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Xuan Huang didn’t explain much, and then he didn’t answer "Linglong, you try it"
The girl behind him heard that her body trembled unconsciously, but she still looked as usual and said, "It’s a master."
Gaotai Su Ying strolled in and saluted. "Brother Su should have met Master Zhang and all the elders."
Gu Tianxing nodded slightly and smiled. "You really scared us and you forgot about it."
"Brother, what are you talking about?" I gave the baby a white look, then I looked at Su Ying, and with a slight sweep of her eyes, I saw Su Yingxiu completely. I was immediately satisfied and said, "Good, good, finally did not live up to my expectations."
Big Zun also looked at Su Ying again and again. The more he looked at it, the more he liked it. The more he liked it, the more he liked it. He had a great expectation. Would it be nice if he really stayed in Saint Zong?
"Sue’s nephew, please come to Taiwan." Classical quantity smiled and made a gesture.
Although he is an elder, Su Ying’s sanctification is a foregone conclusion. From then on, he will be equal to him as a gift.
Sue should nod with classical quantity towards the altar.
Central desk ceiling
At this time, a high platform has been raised.
A hundred fiend pillars stand around, representing the most outstanding 100 people from ancient and modern holy cases.
The monty clock has also been moved and rung by the holy one himself. It belongs to the holy one and will not move easily unless it is a special moment.
In addition, there is an incense burner on the platform, and nine arms are thick and fragrant.
There are thousands of rosewood chairs, large and small, around the altar for miles, which are places where many great religions, top sects and ancient families observe the ceremony.
There are a lot of invitations sent by the baby, and there are three kinds of demons, but each one is a representative power.
Otherwise, not to mention thousands, even tens of thousands may not be able to sit.
Due to the east of the platform, there are eleven brothers and many deacons to protect the elders.
Su Yingsheng’s coronation involved all eyes.
Seeing the young man in a pure white purple robe, many holy brothers still feel a trance as if everything in front of them is not real as if they were dreaming.
How many people dream of the future? Besides pursuing a higher realm, who doesn’t want to be famous for the future?
However, today, a teenager who is many years younger than most of them, even hundreds of years old, but whose practice is not more than ten years old, wants them to board the rooftop to burn incense and worship their ancestors, ring the magic bell and board the throne.
Not only they, but also a bunch of deacons, guardians and elders can’t help feeling deeply. They are a generation who have been practicing for decades. It is also extraordinary for them to see such a young man reach the top today.
They all seem to be getting old.
Li Tai Su should burn incense and worship the heaven at the direction of the elder Chao Liang to pay homage to the virtual saints and demons in the distance.
For an hour, when Chao Liang finished reading the ritual article, Su Yingsheng was crowned halfway.
"Master Kong Zen in the Western Regions is here!"
Just then a melodious sound suddenly came!
When the sound starts, many holy brothers around the Tiantai, especially deacons, guardians and elders, will show vibration.
Not only they, but also some of the three people who came to watch the ceremony were weird and shocked.
How far is Buddhism from the Western Region?
Besides, the Monty Sect is a magic Sect, and the invitation to the right path has been unreasonable, but now how come even Buddhism is here?
Gaotai Gu Tianxing took a long look at Gu Shooting the baby before he said, "Sister, you are pushing our holy Sect into a pit of fire!"
"Why are those little bald donkeys here?"
Gu shot the baby’s face for a moment and heard Gu Tiannai suddenly furious. "Don’t slander my mother and send an invitation to the Buddhist bald donkey?"
Gu Tianxing opened his mouth, and his eyes were somewhat indecisive. He looked at Gu Gu Gu’s baby and saw that she had the same face and couldn’t help but tunnel "Isn’t it Gu Gu Gu’s pool?" But who is that? "
Before he finished thinking, suddenly there were two more sounds!
"North Moon Palace Road!"
"Dongyu Sun God Palace is here!"
The two sounds are abrupt, and the people are boiling directly!
Chapter 497 Gift
It is said that this Sect is full of women, and from ancient times to modern times, there have been godsworn men adopted by their wives, but no goddess of the moon has ever married his clan.
Therefore, the moon god’s palace has never been revealed at all, and it is extremely mysterious that they are in the isolation of the celestial pole and the mountain in the northern region
Among the three major temples, Zhou Tianxing Palace has several brothers from time to time, and it is only after decades that they can see each other in the Sun God Palace and the Moon God Palace Base.
But even so, Luna Palace is still one of the three major temples, which is so powerful that people dare to underestimate it.
But now the Soviet Union should be crowned holy, and not only the Luna Palace has come, but also the Sun Palace has come to congratulate it, which has to be amazing.
However, regardless of the public’s eyes, Su should turn around and look towards the entrance of the altar and see a palace belle holding hands followed by two girls slowly.
Behind them, the five masters of the Sun God Palace came with their hands on their backs, followed by two monks, an old man and a young man.
"South Amitabha!"
To everyone’s surprise, the first thing to say was not the two gods, but the monk. He looked at Su Ying in the previous step and said with a smile, "Sue benefactor, I haven’t seen you for a long time."
In a moment, the monk’s behavior made many elders, the deacons of the holy brothers, tremble with fear.
Seeing the dark monk smile, he put his hands together and bowed down.
This worship represents not only him personally, but also the whole King Kong Zen Buddhism.
At this time, many people woke up. I’m afraid this holy new saint is not as simple as they think.
How many people have dreamed of becoming a saint, but now it is not only related to the two temples, but also the far western regions have always been detached from Buddhism.
What the hell is going on here?
"Need to pay more attention" Tiantai Su should open his mouth and look at Fang Hui’s monk, solemnly saying, "Please ask the master to sit down."
"Su Xiaoyou is welcome to Amitabha."
The dark monk’s hands folded and he couldn’t see any emotional changes, which seemed to be an awkward situation.
"I know that Su Xiaoyou acceded to the throne of the Magic Sect. Although buddha magic did not agree, Su Xiaoyou had a great kindness to me after all. The patriarch brother specially ordered the poor monk to come to congratulate and offer him a copy of the Diamond Sutra."
Su Ying smiled and nodded, "Thank you, Master."
Then monk Hui left a holy brother to lead him to his seat.
When a monk sits down, he will be like an old monk sitting still and not listening to things outside the window.
However, his monks are secretly talking about it. They really don’t think Bai Su should have friends with the Zen Buddhism of the Magic Zongsheng Association.
Besides, it seems that Su Ying is not a general friendship, and it seems to be kindness.
This is somewhat intriguing.
"Miss Su Xiaoyou, I heard that you acceded to the throne, and I sent a hibiscus. Please take it."
The man pulled out a box and opened it, and the golden divine light came out from it.
"It was hibiscus wood! This is comparable to the world tree! "
"Alas, firewood essence treasure heaven and earth! This kind of thing is also available in the Sun God Palace. "
"Yes, this hibiscus wood alone is a natural Taoist instrument that can be directly used as a powerful magic weapon with a little sacrifice practice."
Everyone envies Su Ying for meeting the little princess of Sun God Palace, which is really surprising.
"Thanks a lot"
Su Ying took it and laughed. "Please sit down, five seniors."
"No, I’m here to congratulate you instead of the young lady, so I’m going back to me. Besides, my young lady asked me to give Su Xiaoyou a message."

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