Yang Mei’s comely face was reddish. She nodded, and her thin fingers were caught by Yang You’s broad calluses. Her heart jumped wildly. Yang You didn’t notice him. He held Yang Mei’s hand simply by drawing a line and making a three, and yellow paper appeared.

9 minutes, 25 seconds Read

Yang You wrote several 3s in a row before asking, "Can you write it?"
Yangmei nodded, and with a clean hair, she immediately covered her face. Yang You straightened up and continued to patrol a string of beautiful fonts. Before Yang You, Yang You looked intently at the yellow paper writing workers and arranged Arabic numerals in a row. Yang You then looked at his name. Huang Yun was very beautiful.
Yang You couldn’t help saying "Good!"
Yang You didn’t expect Huang Yun to have such understanding, but he wrote a good hand on the 7th, which made Yang You appreciate Huang Yun very much. When he saw this hand, Yang You appreciated his face. He thought that this group of teenagers was the best talent, but Yang You seemed to love Yangmei more than himself, which made him a little depressed. He had been studying hard and refused to relax.
Huang Yun is a very clever boy. He knows that even though Yang You has a special preference for Yangmei, he also knows that the situation today is that the Sui Dynasty is already in a precarious situation. If he has the ability to replace Wang Dianyi, he will definitely value himself.
It is beautiful to hear that Yang You appreciates Huang Yun’s heart, but he still works hard to write Arabic numerals.
"Very well written!" Yang You took a piece of yellow paper full of numbers in front of him. He held the yellow paper high in front of the children and said, "You see Huang Yun’s handwriting is beautiful. You should learn more from him, you know?"
The children looked up at the yellow paper in Yang You’s hand, bit his lip, showed envious eyes and looked depressed.
Yang You took out a writing brush from his bosom. The nib of this writing brush is good and the pen holder is sharp. It is made of a very expensive writing brush with the name of Yang You engraved on it. Yang You held the rhinoceros pen high and said, "I said that if you are willing to do things alone, you will be rewarded and will not be mistreated!"
"This pen was given by the Holy Spirit. In those days, the Holy Spirit encouraged the lonely heart to read. This rhinoceros pen was given to the lonely heart. Now he is given to Huang Yun!" Yang You said and handed the rhinoceros pen to Huang Yun.
Huang Yun quickly got up and said, "Thank you for the reward!" Huang Yun said that Yang You, who was very clever, was very satisfied. Looking at Huang Yun, he nodded and personally put the rhinoceros pen in Huang Yun’s hand and said, "Work hard and don’t let loneliness down!"
While Yangmei watched suddenly bite her lips and turned back to struggle, the yellow paper read
"No matter who wants to do things well, I will give you beautiful houses and treasures without stint!" Yang You said, glancing around, the children saw that their eyes were full of longing. Yang You’s words ignited their ambitions, and because Yang You gave them a name and Yang You gave them a pen, the children were full of hope for the future.
"Today is the last day of your school. From today on, you will start a new exercise. This exercise is harder, not only exercise, but also a test of willpower. I decided to spend a month overdue training together!"
Yang You sounds again. The Royal Guards are a secret organization. Yang You must firmly grasp the place. He decides that children should train together, not only as instructors but also as apprentices.
"This will be a very hard process. I hope you can withstand this test with the orphans. If you are qualified, you will be rewarded!" Yang You’s words make children’s eyes light up. They seem to see sweet steamed buns, while a few eyes see more things.
At this time, there was a hurried footsteps outside the house, and the lone martial artist came in. "I have something to tell you!"
Yang You nodded and motioned for the martial artist Dugu to wait a moment. Then he looked at the children and said, "From today on, every meal will give you an extra drumstick. If you perform well, you can eat more!"
The children cheered for a while, and Yang You laughed again. "Let’s call it a day. Go to the cashier’s office and get two dollars. Go out to play and buy something you like and have a good rest." Yang You said that the sound became low here. "From the day after tomorrow, you can’t walk around at will. If someone dares to go out at will without listening to the lonely command, he will be killed and sent to the greenhouse to be used as fertilizer!"
The children’s joy and joy made them ignore the latter sentence. Huang Yun and Yangmei looked at each other and then looked away at Yang You firmly
Yang You said that he had gone out of the house and called the Dugu Martial Arts Division to a secret room, Yang You. Then he asked, "What happened?"
Yang You, a martial artist from Dugu, whispered a few words in Yang You’s ear and said, "Intelligence error?"
Du Guwu Master said, "There is absolutely no problem with intelligence. Shi Wanbao sneaked into Wei Xuan House yesterday, and Yuan Mai and others discussed it for a long time."
