were arranged to play several games every day. Only those games that were worthy of speculation were eligible to be broadcast live in late prime time. Most of the rest of the people, such as Yan Que, played in the daytime occasionally once or twice, and there was no final result even in the evening.
Cheyenne Zunbao is now a topic of shame. Since last night, the audience has been divided into two groups. Some people think Cheyenne is lucky, while others firmly support the Great Devil.
This makes the name of the great devil spread far and wide.
Cheyenne naturally knows that his opponent’s match table has actually been published long ago, but these single-player competitions are full of skills. Cheyenne can win with his eyes closed, but for the sake of ratings, Cheyenne still needs to create some suspense
The competition officially started, and Cheyenne Zun Bobo entered the map with a cold moon.
Compared with the ring map, this map is much more complicated, which is more beneficial to the cold month, but it can’t beat Cheyenne, a generalist. Besides, he also has three magic skills, namely, changing shapes, flashing raids and death traction, which are close to each other. It is simply a long-distance professional nemesis.
After Zunbao appeared, he first changed a blue double-barreled shotgun, which is obviously to deal with remote occupations, but compared with Hanyue’s phoenix-headed ice fire staff, it is much more ordinary. Others may not know it, but Cheyenne knows that Hanyue’s weapons are of great origin, and Hanyue is still the only player with legal shield skills.
Cheyenne’s posture made Bai Hanyue very angry that the goods should despise her so much. Bai Hanyue got a flashing raid from Cheyenne, expecting that the goods must have learned themselves, but instead of getting close to each other, the goods were obviously pretending to be suspicious.
Bai Hanyue was angry and launched a sharp attack as soon as he made moves. Cheyenne turned around and ran when he saw that the situation was wrong, which made Bai Hanyue angry.
The audience obviously didn’t know that Zunbao still had skills. Those who expected Zunbao to be defeated by the cold month didn’t see it. In their view, Zunbao was scared away by the cold month.
"Ha ha, I told you that the demon king didn’t have the guts to meet our goddess of the cold moon and run away!"
"Don’t look at who our goddess of cold moon is. At present, the only person in the game who has passed the test of God!"
"The goddess of the cold moon and the shield skill are said to be able to attack all skills and halve the physical damage!"
"The skills of respecting treasures are like being defeated in front of the goddess of the cold moon!"
When the audience had a heated discussion, other masters of the gods watched intently. They all knew that the Great Devil could not be defeated so easily, otherwise he would not be the Great Devil.
What about the big devil? This is what all melee masters want to know, which is of great inspiration for them to meet such remote masters as Han Yue in the future.
Zunbao finally moved in the expectation of a master of gods.
What on earth would he do?
Everyone expects the Great Devil to raise his hand and summon the gold and silver bear. Nima forgot about this product and hunting pets, which disappointed many melee players. They didn’t have hunting pets to drive them. The only thing that still has expectations is hunter players. They want to know that the Great Devil likes hunting pets to stop long-range pursuit.
After the appearance of the Gold and Silver Bear, Cheyenne’s figure suddenly accelerated, and the Gold and Silver Bear Center repeatedly circled and shuttled, so that the cold moon attack fell on the huge gold and silver bear!
Well, we are too simple. This skill is beyond our ability! The hunters burst into tears, not to mention whether they have gold, silver and bears. The ability to control the cold moon attack alone makes everyone discouraged. This is by no means a skill that ordinary people can make.
"Does this cargo want to use the same trick to attract the attention of the gold and silver bear and display its powerful skill to frost the dragon?" Someone thought of a wave over the clouds and failed to start with a question.
"How is it possible! When the wave turns over the cloud is a melee method, it interrupts the skill of the big devil and sings that the cold moon is an ice and fire mage. How can she let the big devil sometimes complete such a lengthy skill! " Someone disdains to say that the tone of this person is obviously not a supporter of the Great Devil.
In fact, the audience clearly remember that a wave of defeat was changed after the appearance of the frost dragon. They wanted to come without the powerful skills such as frost dragon, and the Great Devil was careless.
If Cheyenne knows what they think, he will sneer. If he wants to finish it, he can finish frostbite dragon under the eyelids of the cold month, but that’s not for having a shield and a moon base.
Bai Hanyue is getting angrier and angrier as he hits the heart. This cargo is obviously playing with her. She has no strength to make moves, otherwise his character will definitely try his best to get close to him instead of just dodging.
I can’t stand it!

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