Xu immediately opened the perspective eye props.

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Since the completion of the main line one month ago, you can directly buy the perspective eye props for one hour with 10 thousand experience values in exchange for the qualification of the perspective eye props
Spend 10,000 experience points to have the ability to see for one hour again.
Xu looked at his card and found that it was six of hearts, a of spades and a of clubs.
What a big face!
Texas Hold ’em is similar to the golden flower. The smallest card is the high card, that is, the biggest card among the three cards without a joint card, but the biggest card compared with others is A.
It is right to be bigger than the high card, that is, to face the situation at the moment.
The comparison is similar to hearts, spades and diamonds.
Bishunda is a flush, similar to a square of hearts and spades.
A flush that is larger than a flush is similar to hearts, hearts nine and hearts ten.
Bigger than a straight flush is a leopard, that is, three are the same, such as three A’s, three A’s and thirteen J’s.
Of course, there is one exception, that is, although the leopard is the biggest, there is a minimum card that can cure it, that is, 235.
235 is the smallest card when facing other cards, because there is no smaller card than 235. After all, 234 words are smooth, but in dragon and tiger chess, cats eat mice and tigers eat tigers and elephants eat lions and mice but elephants.
It is for this reason that although the 235 is the smallest card, it is dedicated to restraining leopards.
But normally speaking, Xu is the biggest card at the moment.
Two aces with a six is a high-end product in it.
After all, bigger cards are not so easy to play.
Xu fluoroscopy looked around and found that no one was bigger than himself, which was a very lucky game.
Because one is a lady’s win, this one is a lady’s house, and the bald old man speaks first
Bald old man faintly tunnel "code 10 thousand"
The middle-aged man laughed and said, "Ten thousand yards."
Fat boss hummed, "Break your luck and discard your cards."
Celebrities and beautiful women raise beautiful eyebrows and say, "Ten thousand yards."
Xu laughed, "Ten thousand with the code."
There is another difference between Texas Hold ’em Fried Golden Flowers, that is, after one lap, Texas Hold ’em will re-license and re-bet, but the fried Golden Flowers will be put on hold until the end.
The lady smiled at Xu’s arrogance. "Xiao Gang is not afraid of losing and can’t find his way home."
Xu laughed. "I don’t have to worry about this aunt. I know it."
There was a burst of laughter around when I heard the words, and the lady was so angry that she slapped the table and roared, "You have gone too far!" "
This lady must be a little old, but no matter how you look at her, her skin is tender and shiny, and she is no bigger than ten years old, but this aunt is a little irritating!
Don’t talk about this lady. Another woman would be furious.
Xu laughed. "Oh? Am I being rude? Well, I was wrong. Would you please sit down and talk, old lady? "
The fashion beauty and email couldn’t help laughing.
Xu’s mouth is too poisonous.
The lady was so angry that she almost went crazy, but after glaring angrily at Xu, she finally sat down slowly.
"So small, you deliberately annoy me, but I just can’t agree with you! I’ll keep talking to you. I’ll see what you can do! Code twenty thousand! "
Xu smiled and said nothing more. His goal has been achieved.
The lady said she wanted to make her fold, but she didn’t know that Xu wanted her to call.
Bald old man faintly tunnel "code 100 thousand"
Xu saw this guy’s high card, the biggest one is J, which is purely to scare people away.
Exploding golden flowers is also called cheating golden flowers, because every expression, word and thing you say can cheat others.
Soldiers cheat.
Sure enough, middle-aged men read that their cards were smaller and just abandoned them.
Celebrities did insist on "following a hundred thousand yards"
Xu laughed and said, "Follow the code."
Now Xu has pushed out all the desktop chips and waved his hand to let Mei Er prepare the 200,000 chips that belong to him.
The lady bit her teeth and snorted, "I don’t believe how big a dull card can be!" "
The bald old man directly discouraged him from "discarding cards"
Celebrity beauty slightly raised her eyebrows and said, "Look at the cards."
Watching cards here means that when the number of laps reaches a certain level, it’s that person’s turn to choose one person to watch the cards, but the two of them can’t watch the cards.
Lotus officer walked up to the famous lady and said, "Who are you better than?"
Celebrity beauty pointed to the lady.
The Dutch official said, "You need to pay attention to compare."
Celebrity beauty looked at Xu Xindao. After all, this guy is boring. It’s definitely not big. I should be able to fight that woman in World War I.
So the ladies and beauties bought 160 thousand chips and the ladies compared them.
The lady snorted and watched the cards with the lotus official.
This lady’s card is for K.

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