Yang You saw that Du Guwu was hesitant. He suddenly remembered a person and asked, "Are there these three people in Du Guqing’s family?"
Looking at Yang You with bright eyes and Gherardini, Master Dugu couldn’t help but be surprised. He thought of Yang You’s strange performance and couldn’t help but burst into a kneeling way, "Damn the guilty minister!"
Yang You was more and more sure when he saw the Dugu Martial Arts Master in this way. He laughed. "But Wynn won, too?" Yang You’s Huai En is Dugu Huai En. Dugu Huai En’s father’s name is Dugu Zheng. Dugu Xin’s seven major industries died of illness in the early years. Dugu Huai En attacked Dugu Zheng’s title and is now the helm of Dugu’s Daxing City.
A few days ago, Li Xiuning attacked Dugu Huai ‘en in and fled from the fall of the county. He shirked the responsibility to defect to the garrison of the county, thus clearing the charge. However, Yang You knew that he had taken refuge in Li Yuan and tried to kill Li Yuan instead of the Tang Dynasty, only to be exposed by Tang Jianshi and killed by Li Yuan instead.
This man has an anti-bone, which is not attributed to loyal people. Yang You thought of this man when he saw the hesitation of Du Guwu.
Du Guwu master was more and more shocked. He wondered if there was another spy force in the temple. Thought of this, his forehead was full of sweat. "Although the deputy master of the temple went to Weixuan House to do such a wicked thing, he begged the temple to see that I was loyal and big enough to forgive the master."
"Du Guqing’s family is not a thin lover!" Yang You held out his hand to help DuGuWu division DuGuWu division up YouZi uneasy heart.
Yang You laughed. "Du Guqing’s family can rest assured that even if he wants to deal with loneliness, you can spare him!" Yang You said that he needed to settle the Dugu Martial Arts Division, and Yang You felt that Dugu Huai ‘en’s infidelity was not a bad thing. The main advantage was that this person might become an important chess game, thus giving Wei Xuan, Yuan Mai and others a fatal blow at the crucial moment. Yang You would be so wide.
"Thank you, Temple!" Du Guwu said
Yang You nodded again and said, "You can come to see the lonely whenever there is news from Wei Xuan!"
Yang You returned to the palace and quickly summoned Li Jing. Judging from the information he just got, he didn’t need a message from Xiao Guiyuan’s warrior army to send troops today to win a victory.
Chapter 23 Excavate the First World War
The news that Duan Lun sent troops to attack Yongfengcang came soon. According to the spy’s report, Duan Lun had sent troops to Lantian and headed for Yongfengcang.
According to the news, this time Duan Lun personally led troops with 10,000 troops. This news made Yang You very surprised. Duan Lun’s invasion of 19,000 means that the base of Lantian County is empty, which makes Yang You wonder if Li Xiuning has any tricks. Therefore, after getting the information about Duan Lun’s invasion, Yang You paced and thought about it.
Duan Lun was Wen Zhener, Hou Duan of Beiping. Duan Lun rebelled for a reason. After his original wife died, he married four daughters of Tang Yuan, Li Xiuwen. When Tang Yuan rebelled, he was afraid of being implicated, so Lantian rebelled with a huge potential of more than 10,000 people.
He pulled out ten thousand people to attack Yongfengcang, which means that the time has come for Lantian County to seize Lantian because of insufficient left-behind troops. However, it is impossible to send too many troops to seize Lantian, otherwise Li Xiuning in Lingxian County will inevitably get the news and send troops to help make the plan fall.
Although Yao Junsu was ordered to send someone to sneak into Lantian and then wait for an opportunity to seize Lantian, Yang You was still worried. This was the first battle he planned. If he failed, his confidence would be frustrated, and the bigger problem was that Daxing City could no longer fail. The morale and people’s hearts had fallen to the lowest point. If the news of the failure to attack the thief came, it would cause even greater panic.
Lantian county must be seized, or Daxing city will be surrounded by anti-thieves. The eastern route to Luoyang is fairly smooth, and the road leading to Longxi and several counties has been occupied by Li Xiuning’s first anti-thief.
And Yuan Shangwu also makes Yang You feel weird. Yuan Shangwu has now raised 2,000 private soldiers, mostly yuanshi county and Wei’s private soldiers. According to the news, there are still some private soldiers in Dugu who want to fight Duan Lun’s 10,000 anti-thieves with 2,000 private soldiers. Yang You doesn’t believe it at all.
Among these 2,000 private soldiers, there are family members of Dugu Huai-en, who are mainly secretly preparing. Nowadays, many families in the Sui Dynasty are secretly planning their own interests, not to mention the anti-stalwart Dugu Huai-en. However, since Yang You has promised to spare Dugu Huai-en, he won’t kill him, but altruism is certain. The question is Yu Ruyi?
Yang You paced uneasily. At this time, Yao Junsu asked to see Yao Junsu. He entered the imperial room and knelt down. "I will visit the temple!"

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